Popular diet for weight loss buckwheat and how much is it per month

Modern society is confused with proper nutrition. This is due to the ecological situation all over the world. Now to find quality products is no easy task. As you know, improper diet entails weight gain, which negatively affects health.

The number of obese people increases and diet programs cost a lot of money. The services of dietitians are also not cheap. Information about required products and their ratios are scattered and people is difficult to navigate in this space, the more to select an individual power supply circuit not to everyone under force, and to consider its cost. In the issue of weight loss is the main principle — do no harm.

One of the best doctors of the country Elena Malysheva offers the use of her diet, which is inexpensive has managed to help many dieters in the short term to achieve the desired result. Specialist knowledge has created an innovative approach to weight loss. This is the kind of innovation that gives amazing results.

Grocery diet

All known Elena Malysheva has developed an effective diet product for weight loss. It is a balanced selection of products designed for 1 month. To obtain such a set is very simple: it is necessary to issue a postal money order, which costs only 12000 thousand rubles.

Part of the diet includes three meals a day with snack. Morning traditionally starts with Breakfast. Before lunch, the consumption of food is not recommended. It is important to follow all the recommendations for fast and safe weight loss. Between lunch and dinner Elena Malysheva offers a light snack. And the final meal is the dinner that should be consumed no later than 19.00.

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The diet is composed of the minimum content of sugars and salts. Persons who are constantly seeking to lose weight, pay close attention to the presence of these substances in the diet. The food used in the product mix buckwheat, rich in protein. This is a basic nutrient of all diet. And substances such as vegetable oils and animal fats are prohibited.

Diet Malysheva is striking in its simplicity and accessibility. Its price is fully justified. In some cases, on a monthly food spends much more than 12,000 rubles. This allows you to use useful diet set most want.

Diet Elena Malysheva and its components

Elena offers simple products that are available to most people. These include:

  • oatmeal, muesli and cereals;
  • fruits, nuts as snacks;
  • prefabricated;
  • different nutritional bars;
  • steamed vegetables.

The cost of these sets varies from 12,000 to 15,000 rubles. This range is designed for women and men. Men’s selection of slimming products is more expensive because of the greater need for food. One of the distinctive qualities of the diet Malysheva is satiety. To lose weight does not mean starving yourself. People should eat low-fat foods while remaining satisfied consumption and obtain the necessary amount of calories.

The breakdown of the foods by color

Elena Malysheva has developed various versions of the bundled products. Because of this, each person can choose their monthly diet most suitable to their taste preferences. The indicated price includes the calculation of caloric value. This will allow the process of losing weight to become easy without having to remember unnecessary information. And people will not get confused in complex calculations of calories and nutrients.

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Also malyshevoy diet involves fasting days. During these periods Elena offers is parboiled rice. A valuable product for its nutritional properties will help well to clean the body and saturate it with useful substances.

Diet kit for weight loss — the modern solution to the problems with excess weight at an affordable price. The market for such products is full of various offers. The prices are quite high, and the program developed by Elena Malysheva, guarantee the quality and benefits of the selected food basket.

Kit recommended diet is divided into containers of different colors:

  1. red;
  2. yellow ;
  3. green ;
  4. purple.

Such segmentation of the products are designed for easy use set. Each color is designed either Breakfast or lunch and so on. The convenience lies in the fact that the month of consumption it is easier to trace the result. The diet allows you to install a proper diet throughout the day. From this it follows that the organism will function smoothly . Get better digestive system and the consumer will not overeat or Vice versa. Proper nutrition during weight loss the main thing should adhere to. A month of using the ready package wholesome food prepares the body for the new diet.

The cost of production of the diet allows you to budget for the month and not to exceed the limit. This offer buckwheat can be enjoyed by the whole family. A set might be a wonderful gift for loved ones. Health care should always come first and no matter how much it costs. Packages are sent to all regions of the country. People living in remote corners of the Russian Federation, can get a quality product without harm to their health. A sound approach is yielding positive results and characterizes Elena Malyshev as highly qualified specialist.

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