Pants slimming sauna effect: the composition and principle of action, the recommendations for losing weight, reviews

One of the available ways to lose weight with a deficit of free time are pants slimming sauna effect. They can lose weight while doing household chores, getting a double benefit. According to the advertisement, magic pants substitute for exercise and anti-cellulite massage. Whether so it actually, we will understand the scope of this article. Here you can read various reviews about trousers with effect of a sauna.

The composition and principle of the pants for weight loss

The sauna effect is the creation of conditions under which will heat up the body, the result of which will be allocated sweat. This can be achieved made of neoprene pants for weight loss. In addition, the mesh structure of the new material provides body massage, and does not cover to the skin of oxygen. The pants are produced most often in the form of a bridge and have three layers:

  1. The outer layer is made of nylon or lycra, which his pants are stretchy, have a slimming effect, beautiful appearance and during the socks do not deform.
  2. The sauna effect is provided made of neoprene the second layer.
  3. The inner layer is cotton or termosel. This layer absorbs moisture and in contact with skin does not cause allergic reactions.

According to the manufacturer, when wearing made of materials such pants, the body first starts to produce sweat and then fat. It is easy to massage on the skin. From the first glance it seems that the breeches are made of rubber. They tightly hug the legs, so when worn can be felt a little discomfort and a little movement will be constrained.

Recommendations for losing weight

To trousers with effect of a sauna was the result, you must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations:

  1. To buy pants for weight loss should be only its size. Larger proper result will not bring. Much tight pants will hinder the blood circulation.
  2. You can’t wear breeches over his naked body and to do with gymnastics. Strong fit can cause bruising and pain.
  3. When worn, it is necessary to drink plenty of water, because the body due to sweating loses large amounts of fluid.
  4. Around the clock wear tight-fitting breeches are impossible. Doctors recommend to lose weight they are not more than two hours a day.
  5. To achieve the greatest effect of weight loss, the pants can be put on wrapped in cling film or covered with cellulite cream body.

After purchasing the pants for weight loss with the sauna effect, you should not rely on them. To have a beautiful figure, it is recommended to start to eat right and exercise.

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Wearing pants with sauna effect is shown not to all. There are several diseases in which to lose weight are not recommended. Contraindications include:

  • varicose veins;
  • pregnancy;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • kidney disease.

When worn for long bridge for weight loss during the day, women may be diseases of the genitourinary system. Sweating and overheating can adversely affect areas of skin that are in contact with the pants. May appear burning, itching, diaper rash, dermatitis.

Care pants with sauna effect

Themselves breeches for weight loss are sturdy, but watch out for them you still need. In the first place, after each use, they need to be washed to get rid of the sweat they have absorbed. Otherwise, the material will begin to develop the germs. Special attention when washing it is recommended to pay cotton material that absorbs emitted from the body fluid. In very hot water washed pants is not recommended. Their stroke is not required.

What is promised by the manufacturers?

According to the advertisement, and the assurances of manufacturers, the pants have many useful properties that help to lose weight. These include:

  1. Elimination of cellulite. A marked improvement when wearing pants you can wait, as their massage effect stabilizes blood flow and dilates blood vessels.
  2. Reducing the volume. When wearing bridge with sauna effect, thigh and waist size decreases by reducing swelling of tissue due to large fluid loss.
  3. The decrease in body mass. When «passive» wearing of pants you may lose weight in the 1-2 kg, as derived from the body fluid. Therefore, strong weight loss should not wait.
  4. Fat burning. According to the manufacturer, in the affected area of the pants is the splitting and burning fat. However, this is a serious process that a simple surface effect can not provide. Therefore, fat reserves trousers with effect of a sauna does not burn.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that losing weight is due to the ridding the body of excess fluid. A little «dry» with their help the body, it is possible to reduce the volume of waist and hips, to get rid of a couple extra pounds and to fight cellulite. In order to get rid of fat, along with wearing pants for weight loss need to do exercise and diet.

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Pants slimming sauna effect: reviews

For three years I use the pants with sauna effect, and I want to say that they really possible in a short time to remove the belly. They are ideal for home training and gym. Breeches made of cotton and neoprene fabric, so they can be worn on a naked body. The inner layer is made of material that does not cause irritation and provide the skin breath. After wearing breeches I’ve had no unpleasant effects arose. Because pants are based on the sauna effect, the efficiency of doing sports increases by about 30%.

Feta, Nizhny Tagil

During pregnancy I gained over 30 pounds and became almost like an elephant. I used to be slim, so fell into a depression. I was assured that all those extra pounds will go as soon as I have a baby. But I lost only 17 kg, approximately 15 were clearly superfluous. Shortly before the onset of warm seasonal I went to the pharmacy, where he saw the trousers with effect of a sauna. Immediately I did not take, but first I read on the Internet reviews. Often praised them, so I ordered pants through the online store.

I bought the breeches in order to engage them with activities that I already do the third day. I from my experience I know that the beautiful figure of the required work, so all my life doing sports. Of course, three days in volume I has not decreased, but the cellulite to disappear already started. When I ordered the pants, I was tormented by doubts that throwing money to the wind. But now, even after short usage, I’m pleased with the breeches.

Irena, Minsk

Bought for a breeches-effect micro-massage. Before wearing them on the skin caused cellulite cream. Then, according to the instructions, wore the pants and wore them for several hours. At this time I obeyed a simple exercise. After two weeks, already had a noticeable effect. Improved skin and reduced cellulite formation.

About weight loss I can’t say anything because during that time threw only one kilogram. But as a prevention and get rid of cellulite and want all women to recommend wearing the trousers with effect of a sauna and massage.

Zinaida, Nizhniy Novgorod

Do the pants for weight loss at the gym, which is very convenient. They are practically all the muscles are protected, so during the lessons for the chords I’m not worried. In the process of training pants is an intense sweating, allowing the hour sessions I have now is equivalent to three hours of training without these magic pants. Two months of sports in them, I lost 8 kg. I Think that helped me to achieve success of workout plus thermal.

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Ian, Tambov

Sitting on a diet, and at the same time on the Internet looking for effective ways to lose weight. Stumbled upon a positive review about pants with sauna effect. In addition to the opinion was the attached photo. Decided to buy them, but in our province to find them was not easy. The result is ordered via the Internet. Every day I wore breeches not more than an hour, making parallel exercise or cleaning the house. Is pleased with the result, so I continue to wear.


Never been skinny and spent my whole life trying to fight obesity. But to acquire the desired figure can not so far. On March 8, my sister gave me pants with a sauna effect. I put them aside and forgot about for a year. When I while cleaning I stumbled upon them, I decided to try to put them on. Pants I got a size small, since my sister did not guess the size. But I still decided to wear. After about half an hour I got sick much the stomach, so the use of pants in the future was impossible. If they came to me in size, then I think the effect would be, because the sister is wearing, and there is a tangible result.