Protein shakes for weight loss: recipes protein drinks at home

Most of us have heard about protein shakes designed for weight loss and sports nutrition. The basis of this drink contains protein and is a key ingredient. The usefulness of protein cocktails for weight loss how to cook at home, what are the recipes of this drink: you will learn it from this material.

Misconceptions about protein shakes

Protein shakes are often advertised as a sports nutrition for bodybuilders. From this, many believe that they are intended only for the growth of muscle mass during exercise. But in fact protein shakes for weight loss is also useful, because replacing such drinks with one meal a day with time to lose those extra pounds.

The second common misconception it is believed that protein drinks are made from special powders, which are sold in specialty stores and are expensive. But this is not so. Actually protein shakes for weight loss at home to cook you can own, and it won’t cost too much, besides the quality of its ingredients are used only natural products.

The usefulness of protein products for the body

Protein (protein) products is considered key for those who wish to «build» muscle. But it need not only dedicated athletes, but also those who are committed to losing weight. Also use protein can be improved:

  • mood;
  • overall health;
  • performance.

Not always people can saturate your organism with all necessary elements, so protein can be consumed in a delicious drink that can be easily cooked at home. If you will be a day to drink a glass of protein drink, you not only give your body slimmer, but will enrich the body the daily dose of nutrients.

Admission rules for protein shakes

Protein shakes for weight loss are often included in low-carb diet, where severely restricted products such as:

  • flour;
  • sweet;
  • starchy.

To reach for weight loss maximum effect with ingestion of the protein drink, you need to distribute your diet according to this principle:

  • carbohydrate Breakfast (fruit and porridge);
  • lunch protein with simple carbohydrates (fish, eggs, meat, mushrooms, a light salad based on cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, carrots or cabbage);
  • protein shake instead of dinner.

During the day as a snack can be consumed:

  • nuts;
  • yogurt;
  • berries;
  • fruits;
  • jelly.

Drink fresh 5-6 PM. The feeling of satiety from it remains until late in the evening, because protein will be digested for a long time, until people go to bed. This means that during the night you will not Wake up from painful hunger.

Precautions while taking protein drinks

If you decided to diversify your menu protein drinks for weight loss and strengthen the body, it is necessary to remember about such precautions for their use:

  • do not replace beverages all meals;
  • do not remove carbohydrates from the composition in the form of fruit, berries or honey as they are good for the heart, liver, kidneys and brain. If carbohydrates will not be enough in the diet, the weight loss you acquire a disorder of the nervous system, weakness and other problems;
  • in the absence of physical training, a protein shake should be taken once a day.
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The rest of these drinks do not pose a threat to human health.

Ingredients and classification

In specialized stores, sports nutrition shakes are sold in finished form or in powder for breeding. Often they have a particular taste, enriched with minerals, vitamins and energy supplements.

However, they are mainly designed for while muscle building provided power loads for men. But for women with weight loss better to drink protein shakes, home-made special recipes.

Recipes of these drinks is a lot. Most often they are built on the combination of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and fats with the liquid. Proteins thus should be more carbohydrates and fats are introduced at the request.

As the liquid bases can be used:

  • drinking water;
  • juice;
  • milk;
  • yogurt;
  • yogurt;
  • fermented baked milk.

Milk, boiled chicken or quail raw eggs and low-fat cottage cheese can play the role of the protein cocktail. And protein-carbohydrate cocktail will need the following components to choose from:

  • jam;
  • jam;
  • honey;
  • cane sugar.

And to enrich it with healthy fats, it additionally pour a tablespoon of olive or flax oil. In the preparation of protein-vitamin drink you cannot do without the berries or fruits in fresh or frozen form.

Additives can change and delight yourself with colorful cocktails with different flavors. The volume of one portion is about 350 grams. To prepare the drink you will need a blender and a little time. Need to drink immediately after preparation, during storage cocktail will quickly lose its taste.

It is very important to understand the principle of preparation of the drink:

  • liquid Foundation;
  • supplements made from fruit or vegetables;
  • sweetener;
  • greens, grains or nuts.

Almost all recipes are built on this principle. Over time, having mastered the technique, you will be able to come up with your own recipe for a protein smoothie.

Its composition is: protein shakes are such:

  • drinks for weight loss milk and egg based;
  • vitamin rich with plant components;
  • with the addition of smoothies;
  • for weight loss, with energy effect with the addition of coffee and nuts.

And below we will present to your attention recipes of delicious protein shake for weight loss different types.

Recipes protein shakes made with milk and eggs

Such drinks are designed for quick weight loss and include a minimum of carbohydrates. They are accepted only under condition of reception of a rich in carbohydrates Breakfast and snacks based on fruit.

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This protein mixture saturates quickly and permanently and it has a nice milky, or sour taste. In all cases the ingredients you need to whip in a blender in the order listed in their bookmarks. Recipes such as:

  • cocktail vanilla – 100 g low-fat cottage cheese, 150 g of milk and the vanilla;
  • sweet pepper, same thing, instead of vanilla – 50 g chopped peppers;
  • coffee with cinnamon – milk and cheese in the same proportions, cinnamon and a teaspoon of cocoa powder;
  • the village is 200 grams of milk, 2 eggs, chopped parsley or dill;
  • snow – 100 g low-fat cottage cheese and milk, and one egg.

Protein shakes for weight loss cereals

If weight loss smoothies to add grains, you will contribute to the rejuvenation of your skin due to the vitamins that they contain. You can also add honey instead of sugar. Below please find recipes these protein shakes:

  • berry cocktail – 2 tablespoons washed oat, 50 g of sour berries (cranberries or cranberry), low-fat cottage cheese (150 g) and 100 g of boiling water;
  • forest – 2 large spoons of oatmeal, 100 grams of milk and strawberries, a teaspoon of honey;
  • the village is oatmeal the same as in the previous recipe, the same amount of wheat germ, 200 g of baked milk 100 g low fat cottage cheese.

Optionally, each cocktail can be enriched with fat, adding a teaspoon of flax or olive oil.

Protein shakes with smoothies

These cocktails are perfect for those who can not imagine their life without sweet even on a diet. When cooked in different ways to combine fruits, berries, nuts, sweeteners, and seasonings of vanilla, cinnamon, almond oil or coconut milk. Allowed even add some ice cream. To enhance the effect of weight loss cocktail can be under ice, especially in summer.

There are many recipe for making protein smoothies at home with bananas, but when losing weight, bananas are not suitable, as well as grapes. Better add the strawberries and pineapple.

Below is the recipes of this kind:

  • honey – 150 low-fat yogurt, 50 g of strawberries and the same of currants, a little spoon of honey;
  • Mojito – 150 g of milk, 50 grams of kiwi and green Apple, 20 g of peppermint and a small spoon of honey, add at the end of the ice;
  • a sweet cocktail of milk, as in the previous recipe, 50 g low-fat cottage cheese, 30 g ice cream 50 g pineapple 10 g of cinnamon and jam;
  • Caribbean – 150 coconut milk, 20 g coconut, 50 g milk, pineapple and papaya.
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Protein energy drink

The protein drinks you need to take a maximum of four hours in the evening, and before bed snack is allowed in the form of a portion of fruit, yogurt or kefir. In sports, it takes a couple of hours before cardio workouts. It gives energy and vitality. Recommended the following recipes:

  • Greek – low-fat yogurt (200 g), tablespoon of honey and the same of walnut in powdered form, egg;
  • almond – 100 g low-fat yogurt, a couple tablespoons chopped almonds, 100 ml fresh orange juice and tablespoon of honey;
  • evening – 200 g milk, 10 g of coffee and vanilla, 30 g of walnuts. The finished cocktail can be heated;
  • energy – milk and coffee, as in the previous recipe, 10 g of mint and egg.

It is recommended not to overdo it with coffee, 10 g – the limit dose for drink. But if you exercise, excess coffee can worsen the condition. Energy drinks raise the tone of the muscles and strengthen them, save for sprains.

The stresses of being smoothies for weight loss

If you drink protein shakes for weight loss then a diet with their use can be combined with yoga and classes on Boxing and swimming. If you do not exercise, and you have no time on them, you walk more in the evenings and go to work on the bike.

Taken protein shakes and exercise effect will come much faster. You lose those extra pounds, tighten muscle corset, put in order the figure and come elasticity of your body.