Products with zero calorie and negative calorie foods, the list and table

Each food has its own caloric value. People, getting calories, get the energy, the material to build figures, useful substances. Under negative calorie need to understand those products on digestion which can cost more energy than is obtained from the this product.

Everyone without exception knows that in order to lose weight, you need to reduce caloric intake. That is, man must eat in the day fewer calories than it spends. The daily rate of calories is different in every person. It depends on lifestyle, employment, age and goals, whether weight loss or weight gain. You can calculate it yourself, or find online online calculator daily calorie consumption. Knowing your daily intake, the diet can be plagued by hunger, and eat, and eat normally, without exceeding the measure of calories. For example, one hundred grams of cucumber contain fifteen calories. And for the assimilation and digestion of the body spends much more than fifteen calories.

Products with negative and zero calories

For weight loss negative calorie foods subjected to minimal processing. It is necessary for a person to lose weight, but all the same useful properties of the products received. After all for anybody not a secret that any heat treatment of food products lose their useful properties.

The foods having a negative calorie content by simply adding protein and people will not lose muscle and health, and the diet is correct and complete. Protein foods that I should add in the diet — white fish, chicken breast, shrimp, squid, Turkey and so on.

Zero calories, respectively, are products obtained energy which is equal to the energy spent for their processing and assimilation. They can also be used for weight loss.

Table and list of foods having a negative calorie content

Below is a table with a list of products with negative and zero calories. If the person decided to lose weight, then definitely these foods should be included in the diet. Moreover, the diet should be varied, because each product in the product contains various minerals and vitamins needed by the human body.

List of spices and beverages that have a negative or zero calories:

  • Spices: dandelion leaves, cinnamon, chili pepper (Chile) and many others.
  • Drinks: water, green tea and chicory (sugar-free).
  • Herbs: parsley, dill, Basil, lettuce, asparagus, mint.
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Name Calorific value, kcal
Garlic 34
Chicory 21
Zucchini 16
Squash 19,4
Eggplant 24
Cherry 25
Green onions 18
Salad 11
Pepper green sweet 19
Pineapple 44
Kiwi 50
Spinach 16
White mushrooms 25
Cucumbers 10
Carrots 33
Orange 38
Eggplant 24
Seaweed 5
Grapefruit 35
Tomatoes 14
Radishes 20
Rhubarb 16
Lettuce 14
Lemon 31
Beets 48
Red sweet pepper 27
Apples 46
Mandarin 41

Perfect for weight loss fish, chicken without the skin, They are best steamed, so the loss of useful components of the product are minimal. Using this table, each independently able to make a menu for weight loss, without resorting to expensive dieticians and long strict diets.

Diet for weight loss negative calorie foods

Many eager to lose weight promptly people, learning about the negative calorie foods, fill your diet with them exclusively. And it absolutely can not do. Because of the monotonous diet deprives a human organism with all necessary useful substances. The result is a reduced immune system, there are private disease in the form of cold, and perfect figure as there was no and no. But mostly there is a violation of metabolism and the stomach. And people, eating only negative calorie foods, not only lose weight, but even, on the contrary, gains weight.

Prepare your diet by yourself, however, if you are unsure of your abilities, play it safe and ask for help to specialists. Specialist you write out all meals that are balanced and promote weight loss.

The approximate menu for weight loss, which is included in the negative calorie foods:

  • The first meal
    • Option 1: porridge made of oatmeal, boiled in water without adding salt. In the finished porridge is allowed to add fruit or berries.
    • Option 2: low-fat cottage cheese mixed with dried fruit.
    • Option 3: boil one egg and make a salad of fresh vegetables. Salad only with butter, olive or sunflower.
  • Snack
    • Option 1: fruit salad, dressed with a few tablespoons of natural yogurt without additives.
    • Option 2: chop the vegetables, puree, to make him a cocktail.
    • Option 3: a glass of kefir or natural yogurt.
  • Lunch
    • Option 1: soup-puree of broccoli. In the prepared soup, add a tablespoon of olive oil.
    • Option 2: salad of fresh vegetables and a piece of lean fish.
    • 3 option: a slice of lean meat and vegetable salad.
  • Snack — any fruit or vegetable, however, it is possible to replace them with a fresh salad.
  • The last meal for dinner is better to prepare something with a high protein content. It will be incredibly helpful for the muscles. So, dinner may consist of seafood, chicken breast or white fish. These foods are allowed to cook on the grill.
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Special attention should be paid to water consumption at the time of loss. In fact it will be an active participant in the processing and assimilation of food. Despite the fact that water contains in vegetables and fruits, it is required to drink separately, at least two liters a day. Should drink clean drinking water. Tea, coffee, broth, juice or water with a slice of lemon — it is a drink, so they are not included in the daily rate of water consumption.

Water is indispensable in the process of weight loss. It cleans the skin, removes toxins and wastes from the body. Thanks to her accelerated metabolism. However, you must strictly comply with the rule of water consumption before and after a meal. Before meals it should be drunk in half an hour, so it activates the secretion of digestive juices. While eating and during the first two hours the water can not drink because it will dilute the gastric juice and the food processing will stop.

For more effective weight loss on negative calorie foods in your daily routine should be exercise. They won’t necessarily be a hard workout in the gym. Can be limited to some light Jogging, stretching and exercises to lift shape.

Advice on consumption of foods with negative calories

A person who wants to lose weight need to know some tricks that will help you to lose weight without harm for health.

Features the use of products with negative calories:

  • Every day should eat more than a pound of fresh vegetables and fruits with negative calories.
  • One of the meals should consist of foods with negative calories.
  • To maintain health more give preference to fruits and berries, among which the highest content of vitamins and minerals.
  • For a long time, eating foods with negative calories is not recommended.
  • In a dish, add spices and herbs. So, you will be able to transfer some of the deprivation in food.
  • Go to menu weight loss gradually. Don’t make your body stress. First, replace one meal a week another and so until the move to the new diet. After a smooth transition you will have no breakdowns, and the feeling of hunger will not bother you.
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The effect on the human body

If you decide to lose weight by using foods with negative calorific value, something about boiling and braising forget at this time. During heat treatments not only lost nutrients and fiber, which are needed by the human body. The ideal option is a salad of fresh vegetables with zero or negative calorie. To fill this salad with sunflower oil or olive, if desired, permitted addition in the form of lemon juice. And cooked fruit salad, you can add natural yoghurt, but it must be without any additives.

Subject to daily caloric intake, and consumption of food without heat or with minimal treatment, the human body will not only lose weight but also get rid of harmful toxins that have accumulated over long time in the body.

Products with negative calories is a great help in the desire to lose weight. However, in no case should not be abused for a long time this diet.