Pollen bee: how to take the drug, useful properties and applications, reviews of patients

The benefits of propolis and honey written entire books and treatises, but when people hear a term such as pollen, as a rule, not knowing shrug, as few know what it is. In fact, it’s pretty simple, and any experienced beekeeper knows that the healing properties of pollen are not subject to doubt.

In ancient times, ambrosia was called «bee glebchik» or «hrebinky» and appreciated as a strong and effective medicinal and cosmetic, and beekeepers gently picked it up, knowing all of its hidden secrets.

What are the benefits of bee pollen?

Not even knowing what the pollen, it is hardly possible to understand what the benefits of it. It is for people who don’t know what this is and application of this tool, the article was written, the reviews and the beneficial properties of bee pollen, and how to handle and accept, and what happens in the end, we will also discuss, but first you must bring some clarity to the question of what, in fact, bee pollen.

It is the pollen that bees, like real workers, bring in special baskets in their hind legs.

Then, when the bees on the bottom hundred «unload» ambrosia, its a good tamp, and then caulked with wax and honey. It is closed in a humid environment, as it were conserved through time, it is the process of milk fermentation. Is the period of fermentation and the fermentation, which takes place through the action of not only honey, but also the pharyngeal glands approximately two weeks. Comb this medicinal product can persist for a long time because of the presence of lactic acid is, by and large, a natural preservative.

The composition and chemical elements

Important: scientists have proven that bee pollen is more than a few dozen different chemicals (organic elements and minerals), which are so necessary to the human body for normal functioning.

It is imperative to know that thoroughly to judge about the overall composition of the drug is difficult because it greatly depends on the composition of water, from which place the product gathered by bees, number of Sunny and warm days lately and other not important factors. This is the complexity of using pollen as its therapeutic properties can vary greatly, but there are items that are in stock in any product, but about them we will cover:

  • Vitamins: tocopherol, calciferol, Riboflavin, ascorbic acid, pyridoxine, retinol, Niacinamide and so on.
  • Omega-3 and -6 acids, which are known for their positive effect for the human body, and they are plentiful in this product of beekeeping.
  • Various amino acids like valine, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, lysine, and so forth.
  • Also very rich in pollen monosaccharides.
  • It is a storehouse of metals and mineral substances: iodine (which is very important in supporting thyroid), magnesium, calcium, cobalt, iron, copper and some others.

Contraindications and properties of the pollen is necessary to study individually for each person that decided to take this truly amazing product, which is simply no analogue in nature. If you do not take into account allergic reactions that appear in people predisposed to it, contraindications to use of not very much. In addition, ambrosia, under the supervision of doctor even recommended for use during treatment of allergies. But first need to discuss the positive properties vested in the product.

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The beneficial properties of bee pollen

This tool has a strongly pronounced tonic effect. Man who ever took the drugs, based on this product will be able to confirm tonic properties for the entire body.

Also pollen significantly improves the quality of life, and this means that significantly increases its duration. Just remember what old grandpas often depict beekeepers, and they lived to a ripe old age, at the expense of those useful products which are in preparation.

The overall health process simply stunning, this can be treated with medication and specific diseases. For example, it is recommended to use ambrosia for gastritis and gastric ulcer, anemia and arthritis, diseases of the cardiovascular system and anemia, diseases of the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract, as well as many others.

  • Pollen significantly increases the efficiency of the immune system, thus, predisposition to colds, viral and other diseases, when it is received, tend to zero.
  • In addition, ambrosia is considered the most powerful stimulant of the brain, so it is recommended to use all the people who do intellectual work.
  • Also it is great helps with disorders of sexual system and the prostatitis, so use for men pollen is quite large. If she is real powerful aphrodisiac, so the men need to pay much attention.
  • What is the use of pollen for women? It has active effects on the reproductive function, and dramatically increases libido.
  • Useful medication is also used to maintain the body in cancer.

Contraindications to the use of bee pollen

In addition, what is the benefit of pollen is obvious and does not cause any objections, but still it has some contraindications and in any case should not be overlooked. It should be noted that only approximately 3% of people have a strong intolerance to pollen, and they definitely can not be used.

  • On the third or fourth stage of cancer doctors do not advise the use of pollen. She just is no help, while and provoke a more intense division of cancer cells. Fully this effect has not been studied, but conventional medicine just so that explains why you need their opinion.
  • In women, the ban on the use of pollen may be at the time of uterine fibroids.
  • Weak blood clotting is also a contraindication to the use of this product. In this experiment, after all, you can, but this is best done under the supervision of a physician. If clotting is reduced, the use of the drug should immediately terminate.
  • Disease graves ‘ or Basedow’s disease also involves the rejection of the use of pollen.
  • In various metabolic disorders, the consumption of pollen is possible only under the constant supervision of a doctor.

It should also be noted that excessive abuse of ambrosia could face the strongest hypovitaminosis, which may even lead to failure of some internal organs. Initially, the pollen is the cure, so do not eat it with a spoon, because you can cause significant harm to the body, as nobody will come to take antibiotics packages. Back in the old days it was said that the straw can be a curative medicine and a full Cup of poison.

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In addition, it is undesirable to use this product and after 18:00 as the pen has a stimulating effect, and tones the body. In the result, you may experience sleep disorders. Now you only have to learn how to take bee pollen and that it, in principle, to do, and in the absence of any contraindications, you can immediately take up the treatment.

Who and how can I use ambrosia?

Variants of the consumption of pollen there are many, in particular, this product can drink milk, eat with honey or without it, and so on, it’s just a matter of taste. But there are some recommendations that will certainly need to take into account. For starters, it refers to the dosage at the same approximate dose for adults is about 30 grams, which is equal to 0.5 teaspoon. For children it is advisable 1/4 teaspoon, but it depends on the age and weight of the child.

Important to know: bee pollen, which is actually very huge, can completely lose their medicinal properties if it is exposed to heat, in fact, as directly honey. No need to heat the ambrosia, otherwise it will be absolutely useless.

  • To make ambrosia you need twice and sometimes three times a day, more desirable. This daily dose (1 tsp) is divided by all the techniques.
  • Best shows the maximum effect and absorbed this product if you take it 30 minutes before a meal.
  • Ambrosia need to be put under the tongue and leave to dissolve, no drinking.
  • After eating, you can eat it with a spoon of honey or drink milk.
  • The length of treatment will depend on many factors, but the best drink drug is not more than one month.
  • If you want to continue the course with the help of pollen, it is necessary to make a pause not less than two weeks.

In addition, pollen is a powerful anti-aging and antioxidant product, so it can add to different home care products, e.g., gels, Maxi, creams, etc. One mask with bee bread twice a week – the key to a pleasant to the touch, hydrated, refreshed and significantly younger-looking skin, especially if we talk about aging and Mature skin.

Storage conditions of pollen

At home to keep the pollen it is possible. Thus it is possible to suppose simply on a shelf in the kitchen or in the fridge if you want to store the product for a long time. In addition, a significant increase in storage, the pollen is mixed with honey: the pollen-2 parts honey.

If you put this product in a glass jar and close the lid, it will retain almost all their medicinal properties for one year. It is not desirable to prevent the formation of mold, because the product will immediately be unfit for human consumption.

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Another point that should be considered during storage: ambrosia loves mole. So you need to protect your cure for this pest. If you put the container with the pollen in the pantry, you can just put the open jar with the 75% composition acetic acid, it will scare away moles. But be very careful, because once on the skin, vinegar can leave severe burns.

Reviews on bee pollen

Analyzing feedback we can confidently say that they are generally positive and sometimes even admired. Not a single person was pleasantly surprised at the action of this unique product of beekeeping, with many pollen even considered a panacea. This, of course, an exaggeration, but to deny that the action of pollen in General, the body is very helpful, no one comes to mind. This drug has helped many people get rid of symptoms of various diseases and also to cure the diseases themselves. But you have to be careful and take into account contraindications, and if there are any signs of deterioration, immediately consult a doctor.

I was at that age when the skin is covered with small folds and becomes flabby, so I decided to try ambrosia. During the month did the mask (mixed pollen, egg and dairy products) for the decollete, neck and face. After 10 days I saw the first results. And was shocked, as it began to disappear wrinkles, the chest area was tender, and the skin on the face tightened. I will continue to use.

Vika Tula

I’m happy and young mother, as I now have a tiny creature. And all with the help of bee products. Just another 26-year-old age, I tried different methods to get rid of infertility, but the result was not. Then my friend recommended this tool. I just did not believe, but try decided. Took the pollen for 6 months, but with interruptions. When I found out I was pregnant, my happiness knew no bounds!

Lena Kiev

In my life there came a moment when I started to wane potency. This was a disaster, so for that reason began a quarrel with his wife. I was depressed, the pressure began to fail. Naturally, the wife loves me, because he found a way to get rid of the problem. No drugs I have not used, as against chemistry. Prefer only natural products. And pollen it really is. I took it for about a month, and then realized that by reducing potency and not a trace. Guys, suggest to all!

Vlad Moscow