Purgation activated carbon: reviews about effective cleansing the body of toxins

Almost any home kit you can find activated charcoal. It is usually kept in case of problems with the stomach, of poisoning, but in fact it is an excellent remedy for cleansing the body, both inside and outside. The unique properties of activated carbon and its accessibility has made this drug very popular, especially as the cleansing of the body with it quite simple and not expensive.

It should also be noted that coal is safe, almost has no side effects and this effectively removes from you all the accumulated toxins.

The impact of coal on the body

The main purpose of activated charcoal to cleanse the body as a result of poisoning with such symptoms as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. In parallel, it is recommended gastric lavage. The product contains natural charcoal, which from time immemorial is known for its purifying and absorbent action.

In clinical practice this drug is used as a universal antidote, neutralizing the toxic effect or overdose of harmful substances. The drug is made from natural raw materials at temperatures up to 1000 ºC. The result is a carbon with a porous structure and adsorption properties. Most often the basis for the manufacture of the drug use of organic materials containing carbon, including wood, coconut husks, coal, etc.

There are few those who have not heard of this drug or used it. He is almost in every household first aid kit because it is fast help for various disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

If stomach upset is the most reliable means! The home kit is always there, it’s worth a penny, and in some cases the only thing that helps!

Maxim N.

Coal begins to act as soon as ingested, collecting all the toxins and wastes. Then the remains along with absorbed harmful substances are excreted through the intestines.

Health improves very quickly, so many people recommend activated charcoal as one of the best remedies for intestinal disorders.

Indications for cleaning the intestines

For most there will be the opening the fact that the vast majority of toxins and slag accumulates in the gut. The health of the colon, and its functioning has a significant impact on the health of the whole organism. This means that bowel function is necessary to maintain in good condition and attentive to the problems with it.

Activated carbon fine job of cleaning the intestine in the following cases:

  • in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • for the overall health of the body;
  • during the diet in the comprehensive cleaning of the body.
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Indigestion is usually accompanied by bloating, flatulence, colic and diarrhea often, and this indicates that the body has begun the processes of fermentation and putrefaction. To get rid of unpleasant symptoms, to remove the organisms causing these processes, and to clean the intestines from the effects of the disorder, you need to take activated charcoal at the rate of 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight three times a day for two weeks (no more). Coal collects harmful substances and removes them along with the feces.

It is worth noting that the described symptoms are characteristic not only for toxicity but also for dysentery. As soon as you notice the symptoms, take three or four tablets and immediately contact your doctor.

A share in feedback your opinion about the effect of this drug and praise his help for different types of intoxication and the effectiveness of the combination with diets.

The use of activated carbon is shown in diseases of the bronchial asthma and atopic dermatitis, allergies, intoxication with drugs, alcohol, poisons of various origin, etc. In all these cases, the drug effectively and quickly help the body excrete all of the hazardous substances and purify him from the effects of intoxication. In allergic rashes it is useful to drink during seasonal allergies several courses of tablets.

In addition, a number of useful properties of coal is to reduce lipids and cholesterol in the blood, blood purification and normalization of fat metabolism.

Coal under the skin problems

Problems with the gastrointestinal tract impact most directly on the skin. Goiter and violation of microflora in the intestines, improper diet, polluted gut cause acne, pimples and inflamed areas, and not only on the face but throughout the body. The slags of the digestive tract is usually one of the main causes of problems with cleanliness of the skin.

In this case, activated charcoal can be taken not only inside, but also to do with the mask. Ingestion pills drink at a dosage of 4-5 tablets 30 minutes before meals for two weeks (no more).

As for the masks, they actively cleanse the face of dirt, effectively compete with black spots and inflammations. Those who regularly practices such cleaning of the skin, reviews recommend to try this method to anyone suffering from acne and clogged pores. The basis of such masks are coal crushed pills, mixed with another component – yogurt, clay, gelatin, phyto essential oils and other ingredients.

Constantly make a mask out of activated charcoal. It perfectly eliminates blackheads. If you do their course, then after a while comedones are cleared, even chronic, the skin becomes clean, pink, smooth.

Olga P

Side effects and contraindications

Overall the drug is safe, but any powerful tool, it can cause a number of minor side effects, which, however, can be avoided by observing simple rules.

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Activated carbon is a sorbent, and, consequently, it absorbs all the substances that have accumulated in the intestines, it is not only toxins, but also useful substances. Therefore it is not recommended to combine reception of coal and a number of drugs, so as not to destroy the positive effect from them, for example:

  • vitamins;
  • contraceptives;
  • sedative and sedative drugs.

If, however, the intake of coal is a necessity to drink these medicines and vitamins after 6 hours of coal. The difference between the administration of activated charcoal and other drugs should be at least an hour.

Please note that prolonged administration of activated charcoal may lead to leaching of nutrients and vitamins from the body, so while clean coal the diet should be balanced in such a way that the amount of vitamins is constantly replenished.

Please note: despite the fact that many are advised to lose weight by coal, in fact, the drug can be used only as an aid in diets, but not as an independent, so how to lose weight exclusively by means of activated carbon is impossible. However, during the clean coal and the diet its use of diet is better to exclude alcohol, sweets, starchy foods and reduce salt intake. In this case, activated carbon will become an assistant in the difficult task of losing weight. Well, running after cleansing as a watch the bowel itself will help the body to normalize metabolism, which is important when getting rid of excess weight.

Several times cleaned the body with activated charcoal. Take morning and evening one tablet on 10 kg of weight within a week. It is an excellent sorbent collects all the muck in the body and displays it. The effect is very good. If you combine with diet – go the extra pounds, and in any case, after cleaning, there is an incredible ease. The skin becomes clean and just shines. Be sure when cleaning to drink a lot of water, and then restore the microflora of fermented milk products or special preparations.

Julia M.

Is completely contraindicated cleaning coal in the range of lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, malignant tumors in the stomach and hemorrhage of various etiologies.

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In addition to the depletion of the body with vitamins, hormones, fats and proteins, among side effects may be noted slowing intestinal motility and constipation or, conversely, severe diarrhea, vomiting and nausea with long-term therapy with coal. If you encounter these side effects, you must consult a doctor to get professional help. Usually this happens if you overdose, however, even reviews on the use of charcoal for detoxification charcoal say that it is extremely rare. To avoid constipation and dehydration, it is necessary to wash down tablets with plenty of clean water.

Unpleasant but harmless side effect is the staining of feces in a frightening black color.

Duration of reception

Should not exceed the duration of reception of coal. If you need a bowel cleanse, you should follow the scheme:

  • 1 week of admission;
  • 2 weeks break;
  • 1 week of admission.

In later times without the need should not take the drug longer than four days, since three days all the harmful substances are excreted, and then have to appear helpful. Besides, prolonged use can cause a change of the mucosa in the stomach and intestines.

Do not forget to check the dosage during purging activated carbon and do not exceed it. Before cleaning of the body using this drug should consult a doctor, he will determine the necessary dosage and length of treatment. Then you successfully and efficiently clean the intestines from toxins and impurities, greatly improving your health.