Recipes wraps cling film at home: how to make a composition for slimming the abdomen

Home wrap is the most effective way to lose weight quickly and to adjust the contours of the body without spending a lot of time and money on trips to beauty parlors. Let’s look at how to properly do this procedure at home and describe the most popular recipes.

Body wrap for weight loss and its types

Body wrap is gaining its popularity due to its affordability and effectiveness. The sauna effect, which is obtained under the film, stimulates the sweat and sebaceous glands, increases blood circulation. In the end, it is possible for one session to achieve reduction of body size, for example, in the area of the waist – 2-3 cm

There are many recipes of compositions for wrapping cling film that helps to lose weight. The impact that they have on the blood vessels, distinguish between cold and hot packs.

Hot packs perform with components that pass through the surface of the skin, opens the pores, dilates blood vessels, creating a feeling of warmth. Accumulated toxins in the subcutaneous layer of the face along with the sweat. Dissolve a layer of fat.

In a cold way wraps is the narrowing of the blood vessels and pores. The toxins from surface tissue pass into the bloodstream and broken down in the liver or excreted in the urine by the kidneys. Cold packs gives you the opportunity to fight obesity, tone loose and flabby skin after fast weight loss.

Full body wrap at home are rare. Typically, this procedure used the individual problem areas on the body.

Partial wraps

After application to the covering of the skin components, which are designed to stimulate weight loss and to penetrate deeply into the dermis, make the wrapping film.

There are special protectors made of high-quality polyethylene. These films are thick, do not roll down, do not rush, to fit the contours of the body, well cut with scissors. Successfully use simple plastic wrap.

Wrapping is done in 2-3 layers. Certainly captured the area with clean skin, so that the applied drug is not soiled linen and clothing.

Buttocks and thighs

Caused ingredient can be closed with a piece of film in the form of a rectangle, to prevent seepage. Wraps start above the knee on one leg. Performed frequent and tight turns, slowly possiblea pressure, approaching the groin. From groin winding tight wrap around the hips in a few turns and cut from the roll. The second leg obvolakivaet also. Wrapping the tape around the hips will be released in 4 layers. Top is best to wear warm leggings bodycon.

The sides and belly

Many girls interested in options for slimming the sides and belly. Partial wrap on this site make a film width of 40 cm, you need to Wrap quite tightly, preventing the skin was covered with folds. From top to waist, you can tie a special heating belt or shawl.


Film gloves are used for weight loss hands. Hands, in the underarm area to the elbow and wrapped with tape. The pressure of the film near the brushes need stronger, approaching the shoulder is weak, so as not to disturb the circulation.

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In this area is unacceptable, even a small tightening. The film owes a tightly wrapped neck, but not squeezing it. It is best to put the coils diagonally or reduce the roll width by grabbing at the wrapping shoulders, and taking turns at the torso. On top of the wound a scarf.

Recommendations for wrap

The procedure required to be held under the following rules:

  • The procedure should be performed only on clean skin. Take a hot bath, massage the body with a sponge. The area of the body that needs wrapping, treat scrub. Rinse it and dry with a towel.
  • Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients for the wraps.
  • Duration of treatment may vary considerably taking into account the applied composition and from 25 mins to a few hours. The maximum effect creates a wrap for the night.
  • Apply an even thick layer of the preparation made according to your recipe, the required areas of the body. While using extracts of herbs or vinegar, the body is wrapped with wetted tool sheet. From the top, in several layers, wrapped with a special film. The film does not need to be tightened very tight in order not to disturb blood circulation.
  • After the desired time, remove the tape, wipe the skin remains a therapeutic drug, to take a shower.
  • During execution of the procedure, you must lie under a warm blanket, you need to relax emotionally and physically.
  • After you wrap the area may be treated with a nourishing cream or ointment.


Even a very effective wrap for weight loss can lead to health problems, if not to take into account contraindications:

  • unwell before a session: weakness, dizziness, temperature;
  • allergic to the ingredients;
  • dermatitis;
  • the presence of tumors;
  • kidney disease;
  • pregnancy;
  • the problem with a gynecologist;
  • any wounds on the skin or pustular inflammation;
  • heart failure.

Due to the specific action of a hot wrap on the body, this kind of diet is contraindicated:

  • lactating women;
  • for people with arthritis;
  • in the presence of varicose veins.

In these cases, for weight loss, it is best to limit cold varieties of wraps.

If the session you suddenly felt deterioration, immediately go to the bathroom, remove wrap and take a shower.

Most effective recipes wraps

For weight loss at home used a variety of formulations. These compositions may contain kelp, honey, coffee, cocoa, mustard, vinegar, essential oils, pepper, extracts of herbs and blue clay. Their effectiveness for each individual. You just need to choose the recipe that will produce on your body the maximum effect of weight loss.

Body wraps for weight loss using honey

Honey wrap is popular for any area of the body. It is used in pure form and with different additives that enhance the effect.

Pure honey, before use, a little heat, but not more than body temperature. Honey, if you bring it to the boil, lose their useful properties.

Most bind the honey is designed for the course of one month, with pauses of a few days.

Hot wrapping with honey and mustard

Two spoonfuls of ground mustard, the same quantity of sour cream, mix with half 1 tsp vinegar and salt, add 2 tsp sugar, and grind one day to hold in heat. Mix this mixture with the same volume of warm honey.

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Honey-salt body wraps

Make a wrap using salt useful at the end of a monthly cycle. Salt from the deeper layers of skin removes toxins and excess water and enriches with minerals. After the procedure, you will get a silky and smooth body, will reduce the volume and reduce the weight.

In half a Cup of sea salt, add a spoonful of honey. Dilute with warm water until a viscous porridge. Can a little drop of essential oil of lemon or orange. After 20 minutes of infusion apply to the body. 45 minutes to lie down under a blanket.

Honey with coffee and pepper

This composition helps to lose weight and eliminates cellulite.

Prepare the composition just prior to use. 120 gr. liquid honey, you need to add 3 full spoons of organic coffee and half tea spoon of red hot pepper.

If pepper is vigorous and fresh, it means it’s going to sting. Therefore it is best to first apply the mixture on a small area of the body and listen to feelings. If very much bakes – diluted honey. There should be a large discomfort. Keep this mask you need half an hour.

Coffee wraps

The coffee gives the skin a fresh and velvety, well removes toxins and tones. Wrapping uses the properties of the grains to smooth out cellulite and break down fat.

We have already described the recipe wraps with honey and coffee, but the milled coffee powder can be applied separately, steam pre-boiled water and letting it cool to body temperature.

Usually, this simple recipe is used in the body wraps for weight loss buttocks and legs.

Chocolate wrapping

The active component, as in the case of wraps with coffee is caffeine, which perfectly breaks down fat. Chocolate wrap has an analgesic effect it is often used after a sporting event.

Wrap the cocoa powder

In a mug of warm milk and fat to dilute the 240 gr. cocoa powder. This mixture to soak the bandages and wrapped up on problem areas. Over the top to wrap the film in several layers. To go under the blanket. The mixture is left for 45 minutes.

The black chocolate

A bar of dark chocolate to RUB on a grater, add 450 ml warm milk and stir until dissolved. To fill up a pinch of Cayenne pepper. The composition is also pre-treated bandages and they wrapped the body, and the top few layers of cling film. Now you need to cover and soak 25 min.

Cocoa with ginger for weight loss

Ginger gives this wrap a warming effect.

It is necessary for 120 gr. ground ginger and cocoa powder, add 420 ml of hot milk. Infuse for 25 minutes to warm and moisten the bandages. To make the classic procedure wraps up.

Acetic wraps

Wrap with vinegar over it, shows a great slimming effect. For best effect, before the session ask someone to make a warming massage. Apple cider vinegar half diluted with warm water and wet diapers or sheets. On top of wrapped film. Duration wraps with vinegar from 45 min to 2.5 h.

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Initially, the body will cool, then the material will heat up, and will work as a greenhouse effect, will appear hanged sweating. When this procedure is good to drink hot herbal tea.

Mustard packs

Mustard has a peeling effect and creates a thermal effect that enhances blood circulation and dissolve under the skin body fat. With the help of mustard powder make body wrap slimming belly and other parts of the body.

Sour cream and mustard

250 gr. of mustard powder required 400 gr. fat sour cream. Thoroughly mix and allow to stand 15 minutes in warm. Apply the mixture on clean skin, to wrap the film and keep состав20-25 min.

Vegetable oil and mustard

Basis for the composition of the mustard powder, you can use the same amount of olive oil or sesame seed. The long wrap is also up to 25 min.

Milk with starch and mustard

60 gr. mustard use 250g. starch and add 350 ml of hot milk, stir, moisten with part of the bandages.

Wraps clay

Body wraps for weight loss belly can be done with any clay. But only blue and black are the most useful in the fight against cellulite and excess weight.

Wrap with black clay

Powdered clay in the amount of 2 tbsp should be diluted to a viscous state of boiling water. To the mixture add 1 teaspoon of powder mustard and cinnamon, mix and treat problem areas.

Kelp and blue clay

Kelp is necessary in the powder. Taking half a Cup of blue clay and algae mix them with water to a viscous consistency. After 25 minutes, the composition add 18 drops of oil of lemon. Wraps with this mixture keep it for about 45 min.

Peppers and clay

Hot wraps with peppers and clay shows a stunning effect for those who are not afraid of the burning sensation. To the full 4 tablespoons of blue clay add 1 tsp pepper and dilute with water to desired consistency. Composition hold not more than 25 min.

Both cold hot wraps at home for weight loss, you need to use in combination with a low calorie diet, massage and sports exercises. In this case, it is possible to achieve significantly improve body contouring and necessary weight loss with no harm to your wallet and health.