Principles of protein loss diet from Elena Malysheva: the rules of nutrition, menu for 10 days, reviews

If you have ever seen the TV program Live healthy!, you know that leads her Elena Malysheva, who is also a folk doctor. But don’t think that Elena just memorizing the text, which is prepared for her real doctors. She had herself a medical degree. The diploma says she is a therapist, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor. Malyshev noted the creation of several weight loss systems that are ideal for people suffering from overweight.

Salt-free diet for weight loss Elena Malysheva

The presenter for the viewers — not just the behind the screens people, she listens to them and always takes their views into account. With this approach she has created several systems of weight reduction, which provides guidance on nutrition. According to Malysheva, the fat man needs treatment, namely weight loss should help him.

Malysheva does not welcome short term dieting when the person goes on a restricted caloric diet, eliminating many products.

To begin the process of losing weight, according to Elena Vasilevny, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of salt.

  • Salt has a very negative effect on your health if you eat it without measure.
  • The negative effect of this product is manifested in the ability to hold the liquid that primarily affects appearance.
  • The result of the consumption of salt in large quantities is the emergence of swelling, which gives an unattractive body. By limiting this product to provide effective withdrawal of excess water, you can lose up to 10 kg of weight.
  • Develop a habit to cook without this seasoning. Much more useful add salt to already cooked food.
  • Any dish can be tasty and flavorful even without adding salt. You can replace it with lemon juice and various herbs and spices.
  • As a replacement of salt you can use natural soy sauce, which will make ready meals in moderately salty.

Note that the process of adjusting to the new taste of the dishes will require some time — about two weeks. Subsequently, however, you’ll be surprised what delicious will become your salted dishes.

Program diet Elena Malysheva slimming

Elena believes that the main reason for the lack of effect of used weight loss methods — a violation of the rules. Therefore, a person exposing themselves to stress and restriction in food, can not start to lose weight. To change this situation, simply adhere to the tips on diet.

  • Stop torturing yourself with hunger. Constantly feeling the shortage of food, you will not become slim. So you are even more at risk that at some point will not survive and will attack the food. When the body gets enough food, he reacts to it is completely opposite, the result is that instead of losing weight weight gain. If you don’t give the body enough quantity of food, it begins to accumulate it. So even if you eat an Apple, the benefits of which everyone knows, it subsequently goes into the fatty tissue.
  • Monitor the amount of calories which you receive with each meal. Over time you will develop the habit of considered which products and how able to change your figure. According to Elena Vasilevny, for female caloric daily intake should be 1200 calories. During the fasting days, this figure can be reduced to 800 calories. But to arrange them allowed no more than once a week. In the future, you will be amazed how many useful products and less polluting, you can include in the diet with a total caloric value 1200 calories.
  • Do not rush during the meal. Try very carefully to chew food. If at the first stage, the food will be bad for the treated saliva, the stomach will fail to digest it properly and it will not fully internalized. Observing this rule, you will be able to enjoy every meal and to avoid overeating.
  • It is very important during weight loss to form a correct mental attitude. You initially have to develop a goal to achieve your desired weight. You must be determined, and to do this you need very little — to observe the rules of diet.
  • Combine proper nutrition with physical activity. Physical exercise will help you maintain a beautiful body. No special recommendations here, you can choose any sport on your own. Just need to find the strength to do them regularly. If you will be difficult to allocate enough time to visit the gym, you may be limited to morning exercises, which is enough to spend 15 to 30 minutes.
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Proper diet from Elena Malysheva: menu

  • Provide the body with an adequate amount of water. Optimum daily rate of 1.5-3 liters. And you need to start with minimal amounts and gradually bringing it up to recommended standards. Maintaining optimum water balance, you will help your digestive system to quickly join the work and start the metabolism, preparing the body for the meal. Water contains no calories, but it will help you to achieve faster satiety. As a result, you’ll want to eat less than usual. Recommended before each meal drink a glass of water.
  • Try to completely abandon the fast carbs. Banned are such favorite products as flour and confectionery products, chocolate, ice cream, etc. it is Recommended to replace them with slow carbs that are more healthy — cereals, whole grain products, fiber.
  • Give preference to lean meats, fish, poultry, low-fat dairy products. Try as little as possible to eat foods high in fat.
  • Increase the intake of protein that provides nutrition to the muscle tissue, which is especially important in the context of weight loss. A wonderful source of protein is lean meat, poultry, fish, seafood, legumes, cereals, nuts and seeds.
  • The author of the diet calls every week to arrange fasting days. Better suited for this buckwheat or rice. During this discharge, you must follow calorie a day diet, which should not be more than 800 calories. Providing your body a jolt, you will speed up the process of weight loss. This way you will be able to cleanse the body of toxins, which are supplied in the diet.

— Malyshev diet menu for a week

The basis of the Elena Vasilievna diet is the observance of the above principles. It lasts about 1-3 months. If need be, you can sit on this diet longer. The harm will not do, because it fully corresponds to the principles of healthy eating.

Sample menu for each day:

  • Breakfast starts at 8am. Cook steamed boiling water over oatmeal, in which you can put berries, chopped Apple, pear or other fruit. It is also allowed to eat for Breakfast a small portion of cottage cheese with berries and fruit, glass of low-fat yogurt or yogurt.
  • At 10 a.m. arrange a lunch that you can eat two small fruit.
  • Around 12:00 is time for lunch. The basis of its menu should be food rich in protein. It can be obtained from lean meat, fish, poultry, and egg whites. As side dish you can serve fresh vegetables and herbs.
  • At 16:00-satisfied with the afternoon tea, which are allowed to eat two or three small fruit.
  • The last full meal starts at 19:00. You can eat vegetable salad, some eggs, drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.
  • A few hours before sleep, allowed to drink a glass of kefir, curdled milk or eat some low fat cottage cheese.
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Diet malyshevoy: menu for 10 days

Although Elena does not welcome fast diet, in its Arsenal has a ten-day system of weight loss, which is able to provide the body with essential nutrients. Despite the fact that this weight loss program is designed for a brief period, the harm it brings, what they say and the reviews. Upon completion, you can lose up to 3 — 5 kg.

The main principle of this diet is to separate food. Throughout the course the person will organize the protein and carbohydrate days.

Protein days

Protein days the basis of the diet should be protein-rich foods. The ideal option is a boiled chicken without skin. As Breakfast is allowed chicken soft-boiled egg and vegetable salad of cucumbers and greens. During other meals you can have chicken with the addition of a small amount of salt.

Carbohydrate days

During the carbohydrate days the main emphasis is on vegetables. There should be approximately 1.5 kg. the amount of products you need to eat during the day, divided into portions weighing 200 — 250 grams. They can become a delicious and healthy salads, stews and meats. Vegetables you can boil, simmer and bake, but use it during cooking oil and salt have a minimal amount.


After much thought, I finally decided to sit down on the classic carbohydrate-free diet. After her 7 days, I was able to push the 3.2 kg During the diet, I adhered to the following menu: for Breakfast I had a half of a grapefruit, lunch I ate two hard-boiled eggs and drank a Cup of coffee, for lunch I also had a half of a grapefruit, for dinner I cooked boiled chicken.

I also watched the amount of liquid drinking a day 2,5 litres of water. The first day I felt not very comfortable due to the fact that I had vertigo. At the end of the week my feelings have become worse, there was weakness throughout the body, constantly sleepy. Unfortunately, after 1.5 months I regained the same weight that I started losing weight.


During the diet I included in your diet chicken, fish, cottage cheese, green tea and water. Ate meals prepared by the cooking method or two. After 7 days of the diet I was able to lose 4.5 kg. Next, I took a break for 4 days, switched to meals consisting of vegetables and cereals. Then came the next stage of the diet, duration of 7 days.

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During the pause my weight increased by 1.5 kg. the Second phase of the diet allowed me to lose an additional 5 lbs. With height 173 cm, to diet I weighed 71 kg. When I took a full course, my weight fell to 63 kg. Problems with health I had. After 10 days my weight increased by 1 kg.


During this diet I had two full course plus 2 months break. As a result, I was able to lose 9 kg from 78 to 69 kg. First course for me was very difficult during this phase had a headache, I wanted sweet, I was disgusted to protein. To make it easier to move the diet I have chosen the following scheme: 2 protein days with vegetables and 2 full protein day. The first week began to make itself felt vegetables, and my stomach started to swell. Protein days a new problem appeared, I felt a great thirst.

After protein days, I learned that I regained my former weight, but after the first week was noticeable how reduced the size of my waist. Then I fell ill unexpectedly and fell on me bronchitis. During the illness I allowed myself to various Goodies, therefore, about diet had to forget.

For the last 6 months my weight has only increased by 2 kg from the former, but so far I have not been able to bring myself to start the second cycle.



Elena Malysheva is not only a famous personality, and a recognized doctor, it is not surprising that her method of weight loss enjoys such great popularity. To sustain such a diet easy, as you will have to completely change their eating habits. In the beginning you will have to give up salt, or to reduce its consumption to a minimum.

It is very difficult to make those people who are not ready to eat dishes, not having the usual salinity. Still a lot of changes in the body occurs when the diet is completely revised: it is tailored to the caloric content, so on the body it can have a lot of stress. Already during the first stage of the diet is necessary to regularly monitor any changes in health status and the appearance of weakness and other adverse symptoms, immediately stop it.