Pilates: video lessons for beginners in Russian and exercise for weight loss

Pilates is a set of physical exercises and yoga that allow you to not only lose weight, but also to develop flexibility. Pilates appeared in 20-ies of the last century, but now this technique has become known. It is connected with the stars that the mass began to use the technique of Pilates, because of its effectiveness in combating fatty deposits.

General information about the technique of Pilates

Surprisingly, at the inception of the technique of Pilates, I don’t even think about losing weight. The effect was to be traced in the future for those who intensively uses this technique and it adheres to all ground rules. The efficiency is primarily due to elements of yoga combined with dynamic exercises that simultaneously tones and load all the muscle groups of the body. Due to the increase in blood circulation during exercise there is a decrease in subcutaneous fat.

To date coach offer more than 500 exercises that allow you to affect all muscle groups. The major loads in the technique of Pilates have on the press and back, and affected even the deepest muscles that do not function during regular exercise. An additional effect of exercise is the strengthening of the spine, which is very useful nowadays, when most of the time is spent in a sitting position.

The elements of yoga in the technique of Pilates improve the digestive system. Improving blood circulation has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system due to increase of tone and a General calming of the body. Pilates leads to improved coordination, flexibility and tidal vitality. Everyone who uses this technique, see even the transformation of the person and this is not surprising, because despite the presence of physical elements, these activities relax the body and have a positive effect on the psychological state.

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The basis of Pilates equipment is the observance of all the rules that apply:

  • breathing;
  • the sequence of exercises;
  • the schedule of training.

There are many different forms of Pilates. Some types require the use of different equipment and special tools, but for beginners suitable for standard exercises on the Mat. It should be noted that the use of this type of fitness for weight loss any person, even those with chronic disease. Because of the soothing effect and low intensity Pilates will not have a negative impact on the body. To walk while in the gym is optional. For beginners training at home, will be much more useful, and trips to the gym would only waste time and money.

Basic Pilates exercises for weight loss

For beginners Pilates at home can seem at first difficult stages. Actually, here you just need to relax and follow all the rules and descriptions of the main exercise and then after a few weeks you will see significant results, both physically and psychologically.

All types of exercises, we can distinguish 6 types, which are suitable for people who do not have physical preparation. For the main group of exercises need to have a rug or Mat.

  1. The first exercise is a neutral position that is suitable for warm-up. Starting position lying on the floor, arms along the body, and the legs bent at the knees. The loins should be pressed to the floor, and the breath she blows out. It is important to remember that the most important thing in Pilates is an element of relaxation, so no need to overdo it.
  2. A nod is the second lesson, which will help to develop the spine of the neck and upper back muscles. Initial position: lying down, arms stretched along the body. On the inhale, the chin is maximally pulled up to his chest, as you exhale it returns to its original position. The technique is quite simple, but after a few approaches it is possible to feel a pleasant tension in the muscles.
  3. In the third exercise, the main objective to develop the shoulder joint. This technique can be performed out of position, standing or lying down. Nothing complicated. Hands are behind the head, on the inhale stretch up the torso. The palms should connect at the top and return to its original position at the output.
  4. Angel wings is the fourth exercise which strengthens arms and shoulders. Hands, as in the third exercise on the entrance climb in front of him, but they need to get to the side, while working only the hands, but the shoulders are pressed to the body. It is important during inhalation and exhalation to focus on the press. It needs to be tensioned.
  5. The next lesson develops the abdominal muscles and hips, and called the watch. On the stomach to represent the dial, and figure 12 should be located above the navel and 3 to the left. Thigh rise a little, and we move toward the first on position 3, then 6, 9 and 12. Thus, the hip describes a circle around the improvised dial. During the movement of the hips is minimal need to take them away from the center.
  6. Knee lifts are performed, which is described in the first exercise. Consistently on the breath rises first to one knee, and falls on the exhale, then his legs change. In this exercise only work the abdominal muscles, but the hips remain in place.
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Tips for beginners

Pilates can help you lose weight, but only if you follow all the recommendations and to observe exercises.

There are a few basic tips that increase your chances to lose weight with Pilates.

  1. Any exercise starts with a short warm-up joints. This can be a easy run or walk continuously for 2-3 minutes.
  2. At home you can make a training schedule individually, so you should start with 2 sessions per week, gradually increasing their number.
  3. You can’t change exercises in some places.
  4. Fatigue, illness and discomfort can cause, where it is recommended to skip the workout.


Pilates is a great way to in the short term to lose weight or maintain your body in shape. The uniqueness of this technique is that it can be used at home, and to use simple but effective lessons of the exercises. The Pilates is more relaxing functions in physiological and psychological terms. The main thing is to adhere to consistently exercise and to follow your breath.