Program drying body for girls: the technique, the menu for the month by day

In recent years, more and more people begin to pay attention to their appearance, spending a lot of time and effort to maintain a slim and toned figure. However, not everyone can boast of success in this business, because even regular gym the muscles do not always look as it should.

A dream to give them a relief appearance, but the majority fail. But do not despair ahead of time, because there is a special program that will help at home with minimal effort to achieve this goal. We are talking about the program of drying of the body.

What is the drying body for girls?

The main principle of this weight loss is the burning of subcutaneous fat and body fat, achieved by reducing calories by carbohydrate starvation. Such a supply system should not affect muscle mass. This system is common among many professional athletes and bodybuilders who use it to create spectacular and beautiful body before the competition.

The misuse weight loss programs the body can experience great stress. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to accomplish the drying for the body correctly.

It should be understood that the main purpose of drying slimming is not a conclusion from the body of excess fluid. First and foremost, it suggests changes that can help to enhance the process of fat burning.

The principle weight loss programs for girls

For starters, you need to pay attention to the carbohydrates we need for energy. For athletes this is especially important given how the loads subjected their body. So in their diet, they must be present.

To ensure the correct assimilation of glucose is possible only in case, if the body will be the hormone insulin. Providing the body with too much insulin, you can achieve quite a pleasant effect — it will gradually accumulate in the liver and muscle tissue, forming glycogen substance. And when the body’s need for glucose can be met, the manifest effect of saturation, so, from this point on, he will be transformed into fat.

For the human body is much more useful when it is constantly maintained the glucose. Then to meet the needs he will have to use the glycogen stores. After their consumption will start the process of fat splitting. For the breakdown of fats would need a lot of energy, and because at some point the process can stop. However, this does not mean that fat deposits in the body will not remain. His remains will be present in the form of ketone bodies. This will inevitably lead to certain changes: the blood will acquire a sour taste, sometimes this condition can trigger the development of ketoacidosis.

Diet for drying the body and its features

It is known that the main principle of every diet is to limit the intake of calories. In other words, they assume that the organism must expend more calories than that which enters it during the day. This is a basic rule that should be strictly adhered to. There is another for the normalization of the body needs to maintain its high level of metabolism.

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Wrong those who for weight loss reduce portion sizes or refusing individual meals. This will inevitably lead to the slowing of all metabolic processes in the body.

The reason is that with such poor nutrition the body receives a signal of impending hunger strike, so he’s in no hurry to spend the accumulated energy, and will wait in reserve as fat. So after the second or third week of the diet the slimming process is suspended, while you get the unpleasant symptoms as weakness, lethargy and dizziness.

Diet rules

But to avoid this possible provided that you stick to certain rules of drying the body:

  • You need every day to maintain a caloric deficit.
  • Food should ensure a high metabolism.

To resolve the first question is quite simple. What about the second? To maintain a high metabolism will have to switch to another food. And this one change can help you achieve success.

Their usual meals should be divided into several parts and eat them during the day.

When you go to the drying program, you have the right to exclude from a diet of carbohydrate food. But it should be done gradually so as not to create for the body a stressful situation. Subsequently, you need to eat carbohydrates and fats to lunch to dinner, you had the most useful and easy. The main principle of the drying body for girls is the strict diet that must provide the body with easily digestible protein.

Diet and diet menu drying body for girls

During this diet are not allowed any breaks. So just be prepared to exclude from the menu sweet and flour, and dairy and animal fats. Given that these products do not bring any benefit to the body, you only assist your body. But to completely give up sweets entirely optional: instead of the usual things you can eat fruits or honey. A perfect replacement of fatty meat can become fish.

Each day the body needs to complex carbohydrates at least 40% of the total diet. Therefore, in your menu regularly needs to be cereals, nuts, vegetables, cereals, pasta from wheat flour.

Binding this diet are workout. After you must wait at least 1.5 hours before you can eat. You should also refrain from eating for 2 hours before class. Adhering to these recommendations, you will be able to restore energy to muscle cells, using fat reserves.

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Also watch out for the water balance. For this you have to daily drink at least 2.5 liters of pure water. Keep in mind that your body must be provided with plenty of protein. Otherwise, your muscles can «merge». You should not cook dinner the oatmeal and other cereal. Best for this diet is suitable buckwheat, rice, lean meats and legumes, fruits and vegetables, cheese and milk.

The rules of the drying body for girls: the menu for a month

The first week

The basis of your diet should be carbohydrates that you consume not more than 2 kg per 1 kg of weight during the day. You should remove from your menu all unhealthy foods. But it should be done gradually so as not to injure your body.

To start the drying body with the fruit already in the first days undesirable. More suitable for you will be the source of food products rich in fiber. Therefore, you should include in your menu whole grain cereal that can provide you with the necessary carbohydrates. A great option is the buckwheat with a low glycemic level. Also welcome the presence in the diet:

  • boiled chicken breast;
  • chicken eggs;
  • baked white fish;
  • squid;
  • cheese.

In this case, you must limit the intake of salt, spices and oil.

Pay special attention to a squirrel: a day your body needs to obtain it in the amount of 50% of the total diet. The proportion of fat for this diet should be no more than 20% and the remaining percentage should consist of carbohydrates. The most appropriate time of reception of complex carbohydrates — Breakfast. For dinner it is recommended to cook food that is rich in protein.

The second seven-day period

During this week you must provide your body with carbohydrates in accordance with the scheme — 1 gram per 1 kg of body weight. You have to completely remove salt from your diet. The proportion of protein should be 80%, the amount of fat remains the same, and carbohydrates is minimized.

Recommended for use this week products in the framework of drying are:

  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • yogurt and milk;
  • cooked beef and chicken breast;
  • fish and seafood;
  • bran.

You can also use fresh herbs, fresh vegetables — cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes.

The third week

During this week your body needs to carbohydrates the rate of 0.5 gram per 1 kg of body weight. At this stage, some drying can smell the acetone breath or from skin, as well as dizziness. In this case, to restore the original state can help you a small amount of sweet juice. Moreover, the drying time you have to prepare in advance at least a small bag for such occasions. During this phase of the program, you must make the basis of your diet proteins and fats. Water consumption should be limited, and it should be exclusively distilled.

  • during this period, you can eat low-fat dairy products;
  • you can eat eggs, but only protein, so the yolk to give to those who do not comply with the diet;
  • from the beef it is desirable to refuse. It can be replaced with chicken breast, but it must be without skin;
  • your table must present the bran, which should be eaten three times a day;
  • at this stage is welcome, taking a multivitamin.
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Fourth week

At this stage of drying you can choose one of the following options. You can use the same products that feed on the third week, or go back to the diet that was followed during the second week.

Fifth week

It involves the same rules of feeding in the first week. Eating carbohydrates, you will be able to fairly quickly prepare the muscles for competition, returning to their previous level.


Many of us dream to have a beautiful and slim body but not all diets allow you to achieve this. However, if you use drying the body, it is possible not only to achieve a previously impossible goal, but to get the effect of the bump. But as soon as you need to prepare for the fact that this program is different from many diets. Here it is necessary to strictly follow a diet that will periodically change.

Special attention should be paid to the selection of the optimal ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This process is quite long, so you have to be psychologically prepared for some discomfort. Your body has not experienced severe stress, change in diet should be gradual. Otherwise, instead of achieving the desired result, you will only hurt yourself.