Reduksin 15 mg: reviews and usage instructions, annotation, composition and contraindications, the drug is

Reduxine is a combined tool, the action of the drug due under its composition elements. Sibutramine is a prodrug, which shows the effect due to the metabolites inhibiting the incorporation of monoamines. Increased content in the synapses of the transmitters increases the activity of adrenergic and serotonin receptors, it promotes satiety and suppression of hunger and activation of thermoprotective.

In the composition of the drug are active substances: crystalline cellulose and sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate. As additional substances is starrat of calcium. The protective capsule is made of gelatin, titanium dioxide and ink additives azorubine.

Description and effect of the drug reduksin 15 mg

Form the manufacture

The drug is manufactured in capsules of 10 and 15 mg. reduksin 15 mg is the drug a blue color, inside the shell is a combined white-yellow composition in powder form. Located in a contour cellular packs, Packed in cartons. In a pack of 30 or 60 tablets.

Pharmacological effects

Reduxine is a combined medication used for the treatment of obesity. Simultaneously with the reduction of body weight improves blood HDL amount. This reduces the total amount of cholesterol, uric acid and the number triglitseridov.

Crystalline cellulose is enterosorbent who demonstrate outstanding detoxification effects and sorption qualities. This substance binds xenobiotics, micro-organisms, toxins, allergens, removing them from human body.

Farmakodinamika and Farmacocinetica

When ingested, sibutramine is instantly absorbed from the stomach. The absorption occurs at least 77% of the total composition. Sibutramine transformirovalsya, it appears 2 of the active metabolite. The largest concentration of drug in the body occurs through 80 minutes after consumption. The maximum number of metabolites in 5 hours.

If the drug Reduxine taken along with food, the highest concentration of metabolites is reduced by 35%, and at 3 h time is increased to achieve them. The drug is largely excreted by the kidneys, during breeding sibutramine is about 1.2 hrs, metabolites, 15-17 h

Instructions for use reduksin 15 mg

Indications for use

Manual indicates that Reduxine is used to reduce body weight. Like other drugs for weight loss Reduxine recommended for people suffering from ordinary obesity, and their ratio of body mass is 31 kg/sq. m. or more. Also indicated for people diagnosed with obesity with a BMI of 28 kg/sq. m. and there are other risk factors that are associated with excessive weight.

Contraindications to the use of

Before you start using the drug, it is imperative to consider the side effects and contraindications. Reduxine cannot be used in such cases:

  • disease psihichki;
  • obesity organic reasons;
  • syndrome Touraine;
  • digestive disorders;
  • cerebrovascular disease;
  • severe heart disease;
  • chronic disorders of the liver and kidneys;
  • chronic hypertension;
  • pheochromocytoma;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • hyperplasia of prostate;
  • coal glaucoma of the closed type;
  • pregnancy and nursing;
  • addiction to drugs and alcohol;
  • hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • age limit to 17 after 60;
  • simultaneous use of drugs that affect the nervous system;
  • treatment with the inhibitors or the use of these drugs within 14 days prior to the use Reduxine.

Manual also has a summary, under what conditions the medication should be used with extreme caution. This arrhythmia in anamnesis, chronic poor circulation, neurological diseases, coronary artery diseases, hypertension, jollities, motor tics, mild disorders of the liver and kidneys.

Side effect

During use, the capsules reduksin 15 mg can appear the following side effects:

  • cardiovascular system: tachycardia, palpitations, vazodilatatia, high blood pressure;
  • the reaction of the body in General: rarely — dysmenorrhea, edema, rhinitis, flu-like inflammation, nephritis, desire to drink, minor bleeding , thrombocytopenia;
  • nervous system: thirst, sleep disturbances, dizziness, paresthesia, pain of the head, drowsiness, anxiety; rare — nervosa, depression, anxiety, pain, spine, convulsions;
  • dermatological education: Shenley purpura-Schonlein purpura, pruritus, sweating, high;
  • digestive system: poor appetite, constipation, a manifestation of hemorrhoids, vomiting.

At the completion of use of the drug the negative effects noted in rare cases. Probably the advent of high appetite, pain in the head.

The appearance of side effects, usually observed in the initial use of the capsules. Negative symptoms are often unmarked, through the time pass.

Method of application and dosage reduksin 15 mg

Instructions for use of the drug provides that this remedy the doctor prescribes on an individual basis, given the human condition and the opinion of organism on the composition of Reduxine. To consume capsules every day once. To chew the tablet is not necessary, the main thing is to drink plenty of fluids. The drug can be used before meals or during. Manual indicates that Reduxine 10 mg is the starting dose of the drug. If the person reacts badly to a drug could be reduced to 5 mg.

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In the case when during the month the person loses weight by 5 percent or more, the daily dose may be increased to 15 mg. the people are reacting to the drug is not very good, and the body weight decreased by more than 5 percent, treatment should continue for longer than 3 months. Also no need to continue using the drug when the patient, after change of body weight again, gained more than 4 kg.

With good tolerability of the drug should not continue to use the tablets for more than 2 years. The manufacturer shall provide the user with the characteristics of the capsules and how to use to lose weight.

How to use the drug to lose weight, more will be able to tell the doctor. Dosage and duration of treatment is prescribed only by a doctor with experience of therapy with the disease of obesity. The drug should be combined with exercise and diet diet.


Full information regarding overdose sibutramine today does not exist. At the time of overdose you should immediately consult a doctor. When taking very large doses of the drug side effects may be more pronounced. No data about the special symptoms of overdose.

After taking large doses of the drug need to drink activated charcoal to cleanse the stomach. If overdose in humans increases the pressure or expressed tachycardia, it is best to use blockers.

Combination with other drugs

If Reduxine be combined with inhibitors mikrosomalnogo oxidation, there is an increasing number of sibutramine metabolites in plasma with an increase in heart rate and increase the interval QT, clinically insignificant.

To promote the metabolism of sibutramine can several drugs: phenobarbital, antibiotics-macrolide, fenitoin, dexametason, carbamazepin.

You need to consider that when using multiple medications, increasing the amount of serotonin in the blood, can begin strong interaction.

Sometimes you may receive serotoninovogo syndrome with the simultaneous use Reduxine and some means for the treatment of migraine, inhibitors of capture of serotonin, strong analgesics, antitussive drugs.

Other features of the drug Reduxine:

  • The expiration date. The drug can be stored up to 3 years.
  • The storage conditions. Keep the preparation in a dry place at a temperature no higher than 24C.
  • The conditions of purchase. Buy Reduxine, it is possible only with a prescription, his pattern you can see on specialized sites.

Special instructions

Use pills Reduxine can only be the case when other methods aimed at reducing body weight, will be ineffective, that is, when within 4 months the body weight decreased less than 6 pounds.

All the tools for weight loss, including Reduxine, it is necessary to use in combination with other measures aimed at weight reduction. And requires constant monitoring of the doctor.

As indicated by the official website of the manufacturer, the therapy is changing the diet and life of the image, as well as high physical load. You need to understand the need to change habits to keep the effect. People that do not comply with these rules, in the future, you may receive the question, why not help by any means for weight loss?

The doctor is obliged to advise the person on how to lose weight with Reduxine and also tell about the importance to constantly measure blood pressure and pulse. These indicators need to control in the beginning of the course every 14 days. The more careful must be the control of blood pressure in patients with hypertension. You need to stop the therapy, if during the control in two consecutive years increased pressure of more than 150/90 mm.

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To follow high caution is required during simultaneous use of drugs that increase the interval FROM. This means from arrhythmia, as well as blockers of histamine H1 receptors that stimulate gastric motility.

Today there is no accurate information on the Association of treatment with this drug and the emergence of human primary hypertension. But during treatment it is necessary to pay great attention to the appearance of chest pain, progressive dyspnea and edema of extremities.

Be aware that during administration of the drug may limit the ability of the patient to drive and operate other mechanical means.

If a person is prone to constipation, then you need to control the bowels. If constipation is necessary to complete the therapy and use laxatives.

No need to start the therapy, guided by the recommendations in the opinion on the forum of losing weight. Should not be a clear guide to conduct a course is also a photo of before and after use of the drug. We need to realize that this drug is obliged to prescribe only a specialist.

Common questions about drug Reduxine

Analogues of the drug

If you want you can buy counterparts Reduxine. There are similar drugs, but for the price they are cheaper or more expensive it depends on the manufacturer. For example, the analogue of the domestic manufacturer of the Globules has a small cost. The cost will also depend on the number of capsules in the pack. Analogues Reduxine are these funds:

  • Lindaxa;
  • Meridia;
  • Reduxine Met;
  • Selime;
  • Gold Lain.

What is the difference Reduxine Reduxine Laith?

Reduxine Laith is a drug that contains the basis of vitamin E, linoleic acid and other components. Active substances of the preparation contribute to normal metabolism, activate lipolysis. But Reduxine Laith more appropriate to use in active living and physical exercises. Price, in contrast to the use Reduxine, a little less. Reduxine from another principle. Because each case individually assigns, that effective for the person.

What to choose, Reduxine or gold Lain?

Comparing these two tools, it should be noted that the active component of the drug gold Lain is also considered sibutramine. The drug is manufactured in capsules. Which drug to choose, have to say specialist.

What to choose, Tea or Reduxine?

Orsten, reducing the activation of lipase in the intestine and stomach, reducing the absorption of calories by the body and thus, contributes to dropping excess weight. Reduxine works differently because the choice of medication is required to produce a doctor with the personality of a person.

What to choose, Xenical or Reduxine?

Xenical was also affected due to the decrease in the activation of lipase. The basis of this drug substance is orlistat. Because both drugs affect a person in different ways, the ultimate tool is required to identify the doctor.

What to choose, Reduxine or Lindaxa?

At the heart of Syntaxa is also sibutramine. The principle of operation is similar to Reduxine. But today, the supply of funds is limited, so it may be ordered only by mail.

What to choose, or diet pills Reduxine?

At the core of the drug are herbal extracts that stimulate the slimming process. This tool is considered a dietary Supplement and is fit for purpose specialist.

Reduxine and spirits

It should be noted that while the use of tablets and alcoholic beverages, the negative effects of ethanol on a person not seen. But since in the treatment with this medicine need to follow a diet, experts strongly suggest to completely limit yourself in alcohol.

The reviews about the drug Reduxine

Reviews of people who use the drug reduksin 15 mg for weight loss, say that it is effective, primarily, in combining with an active living lifestyle. People who write reviews on the forum, often as proof of post, even your photo. Often get positive feedback about the drug. Those who were able to lose weight with Reduxine, say that they have decreased appetite, and naturally decreased and weight.

Many women say in the review that at the beginning of treatment was excessive thirst. There are a number of people who combined these capsules and drugs for weight loss other manufacturers. But they indicate that this can be done only under the supervision of a specialist. There are some reviews about side effects where talking about the fact that the negative effects are unmarked and are often held for a short time. Doctors insist that while the drug must strictly follow the instructions. The medication should be consumed in large quantities. Often even the standard amount of drug in the day provokes change of pressure. Experts advise not to consume alcohol during the treatment.

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In a number of reviews indicated the show Malysheva, where the group was created «lose Weight with Reduxine». Leading assures that her patients were able to throw at 12-28 kg. Some girls wrote about this on the forum feedback.

It is natural to use Reduxine or not, only you can decide. Evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages and make a wise and informed decision. As a rule, the rejection of the use of drugs is completely 100% justified. With well-thought-out diet, high physical activity and a lot of willpower, the extra weight can be defeated without a variety of drugs and damage to the body.

Long thought to use or not-useless , but still took a chance! Now I use reduksin 15 mg, dropped 9.5 kg in weight was 80kg. First, of course, were dry mouth, but then everything went effect happy. Alcohol sometimes drink, but nothing terrible happened. Glad I got an addiction to candy up to this day could not live without candy, and today is indifferent to them.

Probably I will get some preparation done, all speak for a long time it can not be used. But I can confidently say, even making small breaks to use the capsules for about three days, no binge eating, no! Therefore, I recommend to try Reduxine anyone who wants to lose weight.

Vika Moscow

Experience in the use Reduxine was already about 5 years ago. Used R 15, the weight just melted on the eyes, right before that sat on the Kremlin diet then took off with her for a few weeks about 3 kg, and then read the reviews about R 15, purchased. Used for about 3 months, then stopped, sat on the «Kremlevka», it kept about 2 years. The result is 19 kg, approximately 6 months, approximately three years old weight remained. But I had a hormonal breakdown (endocrinologist confirmed the diagnosis, has recovered). In 1.5, the weight increased from 69 to 71 to 87 kg. for 2 weeks as I use Reduxine again. Took off about 3 kg of the side effects — just dryness.

Olga Orel

I recommend to implement the course weight loss with ensuring a healthy diet, and then add exercise, and then have Reduxine. It’s a simple formula, but it can help to identify and the effectiveness of all the connected ways of losing weight and thus to achieve the best effect. This way I am thrown off 10 kg In 4 months (first 2 months lose weight without drug Reduxine). In short, create their own ways, try as you get better or use my simple formula.

Elena Kiev