Pills Tea for weight loss: what is the cost, price and reviews losing weight on the drug

These white-yellow tablets some call miraculous escape from the unwanted pounds and fat, and some are afraid of the reviews about how scary this tool is its effect on the body. In fact, the drug Tea for weight loss is one of the recent developments nutritionists, which when used regularly every day removes fats from the body. And with them gone and unnecessary pounds. You can easily lose up to 6 kilos monthly, and that is not the limit. But Coffee, like other drugs, has its indications and contraindications.

The advantages and description of the drug Orsten

Today we can safely say that the market is filled with different drugs for weight loss — both synthetic and natural. However, Coffee is not lost among them: more and more people who have tried this remedy, stay happy and write positive reviews. What it is: an advertisement for a new brand? PR? In fact, the mechanism of the pills Coffee is very simple but shows good results. Many advantages makes it stand out from all other products.

  1. The main operating component in the composition of the drug (orlistat) works only within the gastrointestinal tract. So it almost does not pass into the blood and does not spread in the body. As a result, any side effects that are associated with disorders of the nervous system and kidneys, a person will not experience.
  2. Coffee is it is the drug doctors prescribe to those people who need long-term control over weight of his body. Possible conventional weight loss, maintaining weight at a desired level or prevention of re-set mass.
  3. Orsoten is a medical tool for weight loss. For weight loss this drug does not allow to develop diseases, which are often worse in weight loss. Because you can completely not afraid of diabetes or disorders of glucose tolerance or hypercholesterolemia or arterial hypertension or hyperinsulinemia — the usual side effects with weight loss.

After considering the list of benefits Orotina, will not remain any doubts that this remedy really are simply unique.

How does the drug Tea?

Highly effective Orsoten when getting rid of unwanted pounds is due to its composition the main active ingredient — orlistat. It is a medicinal substance that is used in dietetics and medicine with the purpose of losing weight. It is the fluid penetrating into the gastrointestinal tract, makes it all work that is required for this:

  • blocks the activity of lipase — substances, which processes fats;
  • in the end, the fats are not absorbed by the body because they are not digested by the lipase;
  • the body uses the already stored fat, among which, visceral and «in reserve»;
  • no fat — no unnecessary weight.

The method of operation Orsoten pretty simple, but it is because of this simplicity it’s so effective. Affecting a small number of processes that take place in the body, it causes minimal damage.

Indications for the use of Orotina

Like every medical treatment, Orsten shall be appointed by the doctor he is not home remedy for weight loss. Indications for use can be:

  • if the treatment of some diseases requires a mandatory and immediate weight loss;
  • obesity with BMI>31 kg/m2.
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Coffee is often prescribed concurrently with hypoglycemic agents and a low calorie diet, when the patient is a diabetes of the second type. Nothing terrible in this, this combination of the body is only good.

Coffee: instructions for use

Instructions for use of the drug Orsoten is quite simple and does not require a lot of time and effort. If you decide to use it, several recommendations you ought to be Golden and eternal:

  • Before using this medication be sure to consult with a specialist: your dietitian or physician.
  • Orlistat is used 3 times daily, one tablet (dosage at one time should be no more than 120 mg is the mass of one tablet).
  • Every pill you need to drink one glass of clean water.
  • Pills it is advisable to use before the meal, during the reception, with a maximum of one hour after a meal, but not too late.
  • If for some reason the meal or pill is missed, it is not in the follow-on drug to increase the dose.
  • Do not forget to include eating small amount of fat.
  • The course of treatment can last up to 2 years.

Only strictly observing all the rules and instruction, you can expect that Coffee will work and will be able to help you get the right shape.

Side effects and contraindications

Despite the fact that Orlistat does not in any way effect on body systems and internal organs, some problems incorrect use can still appear. Anyone who wants to lose weight with the help of Orcotuna, it is imperative to know when to use generally prohibited:

  • cholestasis (chronic dysfunction of the gallbladder);
  • the malabsorption (chronic loss of body nutrients);
  • pregnancy;
  • to 18 years;
  • the breast-feeding period;
  • personal intolerance to the components of Orlistat.

Also complications can occur in these situations:

  • at default diet: fats must be consumed no more than 35% of all calories per day, you are still required to be distributed to different meals (Breakfast, lunch, snack, etc.);
  • failure to follow usage instructions;
  • when the wrong dosage.

Of the side results during testing of the drug are celebrated such moments.

Failures of the gastrointestinal tract

Because the drug acts on the GI tract, it is a lesion in the case where Coffee is not for the body as diet pills. If you do not follow a diet that restricts daily fat intake, can upset the intestinal function, though the reaction may not appear pronounced. May appear involuntary oily discharge, flatulence, urge to defecate, in some cases it increases, fat in feces, soft, liquid, oily or fatty stools, discomfort in the rectum or in the abdominal area. Sometimes can appear lesions of the oral cavity (gums and teeth), diverticulitis, gall stones, hypoglycemia.

Disorders in the nervous system

The Central nervous system is almost not affected even at high dose. The greatest thing that could appear is unclear headaches and unexplained anxiety.

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The skin is an indicator of the digestive tract because you can pass different skin rashes: rash, urticaria, angioneurotic edema, itching. Light can also react with anaphylaxis or bronchospasm.

Other side effects

During use Orsoten we must not forget that there may be flu-like symptoms, fatigue, dysmenorrhea (pain below the stomach during menstruation), urinary tract infection or upper parts of the respiratory tract.

Anyway, when your illness or condition specified in the above list of contraindications, you will need a survey, as a nutritionist and the attending physician. If for some reasons not possible to consult them from using Orsoten is desirable to give, because, first and foremost, it’s a drug, and then drug for weight loss. Because when any side effects or contraindications, you must look for even if not as effective, but safer and more gentle way to lose weight.

Where to buy Tea?

Today the problem of where to buy Coffee is not, as most pharmacies offer this tool for weight loss. The availability of this tool provides quite affordable price of Coffee capsules. Mounted on the drug price is calculated from the number of tablets to complete the course. The price is set based on the content in tablets, the active ingredient in mg. For example, the quoted price is for the Tea light and tea 84 is almost the same, but in the first case, tablet contains 60 mg and a 120 mg of orlistat.

Reviews of doctors and losing weight about the drug Orsten

Best doctors and doctors of other specialties did not hesitate to write your feedback on a new weight loss products about which there are all so publicly argue. What are reviews of doctors? As one said about the unique ability of the drug Tea for weight loss do not act on the Central nervous system, unlike many other similar products.

The pharmaceutical orientation of the drug can guarantee its absolute security. As with any the rest of medicine, this drug has the necessary certificates and are admitted to the market. Absolutely not all drugs for weight loss now can boast of this advantage.

There are nutritionists who say in reviews about the fact that you should not deprive your body of fats for a long period, but because after a month of this course on Oratane it is desirable to make a small break.

Coming from patients reviews on the drug Coffee is mostly positive, but for the most effective outcomes weight loss in the treatment Orotina need to follow a diet with a small amount of calories, it will give the opportunity to reduce the risk of side effects. For a period of 3 months after use of the drug, the weight of the patient is required to decrease not less than 6%. But if this effect did not happen, as it is written in the enclosed manual for use of the drug, it is best to abolish the use of money.

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Orsoten is a unique medical drug that has both its adherents and opponents. Anyway, every body is so individual that for some these pills will be truly saving, which leads to the desired number on the scales. And for some, this method of losing weight is totally unacceptable, both in terms of aesthetics and physical performance.

To minimize the risk of side effects, the most reasonable solution is to ask for a recommendation to a doctor who can prescribe Tea as a medicinal drug. Do not forget, health and weight loss must go hand in hand, and not to contradict each other. It is quite likely that the drug Tea can help you realize it.

For about a month drink Coffee, today dropped 7 lbs. Fat barely eat, but sometimes I can’t resist and eat a few chicken legs or roast pork. The weight is not in place, do not eat after 18-00. Before bed you can afford some milk and dried apricots. Tool for weight loss very pleased.

Lena Kiev

I am in my history of weight loss tried a huge bunch of different drugs for weight loss and I want to say that Coffee is the most effective and harmless drug. Its current component prevents the digestion and absorption of fats, coming simultaneously with food. Since only the stomach is the main work Orsoten in the blood this drug is very small volume, and its safety. 4 weeks of use of the drug I was able to lose 4 lbs. For me it’s a great result, as I am quite lazy.

Marina Moscow

Lose weight with Orcotuna, the result pleased me. To achieve a good effect it is necessary to completely remove from the diet of fatty foods, specifically, to control what You eat and, in this case, certainly will be able to lose weight. In addition, I specialise in sports. The result – minus 8 pounds in a month.

Natalia Voronezh