Protein low carbohydrate diet: table food nutrition menu for weight loss for each day and week

Is it possible to burn extra pounds, maintaining at the same time, the elasticity of the muscles and skin? Like not starving to lose weight? These questions daily torment of thousands of people, occupied by fat, lost its former beauty in the fat folds and on the verge of despair, after the return of excess weight is the result of hungry, short-term diets. Fortunately, doctors have found a way out of the «vicious circle» by creating a special power supply system, which is based on the alternation of known products. Is – protein-carbohydrate alternation – effective, varied and rich technology weight loss.

The history of the emergence of protein-carbohydrate diet

The developer of this method is James hunter – the world famous dietician from America. First, its protein and carbohydrate alternation for weight loss was not so popular, but when this method started to wonder about the athletes, then everything changed. Just the main «highlight» of the supply alternating carbohydrates and proteins – remove body fat without loss of muscle mass, which usually is necessary for athletes. Nemacaulis with other methods of weight loss, losing a valuable asset – muscle, sports fans lifestyle happily picked up a new way of getting rid of fat in a short time made this method popular.

Now bodybuilders power system based on the alternation of protein and carbohydrate – BUTCH, went to the people and saved many people from unnecessary and hated kilograms. On the basis of the supply system there are other diets that was adapted to the expectations and demands losing weight, with various additions copyright «highlights», based on the reputation and fame of the developers, for example, known to our fellow citizens of the protein-carbohydrate nutrition system Malysheva. If we are to understand the basic principle of this technique of burning fat, then you will be able to become a developer of its own diet that will accommodate your mode of the day, weaknesses and tastes.

The essence of protein-carbohydrate diet

The whole secret of the diet is the alternation of carbohydrates and proteins, due to which the body begins to Deplete the reserves of fat and carbohydrates consumed. As a result, the unwanted pounds just melt away. «Highlight» of this weight loss is the preservation of muscle mass, and this means that your body will daily become more athletic and fit. During weight loss, the skin will not droop and will not lose its elasticity, stretch marks also, you will not get any.

So protein-carbohydrate alternation of the power supply system of the BUTCH is a gentle version of weight loss, which is aimed at augmenting the beauty and preservation of the body, and effective control of fat reserves. Pounds after this method of weight loss ago are not returned, the mood in the dieting process continues as the strong sensations of hunger will not.

Thus, the principle diet of protein-carbohydrate alternation is as follows:

  • the first day you eat food on a mixed program to the daily menu are and carbohydrates, and proteins;
  • the next two days focus on the use of proteins;
  • after one day you can indulge yourself in carbohydrate food.
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In further alternate one carbohydrate a day with two protein. Intense burning of body fat takes place in the process of food proteins, while carbohydrate intake is reduced weight loss, but it is provided by the program, so as to consume only proteins bad for health. It is not necessary to lose weight, gain a variety of diseases. Without carbohydrates, your life just becomes fresh, the body is in stress, worsening mood, of course, all this will contribute to the failures and pushing for the wrong things. Daily menu of protein-carbohydrate diet can not be considered monotonous, you just need to intelligently combine products.

Because diet BUTCH is the ideal technology for weight loss, which makes losing weight according to this scheme, to suffer, to starve and worry about the return of the dropped pounds.

Disadvantages of the carbohydrate rotation for weight loss

Alas, despite these enormous benefits, the protein-carbohydrate nutrition system has its drawbacks. Or rather, she has only two:

  • a large protein intake in excess of daily rate;
  • the decline in results as long stay of the person on this diet.

Protein-carbohydrate alternation gives the opportunity to reduce weight just the first month of being on the diet. Further two months, the weight loss is much slower. And in the fifth month is formed the adaptation of the organism to consumable products, and the weight completely stops to go. Therefore, you must take some breaks between diets, for example, a two month diet month normal nutrition and prefer fruits and vegetables.

A significant amount of protein foods causes the body to work actively in order to digest it. Because he needs a little help every day, doing various exercises, they will promote better digestion of protein and increase metabolism.

Have a protein-carbohydrate nutrition system there are a few disadvantages — unpleasant odor from the mouth and nausea, this contributes to excessive amounts of ingested protein.

Day diet menu BUTCH

Power system BUTCH is a gentle version of weight that gives an opportunity to get rid of unwanted pounds gradually, but absolutely forever. Here, however, everything will depend on the initial body weight as a plumb line in slimming people is very different. For example, those people whose weight was over 100 pounds, easy to lose 2 weeks about 10 pounds.

So protein-carbohydrate nutrition system – a daily menu for a week.

The first day (balanced menu):

  • Breakfast – a Cup of yogurt, oatmeal with fruit;
  • lunch – mashed potatoes or buckwheat, steamed or boiled fish;
  • dinner – tea, fruit, cottage cheese;
  • before bed – yogurt.

The second day (protein diet):

  • Breakfast – coffee, piece of cheese, hard-boiled egg;
  • lunch – baked chicken;
  • dinner – tea, coleslaw, baked fish.

The third day (protein, second day):

  • Breakfast – yogurt, cottage cheese;
  • lunch – salad meatballs steamed;
  • dinner – tea, vegetable stew with Turkey.

Replace meals places to eat that you prefer. Not necessarily forced to gulp down the fish, if you don’t like her. Favorite eat meat twice a day, it will not reduce the result from the diet.

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The fourth day (carbohydrate menu):

  • Breakfast – banana, coffee, croissant;
  • lunch – porridge with meat or soup with bread, chocolate or candy, tea;
  • dinner – grapefruit juice, vegetable salad, rice.

The fifth day (protein diet):

  • Breakfast – coffee, a casserole of cheese;
  • lunch – Kale salad, baked fish;
  • dinner – a decoction of rose hips, roasted meat with steamed vegetables.

The sixth day (protein, second day):

  • Breakfast – coffee, scrambled eggs;
  • lunch – fresh vegetables, Turkey;
  • dinner – tea, carrot salad, fish cakes.

The seventh day (carbohydrate menu):

  • Breakfast – yogurt, granola;
  • lunch – salad, chicken with mashed potatoes, soup with bread;
  • dinner – tea, cabbage rolls.

Then pass two protein days, and thus, in a circle. You can change menu items or places to eat other meals, the most important is to make sure that their composition is suited to the diet of protein-carbohydrate alternation. If the uses of food will start to feel hunger, then you can organize yourself a snack, for example, to eat a muffin with tea when carbohydrate diet or protein day to drink a Cup of yogurt.

Dinner does not need to make late, eat at least two hours before bedtime. It is best to eat Breakfast 30 minutes after waking up. The main meal is the lunch, skip the meal, or combine it with dinner, when meals under the BUTCH is prohibited.

The above protein-carbohydrate alternation is a gentle system weight loss, according to the traditional scheme. Today you will be able to find on the Internet other types of power system LOAD, in which the alternation of carbohydrate and protein days will be completely different, for example: five protein days, and then two of the carbohydrate, and thus, in a circle or three days protein, one carbohydrate, one mixed and so on. All the varieties of the alternating effective, give excellent results and work great. Will pick this alternation that will suit your lifestyle, habits and taste, and observe this system, just alternating the days. A stunning effect for a long time will not wait, see for yourself!

Protein-carbohydrate nutrition system Malysheva

Known to our fellow citizens television host of several popular television programs about health, doctor of education, candidate of Sciences Elena Malysheva, also created copyright diet weight loss, where the basis is alternating carbohydrates and proteins.

By following this diet, you will be able in 10 days to remove over 6 pounds of unnecessary ballast, but the TV star warns honestly that to lose weight according to this technology only in cases of emergency, for example, preparing for the prom, the Christmas holidays or a wedding. To turn this technique in a rule is undesirable, otherwise the risk to be thin, but sick. At the same time in anticipation of the festive events that look brilliant just need this method of losing weight is just a lifesaver. Use it wisely, only in this case you will feel fantastic and happy with my body.

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The duration of the diet Elena Malysheva is 10 days. The system of alternation of the following: one protein combined with one day of carbohydrate. In the process of power on this system it will be necessary to abandon the use of spices, seasonings and salt. This will speed up the process of removing fat deposits.

So, diet diet Malysheva.

Protein menu for the day:

  • after he had woken up – a glass of warm water;
  • Breakfast – one hard-boiled egg with greens (parsley, lettuce, green vegetables or dill);
  • subsequent meals – boiled chicken without skin (750-900 grams).

Carbohydrate menu the day:

  • 6-8 receptions salad «Brush».

How to prepare the salad «Brush»?

You need to peel and chop or RUB in one pound of carrots, beets and cabbage. Cook them as the main «trick» lies in the fact that the vegetables should be raw. This will give the opportunity to clean your digestive system from all the excess (toxins, etc.) like a hard brush. All the components need to not only mix, but also a good squeeze. You can fill this salad with only lemon juice.

If the salad «Brush» you for some reason, the taste is not suitable, you can replace the ingredients not like other vegetables. Naturally, potatoes are prohibited to use as it has high content of starch, and this slows down the procedure of losing weight. Also remember about drinking: the norm of consumption per day of purified water is approximately 1.5 liters.

Tried it on this diet you will understand all its benefits. As it is not only accelerates the metabolic processes in a very short time, but gives you the ability to easily maintain the proper level of mental and physical vitality. If you’re doing the right thing and follow all of the tips, the result to wait not get, and your appearance will change for the better.