Reviews about girlsgogames cocktail for weight loss with yogurt, ginger, cinnamon and red pepper

It is no secret that the use of mixtures of certain food leads to weight loss. This is evidenced by the testimonials of people who have studied a variety of diets. Constantly drinking the smoothie, which includes yogurt, cinnamon, ginger, and red pepper, you can achieve amazing results. This method of weight loss will lead to a form even the worst figure. Whether this tool is capable of this? How it correctly to make?

The benefits of yogurt

First and foremost, like yogurt that has low calories. It includes a set of useful microorganisms: yeast, Bacillus, bacteria, Streptococcus. It has the ability to establish the bowels, restoring its normal microflora. Also, yogurt boosts immunity, relieves the person from chronic fatigue. It is helpful to drink at night those who have trouble sleeping. But if a person sleeps only 4 hours a day, constantly in stressful situations, then the yogurt, he is unlikely to escape. And so, in General, the yogurt contributes during meals.

The benefits of cinnamon

In ancient times cinnamon was considered a rare spice. It could afford only wealthy people. Today we are much more fortunate. Along with this, the people learned to make fakes. Buying cinnamon in a store, you must carefully examine its composition. Some manufacturers as give cinnamon seeds cinnamon-tree or cinnamon extract. Real cinnamon is the bark of a tree. It can be in two forms: ground or wrapped tube. If you buy cinnamon, rolled into a tube, you can be sure that counterfeiting it is definitely not. Such a product always has high quality.

Good taste and pleasant aroma has Ceylon cinnamon. But there is no arguing, everyone chooses what he likes. For diet based on yogurt, you can use any.

Cinnamon – a spice that helps cure a number of different diseases. But how it helps to reduce weight? Its main feature is that it cleans the digestive tract. The human stomach can get parasites, and different kinds of fungi, because of which the digestive system slows down. Based on this approval, yogurt with cinnamon is used as a product that has the ability to cleanse the body from all the excess. Along with this special cocktail, of course, establishes the intestines.

Cinnamon has another interesting ability. It consists in lowering the level of blood sugar. This is very important. Excessive blood sugar leads to the fact that the body begins to actively produce insulin. This substance promotes the accumulation of fat. Also it prevents the breakdown of those that already exist in the body.

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Periodic use of cinnamon can improve blood circulation, which increases the rate of oxygen supply to all organs in the human body. It positively affects the appearance and structure of the skin. The skin becomes more elastic and cellulite disappear.

Cinnamon – a spice, which dampens appetite. Very often we overeat when nervous or in other cases. If you wear a fragrant pouch, soon you notice that not so much attracted to the food. The person begins to eat less, thereby slimming.

The benefits of ginger

The third component, which is used in diet – ginger. Will satisfy lovers of Oriental spices. Included in many recipes kefir diets and can cure a lot of ailments. When you eliminate excess weight is also used to cope with their task successfully. The product cleanses the body, builds the processes of exchange.

Diet, which includes yogurt, cinnamon and ginger can be very effective if these products are to use wisely. Everyone plays a role, but this does not prevent them to complement each other.

All lovers of thrills recommended as a 4 ingredient to use red pepper. It can be used to speed up the metabolism. Ginger and cinnamon can use almost everyone, but the pepper will be restricted. Judging by the reviews, weight loss with fat-burning cocktail possible.

Hi all! Tried to add the cocktail red pepper. Overdid the dose. So be careful.


Contraindications to kefir diet with spices

Losing weight can be a difficult period in the life of a person who has health problems.


  1. Weight loss eating yogurt, is contraindicated for people suffering from epilepsy.
  2. The presence of gastritis.


  1. Cinnamon should not be consumed by pregnant women.
  2. If there is internal bleeding, irrespective of the kind of occurrence.


  • the presence of stones in the gallbladder;
  • the use of anesthesia;
  • the use of drugs that thin the blood.

Red pepper

  • the presence of inflammatory processes in the kidneys or bladder;
  • diseases of the digestive tract in a state of exacerbation;
  • ulcer of the duodenum.

What does it mean? Contraindications to use during weight loss related to very large doses of these products. For example, consider a pregnant woman. She can afford to eat a cinnamon bun. But to make it as a spice in a cocktail is strictly impossible. You need to keep track of how much to use spices.

If there are no contraindications, the person has all the chances to lose weight, drinking only cooked fat burning drink.

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What could be the results diet

Per month, you can easily lose weight 57 kg. Many reviews confirm this. Many satisfied women already have time to try the effect of the cocktail itself. There is no need to completely change your eating habits. The only condition is to drink for the night kefir cocktail with ginger and other spices. After 6pm to drink kefir. In the morning it is better to refrain from large amounts of cookies and other sweets.

Of course, harmful to figure products it is better to eat in the morning. They are well absorbed without harm to the body. But you should know that double portion dishes – a double portion of calories. By themselves they will not disappear. The sweets that you eat in the morning will take a little less of a hassle than eaten in the evening.

To lose weight on yogurt two ways:

  1. For intensive weight loss it is better to reconsider your diet.
  2. Considerably bring the figure to perfection if you combine weight loss yogurt with regular exercise.

If yogurt is the basis of your diet, then there is no need to worry. But if you choose one of these techniques, a good look at it. Browse through the reviews of people who already tried it.

It really works!!! I managed to lose almost 6 kg over the last month and this despite the fact that I practically did nothing.


Scheme of proper nutrition and the cocktail recipe

The main role the cocktail plays kefir and cinnamon. 1 Cup enough to take a teaspoon of the spice. A good stir and allow cook for 30 minutes. Then add a pinch of ginger and red pepper.

As mentioned above, these ingredients play an important role in losing weight, therefore, strictly follow the dosage.

This cocktail is perfect for people who like to arrange fasting days. What if you would not, I decided to start losing weight, the better this drink to replace dinner. Breakfast and lunch don’t touch just slightly adjust their diet.

Girls leave reviews after completed the course of weight loss, and they suggest to drink half an hour before eating or an hour afterwards.

But no you can adjust the recipe of the cocktail. As an additional ingredient in many use honey. A fat burning cocktail adopts a new shade of taste. Pour enough warm spices with yogurt and let marinate. Then add a teaspoon of honey, stir and drink.

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Tried adding yogurt and even honey. The result is class! And the taste became much more interesting.


Be careful with the ginger. He has the ability to excite the appetite, moreover in a certain race acts as a laxative.

General guidelines to losing weight

Diet based on yogurt, red pepper, ginger and cinnamon and has mixed reviews. As practice shows, the negativity associated with what many consider the cocktail as a fast fat burner. Don’t assume that only you will drink the cocktail and immediately become slim, weight loss takes time.

The products have the ability to normalize metabolism, but not for one drunk a glass. You can’t help cocktail, if you enjoy fatty foods fast food, alcohol and eat per day 2 kg of sweet cookies. Rebuilt at once is not only difficult, but also harmful. Everything should be done gradually. An excellent start can be considered a separate food.

Another important factor during weight loss is considered emotional. Do not rush to seize boredom flour products and always to be in a bad mood, find a reason to rejoice. Try something to do, find a hobby. You can affect hormone levels, without knowing it. Often, enjoy your life and then you’ll be happy. And a happy person always all is well.