Reviews of the wheat bran, the benefits and harms of the product, how to take

Probably many have heard about the unique properties of wheat bran. They contain many useful substances: vitamins, fibers, minerals. Bran is the hard shell from buckwheat, rice, wheat and other noble cultures. In this article we will talk about what is wheat bran in what they use, do they bring harm to how to use this product for weight loss.

The main components of the product

With the help of insoluble fiber that contain wheat bran, multiply the beneficial bacteria. They improve the functioning of the intestine and prevent the development of dysbiosis. Its meaning is that this product is not digested, but perfectly removes toxins from the body without allowing it to become clogged. Due to the fact that bran swell, saturation comes faster, and quite a small amount of product. In such foods contains many useful vitamins, macro and microelements, amino acids, fiber and coarse fiber.

Useful properties

When invented, the grain is cleaned from coarse shell and have only cleaned the product at that time bran was considered a unnecessary waste. Now it is proved that they have special qualities that benefit people. Consider their main useful properties.

  1. The fight against deficiencies. At insufficient saturation of the organism with vitamins comes a state of hypovitaminosis. This process can occur both because of poor nutrition and the stress, pregnancy, Smoking. Hair, nails, skin lose, because they do not have enough vitamins. Thus, one of the benefits of this product is saturate the body with trace minerals that are necessary for proper metabolism.
  2. Getting rid of excess weight. Due to the fiber content there is a rapid saturation, and the feeling of hunger disappears. This property helps with excess weight. In order to lose weight you need at night instead of sandwiches to consume a Cup of yogurt with bran. This product is considered a dietary product and its use leads to excessive weight reduction.
  3. The restoration of the intestinal microflora. Another feature that is peculiar to the bran content is a large number of plant fibers. The food swells in the intestine and creates volume, due to which the bowel is more active and when the proper functioning of the beneficial bacteria populate faster. The growth of the bacterium leads to the restoration of microflora and relieves people from constipation.
  4. Reduction of cholesterol levels. In this diet products contain nutrients that lower cholesterol, and beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. The value of bran is the fight against cholesterol.
  5. Help with diabetes. Bran have a rough structure, so they are difficult to digest and assimilate, this is easier to control surges of sugar and insulin. Diabetes need to diet included a larger amount of roughage, so you should use this product.
  6. Use for allergies. Eating bran helps to cleanse the body of toxins, and they as we know, cause allergies and rashes on the skin. If the food to take the product with a high content of dietary fiber, the manifestation of allergic reactions is much reduced. Allergy doctors prescribe sorbents that remove not only the harmful substances from the body, but also useful. Bran did not have any side effects on a small application dates. Pharmacy drugs can also cause constipation, and this product is the salvation from the problems in the bowel. Even recommended for children after three years to add bran to foods that benefit.
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The dangers of the product

  1. The excretion of nutrients. All products must be consumed in certain quantities and not to overeat, and bran ,should be eaten in limited quantities. A large number of product leads to rapid removal of food, in this case, nutrients can not manage to digest. Therefore, there will be cramps, bloating and heaviness in the stomach.
  2. The use of after heat treatment. Harm can also bring about improper cooking. Take bran, which have not passed thermal processing of food is impossible. They should therefore only be purchased in the store or in the pharmacy, and the market is not worth taking.
  3. Dietary product has the same cleaning properties as activated carbon. Therefore, you should know that if medication is necessary to exclude bran from the meal. If used together with prescription drugs, the drugs will act weaker and do not show the desired result. Thus, it is possible to harm in the treatment of their health.
  4. A long use of the product leads to indigestion. Therefore, you should take him no more than ten days. Then take a break for about a week and again start taking.
  5. Harm can also be inflicted on the people, who suffer gastric ulcer, acute form of gastritis and exacerbation of colitis. But not in the acute stages of the disease, their use is very useful.

Product for weight loss

Before buying bran at the store or pharmacy, notice what is written on the package. There are varieties of product:

  • granular;
  • undergoing more testing (heat treatment);
  • ground.

It is better to choose powdered bran as they do not add salt, sugar and flavoring. Benefit from the product with various additives is lower.

Breakfast should be consumed wheat bran. Due to the nutritional and satiety enough until lunch. And most importantly, the calories in this Breakfast are minimal. The main feature of wheat bran in the fact that their structure is more delicate in relation to other types of this product. Trubnoy diet should start with wheat varieties.

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The main property of bran for weight loss is that they pick up moisture and swell, thus creating volume in the stomach. Thus, the satiety comes faster and overeating out of the way.

In the use of this product does not have to follow a strict diet and count calories. The body itself begins to understand that he is satisfied, and the caloric value is quite small. As a result, the consumption of extra food isn’t going to chase and the constant thoughts about hunger will disappear.

The application should be implemented gradually. First, you must start with one teaspoon before any eating food, drinking at least one glass of water. By next week you must already have the diet product before each eating. By the end of the month it is advisable to move gradually to a tablespoon, you will need to make sure that the amount of bran was no more than 30 grams a day. No granular otruby, should hold for 25-30 minutes in boiling water before use, and the pellets simply pour the yogurt or add to cereal or soup.

This product acts as a cure for weight loss, so take it on track, then take a break. The duration of intake of wheat bran should be about 2 weeks. Next, we need to pause, but not stop taking fiber in food. Dietary product should be replaced by fresh vegetables.

Useful tips

  1. With constipation should add bran to each meal or take one tablespoon before meals. In order to use them you need to drink more water than usual.
  2. To retain its nutrients and not lost, it must be stored in a dry place.
  3. When purchasing, pay attention to tight packaging to buy bran in bulk is not worth it.
  4. By itself, the product must not have taste and smell. Bran with a noticeable flavor should not be taken.
  5. The product should be added to food, not eat it dry. Getting into the stomach with food, bran help to properly digest all the vitamins and minerals. Don’t forget before use, soak the bran, drain the water, and the obtained mixture, add to the dish.
  6. Doctors recommend the use of bran cereal in the morning. Tasty and healthy dish add strength for the whole day. Even bran, you can add to baked goods, thus, the resulting product will be filled with good.
  7. Compared with supplements that have unknown nature and origin, wheat bran are useful and easy additive for food. These should be taken gradually and start with one teaspoon.
  8. Not worth it to replace Breakfast bran, because it can lead to digestive disorders. All products should be consumed in a certain amount, and if you overdo it, it can lead to allergies or metabolic process.
  9. Bran is a useful product. But their application should be strictly according to instructions and do not exceed 30 grams a day. Therefore, everything must be treated reasonably.
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Consumer reviews

Not so long ago decided to lose weight. To throw excess pounds a diet. A friend recommended to include in your diet bran from wheat. A day eat at least 3 x tablespoons of product. It is very nutritious, so hunger takes place immediately after administration.


Because of diabetes began to rapidly gain weight. The doctor advised exercise and corrective diet. After beginning to eat the bran, the problems with weight do not feel. Yes, and I felt much better.


Decided to leave feedback, as initially was skeptical about this product. But recently read in the Internet one interesting article about the benefits of bran and decided to experience for yourself. The result is great — for a month balanced diet my weight dropped to 6 kg.