Proper nutrition: how much food is digested in the stomach, table and tips

To maintain good health, people must adhere to various recommendations, among them important is a balanced diet. Within this theme important term is the processing, which determines the residence time of food in the human stomach. The duration of digestion of food corresponds to the time required for their cleavage.

Several otherwise everything is carbs. To describe this process using the terms «digestion» and «assimilation». They account for a significant proportion of the diet of people practicing raw food diet. However, regardless of food preferences, the speed of assimilation products are important for any person trying to eat right.

But in today’s world very few people watching what they eat. A basic element of proper nutrition is a separate meal, which involves not only keeping a certain schedule of eating, and a good selection of foods that should be ingested in sequence. Therefore, in each case certain foods will digest at different speeds.

What determines the digestion of food?

The speed of assimilation of the food consumed by a person depends not only on its individual characteristics, but also on many other factors.

  1. The processing of food. The use of such methods of thermal processing products, such as boiling and roasting, leads to the destruction of enzymes contained in raw food and the destruction of its original structure. Such meals are usually digested within 1.5 times longer.
  2. The temperature of the food. More time on the digestion of leaves, if the person constantly eats cold food, such as cheese from the fridge.
  3. The time of the meal. The most active body open for lunch during the Breakfast and dinner food is not digested so quickly. This feature must account for every person who wants to accelerate this process: on Breakfast and dinner you need to eat foods one time of digestion and maximum absorption speed.
  4. Mixing food. It is known that all products differ from each other in the time it takes for them to digest. So, in order for the body to digest an Apple, it requires 30-45 minutes, and hard cheese — 4-6 hours. There are special foods that the intestines can’t digest. Therefore, it is necessary to properly mix the products before mealtime, whether it’s cheese or buckwheat, because this has a direct impact on how long will be the process of digestion of food.
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Decided to allocate the following main categories food mixing:

  • To the first category. For mixing the selected product with the same digestion time. They do not have to undergo a special heat treatment and mixed with fats and sugar. A good example of this are the vegetables and fruits.
  • The second category. These include products with a single transit time that is used with a variety of oils, sugar and spices. However assimilated they will be much longer. This is due to the presence of fats and oils, which envelop the food, in the end, the stomach has to produce extra amounts of stomach acid and enhance the acidity in the stomach. Therefore such food has to digest longer.
  • The third category. For her selected products with different digestion time, which also differ in the method of treatment and involve the use of different oils and fats.

For a better understanding of what was going on, we will present products in the form of special groups, divided according to time of digestion.

The first group

It consists of products that require absorption to 45 minutes. The majority of these different types of carbohydrates:

  • Fruits ( watermelon, grapefruit) — 30 min;
  • Cherry, Apple, peach — 40 min.
  • Vegetables ( raw) — 30-45 min.;
  • Soups, fruit salads 30 minutes;
  • Juices from vegetables and fruits -15-20 minutes.

The second group

It is based on protein foods, allow a small amount of fat. They are digested up to 2 hours.

  • Egg — 45 minutes;
  • Fish low-fat— 30 minutes;
  • The fatty fish is 45 – 60 minutes;
  • Chicken — 1-2 hours.

The third group

It is based on form foods that contain complex carbohydrates and starch. For their assimilation requires approximately 2-3 hours.

  • potatoes;
  • all meals;
  • any kind of mushrooms;
  • cheese (only from whole milk) — 125 minutes;
  • seeds (sunflower, sesame) — approximately 2-3 hours;
  • Nuts 2.5-3 hours;
  • legumes.

The fourth group

She is represented by products that are completely digested for 3-4 hours or more. Most of them often do not have time to fully digested and excreted from the body.

  • Coffee and tea with milk;
  • The fish and canned it;
  • Meat and its products — at least 3-4 hours;
  • Hard cheese varieties — 4 to 6 hours;
  • All kinds of pasta (only durum wheat).
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Useful tips for correct nutrition

It is possible to be glad only for those who understand that proper nutrition is key to health. However, those who are just beginning this path, it will not hurt to get acquainted with the following recommendations.

  • By drinking water, drunk on an empty stomach, it reaches the intestine in a few minutes.
  • When entering the body oils they are absorbed by the intestine, and wrap the other food, forcing the stomach to produce extra amounts of stomach acid for digestion.
  • A big mistake people make with that after a heavy meal drink water, tea or other beverages. When the stomach is extra fluid, it lowers the level of acidity of gastric juice, which increases the load for the body that is busy digesting food. Therefore, the gastrointestinal tract starts to work in emergency mode. As for fluid, it brings along with itself to the intestine undigested particles, which cause them to sometimes fermentation and decay.
  • During a meal it is recommended to thoroughly chew it, as this helps to speed up digestion and better absorption.
  • To bring the greatest benefits to the body, it is recommended that protein products consumed in the form of heat, because the food is preheated to a temperature required to digest about 2-3 hours. The same is the whole process of protein breakdown.
  • Usually nuts and seeds are eaten raw, but they are very long to digest. To expedite this process, you can do the following: you need to soak them overnight and in the morning and crushed before use.

Interesting facts

The body starts preparing for digestion before the stomach receives the food. This happens thanks to the work of the salivary and digestive glands that respond to hunger or the sense of smell delicious. The body functions in a similar way due to conditioned reflexes.

The salivary gland of a human is constantly under heavy load — during the day they have to produce more than 1.5 liters of saliva. Perhaps many will be surprised to hear of the fact that on average each of us consumes up to 500 kg of food per year. The total surface area of the small intestine is 250 sq. m.

The stomach plays an important role in the body not only because it deals with the breakdown of food, but due to the fact that here produces most of the serotonin is a special hormone that is responsible for joy and elation. Upon entering the stomach of chewing gum it is not subjected to digestion, so, once in the gut, nothing happens, although in some cases it can cause constipation or blockage of the lumen of the intestines.

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The transition to proper nutrition is an important decision in the life of any person who wants to continue to stay healthy. However, to change your Outlook on eating, not only need to choose the right moments for a meal, but also to determine suitable products that will make the menu and frequency of exposure. After all, many people love dairy products, but few know how to digest cheese.

An important phenomenon in the proper functioning of the body is the digestion of food. How much and in what combination it enters the stomach and then into the intestine, depends on how much time this process will take. It is therefore very important among the right mix of healthy products to make the best combinations that will form the basis of Breakfast, lunch and dinner.