Protein diet menu for a month and every day, a detailed description of nutrition for weight loss

Protein diet is not only a great way to get rid of subcutaneous fat layers, but also a good option to swap muscle mass. The main problem of modern society is the constant struggle with excess weight, because the emphasis will do on the fat burning capabilities of the protein menu.

According to statistics, 95% of people protein diet called absolute refusal from complex and simple carbohydrates with a maximum consumption of animal protein. In fact, this is completely wrong, as continued refusal of carbohydrates causes many negative aspects. The most common, is a violation of kidney function and complications of the gastrointestinal tract. Not to debunk the junk myths, you have got to use for weight loss protein diet.

Features of protein diet for weight loss

Forget about the name of this option for weight loss, because nobody forbids you for a week or a month to consume and carbohydrates. No need to jump to conclusions, only the name of diets. To create the normal function of internal organs and a positive energy balance, complex carbohydrates must be present in any gyrosigma diet and protein diet is no exception. The body always needs in receipt of a full complex of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. What is often called protein losing weight, refers to the carbohydrate-free diet, and her menu for the week consists of alternating carbohydrate and protein days.

Relax, because carbohydrates and fats are integral part of this diet, but they should be consumed in a clearly specified time when the body requires it. Fasting using protein weight loss method, you won’t be, as you will have any number of meals. The more snacks and main meals, the faster is the metabolic process, and speed of biochemical processes and will depend on whether the body to pass on to calories in the body fat or not.

Protein menu it is necessary to provide in advance. Best of all all the food we need to prepare early in the morning and distribute evenly on plates. Then, every 2 hours, regardless of where you are, at work or at home, you will be able to use pre-prepared food. There can be 5-10 times a day, there are no specific recommendations all of it individually.

When you need proteins and carbs when?

All carbs should be consumed early in the day, preferably before 13:00. Sutra is completely depleted all glycogen stores (the energy that the body accumulates in the liver and muscle tissues), and because carbohydrate intake in this case even the person who is trying to get rid of excess fat. All calories that are received will go to the energy needed by the body. For the same reason it is considered best to perform Jogging burns only fat, and how differently, when the empty storage with glycogen. This forces the body to use alternative energy.

How many carbs?

The amount of complex carbohydrates you need to determine on a personal basis. Some will be able to lose weight by consuming 250 grams. rice every day, some will gain weight, consuming this amount of carbs each day. Most important, do not go too far and slowly reduce the consumption of carbohydrates.

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For example, you consumed 2600 calories each day, it is not necessary on the second day to cut their intake to 1600. The body can be regarded as a threat to existence and will take steps to slow down to maximize the burning of fat reserves. To begin with, will significantly decrease the metabolic processes and also, even a small amount of calories coming in will be converted into fat under the skin. If your task is a lengthy marathon, then once a week to do carbohydrate loading and substantially increase intake of complex carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates that are recommended for consumption:

  • vegetables consume in limited quantity cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes;
  • fruits eat citrus fruits.
  • from food buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, various cereals, pasta.

How to consume protein food?

With protein food, things are much easier after 13:00, not needas, in equal portions, consume protein foods, of course, non-greasy. Vegetables and fruits can be consumed in any quantity at the initial stages of the diet, then you need to exclude fruit that contains simple carbohydrates is grapes, apples, bananas and all that relates to this category of products.

Among the animal protein give preference to such products:

  • sea fish, seafood and eggs, they provide the body with quality protein and essential omega fats;
  • dairy products, fat content of not more than 5%;
  • lean meats, chicken breast, beef, veal, poultry and rabbit.

Who needs a protein diet?

This category includes professional athletes and people leading an active lifestyle. Value protein menu for the above people is the ability to burn body fat, without any significant loss of muscle mass. If you want to maximally increase muscle, it is also possible, with the help of protein intake without adding significant body fat.

It is undesirable to get rid of excessive fat with the help of protein intake of elderly people. For proper absorption and digestion of protein food need a complete work of all internal organs and good health. Of course, if a person is over 45 years of age, his body is not as productive as in his youth. Because older people will not take protein meals without compromising health. May appear complications of such a plan: problems with the digestive system, high blood clotting and the formation of blood clots. No need to experiment, better to use more suitable options for people in this age group.

Men are more inclined to protein diet than women, as they love to consume meat. Women are more difficult to be sweet and tune in to eating animal protein of the animal. By and large, a high protein diet can be modified to consume instead of meat and other foods: eggs, fish, seafood, dairy products.

Pregnant women can use for weight loss high protein diet, without harming their health, as well as the child. This diet can help to normalize the weight and prevent excess water retention.

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If you have good health, and want to remove weight, it is definitely protein diet is right for you. This method is not portable, and hard hard as a mono, because observing the protein diet, you will begin to experience physical and psychological discomfort.

The principles of protein menu

Proper distribution of nutrients throughout the day allows you to control insulin, which manifests itself only in the case when the person strongly overeaten complex carbohydrates or sweets. In the blood significantly increases the amount of glucose, and the insulin passes into the subcutaneous fat of excess energy.

The carbohydrates arriving in the early afternoon, it needed fuel in order to all day to provide the body with energy. Fiber and protein foods require the body to expend much more calories for digestion than initially contain these products, because it is impossible to gain from them any weight. Protein diet, conversely, activates metabolic processes, that’s why bodybuilders consume before bed whey protein.

The benefits of protein diet

The positive properties are:

  • Speeds up the metabolism, which allows for a long time not to gain weight after the abolition of the diet. If after the cancellation of this diet, you will lead a healthy life, you can forget about fat forever.
  • Maximum preservation of muscle mass and full burning unnecessary fat. That is very important for women.
  • The body gets all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients.
  • The ability to maintain a high protein diet for a long time.
  • No physical and psychological pressure, because your menu consists of huge variety of healthy and tasty products.

Disadvantages protein diet for weight loss

If you follow the protein diet according to the traditional scheme and to consume only the whites, and not to use the above carbohydrate diet, it can cause some negative effects.

  • Prolonged intake of a protein may cause leaching from the body of calcium and trace elements, as this will significantly undermine the health of your bone skeleton.
  • Only protein diet negatively affects the health of the digestive system and kidneys. Because the people who are diseases of the above organs, it is not necessary to follow a high protein diet.
  • if you’re over 60 then forget about protein diet, use a combined power system for intense fat burning. Before you start to use protein way to lose weight, you need to consult with a nutritionist and physician.

How much time need to adhere to the protein diet?

To this question, no clear answer, it depends on many factors. The main ones are: gender, age, genetic predisposition to weight gain, percentage of body fat, disease.

The most important not to be overly initiatives and to speed up the process of weight loss. Normal loss is considered to be 0.4 to 2.5 kg per week or 5-8 kg in a month, not need to accelerate. A high protein diet can be used until the desired result, it contains minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates, because it excluded damage to health.

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Protein diet for weight loss menu for a week

Day one:

  • To eat any one fruit that contains fast carbs, e.g. banana;
  • 0.5 l. of kefir with a fat content not exceeding 2.3%;
  • 220 gr. oatmeal pour 1 tbsp. of honey;
  • A few orange t 180 gr. cheese of a fat content not exceeding 4,5%;
  • 220 gr. cooked chicken Breasts, plus a large side salad.

Day two:

  • Eat 2 big apples;
  • 350 gr. yogurt;
  • 250 gr. buckwheat with vegetables;
  • 1 grapefruit plus 250 gr. marine fish;
  • 250 gr. cooked beef plus vegetable salad.

Day three:

  • 1 tbsp honey-60 gr. walnut;
  • 350 gr. yogurt fat content of not above 2.3%;
  • 250 gr. cooked rice with vegetables;
  • 2 tomato and 3 boiled eggs;
  • Salad vegetables and 250 grams. boiled veal.

Day four:

  • 1 banana and an Apple;
  • 250 gr. pasta mixed with 60 gr. cottage cheese;
  • 350 ml milk;
  • 250 gr. seafood;
  • Salad vegetables and 250 grams. cooked beef.

Day five:

  • 2 tablespoons of honey;
  • 3 boiled eggs;
  • 150 gr. cooked fish and 250 grams. mushy;
  • 3 cucumber 250 gr. chicken;
  • A large portion of vegetable salad with olive oil.

The sixth day:

  • 1 tbsp. of honey and 250 gr. of fruit salad;
  • A half litre of kefir;
  • 250 gr. boiled beans with vegetables;
  • 180 gr. low-fat cheese;
  • 250 gr. boiled beef with vegetables.

The seventh day:

  • 250 gr. any fruit;
  • 450 gr. yogurt;
  • salad vegetables and 220 gr. boiled potatoes;
  • 180 gr. cottage cheese;
  • Citrus fruits and 250 grams. boiled veal.

The volume of consumed carbohydrates is individually, start your morning diet with normal carbohydrate intake and eliminate calories slowly until you start to see that it has started the process of weight reduction.

Between uses food, eat fiber, it can help the digestive system to digest protein food. Water you need to drink according to the requirements of the body. If urine color is dark, then you consume small amounts of water.

Do not forget that only the active exercise and healthy lifestyle will prevent from dialing unnecessary weight and unwanted diseases.