Pills xenical for weight loss: the doctors and patients who want to lose weight, side effects

The desire to lose weight for many women and not only for them is one of the most cherished. What for this purpose does not have to try. In many ways, the choice of means and methods for weight loss is based on the recommendations of doctors and friends.

One of the known means is diet pills xenical. Reviews about them can be found are totally different, both positive and negative and neutral. How to lose weight with their help, are there any side effects from this drug, what are the opinions of doctors about it, both we and know below.

Appointment Xenical

Xenical is a pill prescribed by the doctor when the patient seeks to lose weight based on its individual characteristics. The principle of operation of this tool is that it prevents the absorption of fat that come into our body with food. We have special enzyme that breaks down fats so that they can be absorbed. So xenical blocks its action, and then the fat particles are excreted from the body, and people not gaining those extra pounds and has the ability to lose weight.

Xenical is good because it dissolves the blood and has an effect only in the area of the stomach. It can be taken for a long period and won’t cause dependence like many of the drugs for weight loss.

Pills xenical doctors prescribe in such cases:

  • diagnosed obesity;
  • there is overweight;
  • there are a large number of comorbidities.

Before you start taking pills, you need to visit the endocrinologist, so he could appoint a special diet, which will increase the effect of the drug, and will not allow of side effects.

What you need to know about the reception xenical?

Many negative reviews about the drug xenical is the result of an incorrect reception, respectively, did not have the desired effect or caused side effects.

To stop this from having, remember the following:

  • the tablets should be consumed up to 3 times a day for 1 thing during the meal, not later than the hour after lunch;
  • the effect of xenical is applicable only to fats, carbohydrates and proteins it does not display. If your food fat not, to take a pill is not worth it;
  • the effect of taking xenical for weight loss comes only with a balanced diet, where the amount of fat in a percentage equal to 30% of the caloric content of food;
  • the food at the reception facilities should not contain carbohydrates that it is not valid;
  • after xenical stool becomes oily, there is flatulence, bloating and more frequent urge have bowel movement. All these side effects are a consequence of the withdrawal out of lipids, which are mixed with a chair. When you switch to low-fat products, these effects disappear.
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The active ingredient of the pill is orlistat that prevents the absorption of fats and removes them. In practice, about 30 percent of the eaten fat out with the feces. Thus, there is a weight loss person on average by 20-30 percent.

Unlike other similar drug for weight loss Reduxine, xenical is not absorbed into the bloodstream, as described previously.

Possible side effects and overdose

Xenical has its drawbacks, which have already been partly discussed earlier. Apart from oily discharge, increased frequency of urination and flatulence observed the following:

  • diarrhea;
  • pain and discomfort in the abdomen.

In addition to side effects from the stomach may be allergic manifestations in tablets:

  • urticaria;
  • itching;
  • bronchospasm;
  • angioedema;
  • rarely anaphylactic reactions.

In rare cases can appear:

  • anxiety;
  • infection of the upper respiratory tract;
  • weakness;
  • dysmenorrhea.

If you overdose on xenical to call the doctor, the patient must be under his observation during the day. All system effects are reversible.

Application features xenical for weight loss

To not have the medication to deal with these problems and to write angry reviews about poor product, you need to carefully read the instructions to the drug and advice regarding its acceptance.

So, the effectiveness of xenical is only possible with certain indicators of excess weight and obesity. If you go to just to lose 2-3 pounds, which, perhaps, once solely in your opinion, in such cases it is better to practice diet and exercise, without resorting to such drugs for weight loss.

As previously mentioned, xenical is not the only way on the road to losing weight. The drug should be combined with a low calorie diet, where fat intake is minimized. For example, when the daily caloric content of products in 2 thousand calories, fat they should contain a maximum of 67 grams including all meals. Thanks to such calculations, the weight loss is not to force yourself to wait long and the risk of side effects is reduced to minimum. However, the necessary and preliminary consultation of the doctor, which will help to competently draw up your menu.

Under the constant supervision of professionals need to take the drug those who have diseases such as:

  • bulimia;
  • kidney disease;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • anorexia.


Course weight loss with xenical is 2 months. It should take one pill during a meal, 1 to 3 times. The amount depends on the amount of fat consumed. The capsule you need to drink a glass of water. If you do not take the pill at lunch, and since the end of the meal it took more than hour of time, then the following need to be taken during the dinner.

Reviews of doctors about the features of the drug are contradictory. Some nutritionists say that taking xenical should not the course method, and only when the patient eats too much fatty foods.

Other recommendations and contraindications

With simultaneous use with other drugs xenical can reduce the degree of absorption of substances that dissolve fat. For example, the joint use with cyclosporine, the concentration of the drug in plasma was decreased, so you need to control the amount of it in the blood in such cases.

If while taking xenical the patient was treated with Amiodarone, there may be a reduction in its bioavailability.

Xenical for weight loss prevents the absorption of not only fats but also fat-soluble vitamins. In this regard you need while taking the drug, to consume a multivitamin containing:

  • vitamin D;
  • A;
  • E;
  • To;
  • beta-carotene.
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Vitamins should be taken two hours after taking xenical.

If not to use on the background of the drug vitaminosoderžaŝej funds, in addition to the previously listed side effects can be observed:

  • incontinence of stool;
  • lose teeth;
  • hair loss;
  • the crumbling of the nails;
  • itching on the skin;
  • immunosuppression;
  • headaches.

The drug xenical cannot be taken in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • children under 18 years of age;
  • in the presence of gallbladder diseases;
  • in the presence of chronic syndrome of impaired intestinal absorption;
  • with little extra weight.

Xenical: doctors

In most cases, reviews of how doctors and patients about Xenical positive. Doctors recommend that most patients with excess weight as safe drug with minimum amount side effects. A huge plus of this tool – it’s quick effectiveness, and fast recovery lipase secretion after ingestion.

Doctors confirm the necessity to combine the medication with exercise and diets in order to lose weight faster and without problems for health.

The doctors who prescribes their patients xenical show that it is very important to follow the dosage and admission rules means, and also not to forget the special diet. Many doctors say that without proper nutrition a decent effect. Moreover, medication can exacerbate a patient’s condition.

Experts do not recommend voluntarily and to appoint a xenical like any other drug, without consulting a doctor. The fact is that before you assign a treatment regimen of excess weight, the specialist should determine the cause of it. For example, if the cause of excess weight are carbohydrates, instead of xenical is assigned to a different tool and a different feed system.

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Testimonials from patients about the drug

In the Internet you can find a lot of testimonials from those who have already lost weight by taking xenical. Here are some of them.

About this drug I learned from TV and decided to try it, though I doubted about effectiveness. In the end I helped: I for 2 months lost 15 pounds. Such a success I never had before, despite the fact that I was sitting on a strict diet and hard exercise. I also completely refused from flour and sugary foods.

Olga, Voronezh

I took this drug a few years ago and I got several conflicting attitude. On the one hand, everything is fine: I cut the course and lost 12 pounds. For a long time the weight was kept, and then I gave up and again began to recover. Re-the effect was, but not like the first time.

Maria, Blagoveshchensk

I lost weight by taking xenical 10 kg within three months. Took it once a day after a hearty meal. At other times I was eating only vegetables and fruits. A friend also lost a ton of weight. Helps to lose weight thus even those who have no time to go to the gym and play sports.

Natalia, Surgut

As you can see, do not rush to the pharmacy for Xenicalon, if you want to lose weight and someone recommended this drug. Go to a specialist and ask if I can help you in a particular case. It may be simply to engage in sports.