Remove folds and fat from the back in the home in the short term: diet and exercise

The issue of excess weight is particularly acute as to men and to women. Almost everyone wants to lose a few extra pounds. It is especially difficult to restore healthy look of the back and remove body fat. Some resort to liposuction, which may not suit all health, and not everyone can afford.

Do not despair! Certain physical exercise, proper nutrition and patience will help to remove fat from the back.

Why on the back appear body fat?

The back is a problematic area of the body, because need physical activity she gets. In a result of sedentary work, sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits on it and around the waist formed fat rolls and the lateral folds. As a result, appears low back pain, back pain, problems with posture.

To reduce fat on the back and reduce weight will help change the lifestyle, diet and special exercises.

The lifestyle change

For those who want to lose weight, will have to significantly change your lifestyle. In the process of losing weight back and other body parts are positively affected by walking. Walk to do not necessarily. You can simply pass in the morning, a couple of stops on foot, do not use the Elevator and take a walk before bedtime.

To get rid of body fat, in your lifestyle, you need to include sports that you like. The correct shape of the posture, grace and lightness of the figure is able to give swimming lessons twice a week. In addition, the pool will lead the body to tone and increase immunity.

Remove the fat using a diet

Proper nutrition will help get rid of fat is not only on the back. To lose weight, a day should consume no more than a thousand calories, and follow the advice of nutritionists:

  1. To reduce the consumption of fat.
  2. To refuse fried and smoked dishes.
  3. Replace white bread and cereal bread.
  4. To give up easy carbs to existing deposits began to be burnt.
  5. Drink at least two liters of fluid a day, which is able to clean the body of cholesterol and excess fat.
  6. Not to use the widely advertised drugs for weight loss which are applied only in conjunction with diet and exercise.
  7. Excluded from the diet soda and sweet drinks.
  8. Eat more vegetables, fruits and herbs.
  9. For Breakfast, use the oatmeal water or cereal.

Remove layer of fat from the back will help and a regime of proper nutrition. This meal should take place every three hours in small portions.

Exercises for the back and sides

During special exercises for the back muscles consume more energy, resulting in burning fat cells. Women who want to get a beautiful back, it is recommended to visit the gym, where the coach will prescribe the appropriate set of exercises. Quickly bring the back and sides in order to help different shells.

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But when the time for the gym, you can do simple exercises at home:

  1. Mixing and dilution of the hands. The exercise is performed with weights, which you can take plastic bottles with sand or water or a dumbbell. Taking the weighting in each hand, you should stand up straight, bring hands to the chest, and then slowly to maximally dissolve in the parties.
  2. Bowing back. During this exercise you need to bend your back as cats do. For this you need to stand on all fours, then pulled forward, arms outstretched, return to the starting position and arch your back arch.
  3. Boat. In the prone position, hands clasped to the castle at the back. Maximum straining your back and simultaneously lifting your legs straight, shoulders and arms should rock back and forth.
  4. Turns to the side. The exercise is aimed at the broad muscles of the back and sides. With your feet shoulder width apart, move the arm and shoulder as before. Then made a shaking movement with which the muscles are stretched.
  5. Mixing and dilution of the blades. This is a simple exercise, when regularly performed, is very effective. Hands clasped to the castle so that the blades are more closed together. The chest should go forward and back to be straight.
  6. Back to the wall. To get back to the original position, you have to try the whole back touching the wall. Then, without lifting from the wall of the buttocks, the torso turns to the right, while the left hand to try to touch the wall on the left side of the body. Returning to the original position, the exercise is repeated in the opposite direction.
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Each exercise should be repeated at least ten times. To do it should be systematically and better every day. A lot of the time they will not take, but the first results can be seen after a few weeks.

Exercises with sports equipment

Faster and more efficient result weight loss can be achieved by doing exercises with various sports equipment.

Hula hooping

Remove fat from the back and sides will help you exercise with the usual Hoop or hula Hoop, which has a weighting. Twist it in any free time while listening to music or watching a favorite show. To fat is left evenly, twist the Hoop, you need the same amount of time on both the right and left side.


Exercises with more elastic, springy ball puts a load on most muscle groups, enhance flexibility and correct posture. There are special exercises for the back:

  1. Lying on his stomach, legs need to lean into the corner between floor and wall. Hands folded in front of chest, you need to keep the balance, and put your elbows on the ball. Straining the gluteal muscles and the press, to pull the coccyx forward. To lock the position. To break away from the ball to the top of the hull straight while the legs and back. Dissolve in hand and lower the blade. Holding in this position the body within a few minutes, return to the starting position.
  2. Lying on stomach with straight legs, the hands should cross at the nape. Toes should rest on the floor. The body should be slightly tilted down. From the initial position of the upper torso is raised so that the whole body was a walking down a straight line. Hold the position for a few seconds, you can return to the starting position. If the exercise is easy, it is recommended to perform with the weights.
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Pulling up is a unique exercise, in which work almost all the muscles. Some people think such exercises are rather hard, and afraid to do them. But this is not so. Correctly gripping the bar is the perfect place to learn to catch up, to pump up muscles and to remove the folds of fat.

Not to pump up the biceps, the bar need to bow, with palms outward. The easiest is running a negative pull-up. For this you need to stand on the stand on the level of the final breakthrough. Taking a shot with his hands, the body slowly drop down.

Changing a sedentary lifestyle to active, starting to eat right and doing exercises regularly, you’ll be surprised how quickly the back will start to get rid of fat. In addition, you will have beautiful posture, grace and femininity.