Reviews on the use of resistant slimming cupping massage belly

An effective way to reduce the appearance of cellulite and to cope with fat in the abdomen and thighs is massage cupping. The method for a long time been used in medicine not only in the correction of the body, but also as a distraction tool in the treatment of colds. In cosmetics, the procedure has found application due to the high rate of excellent results.

The principle effects on the body

Inside the banks at the time of use, is a region of rarefied air close to the vacuum. Thanks to the rare atmosphere, the deep layers of fat are set in motion. Frozen and tired cells receive extra oxygen and nutrients, as the thin atmosphere increases blood flow and stimulates the activation of further disintegration of fat cells in the subcutaneous layer. Cupping massage of the abdomen is performed with the use of massage oils, nourishing anti-cellulite creams, special products to give the active ingredients in the subcutaneous space due to accelerated blood flow, and promote speedy result.

Massage the abdomen with cans used at home, is a simple procedure, which should nevertheless be taught. Because cellulite is divided into four stage of development, in order to avoid in the latter stages for surgical intervention, cupping massage is performed at the first signs of deterioration of the skin. If you start a series of treatments in the initial stage, the first improvements are visible after 10-12 days. The first attempt to do it yourself vacuum effect on problematic skin can be very successful. But with subsequent procedures will appear missing experience and treatment at home will give amazing result.

The principle of action of the cans on the human body has not changed since then, as was used for the treatment of bronchitis and pneumonia. But it was successfully taken up by specialists in cosmetic salons for effective use in correction of the appearance of the body in different areas. For quite a long time in the spas there is no such effective method, as the cupping massage of the abdomen.

The results of a comprehensive impact

The influence of vacuum on the skin is manifested in the following positive changes:

  • softens and breaks down fatty lumps skin;
  • increases blood flow to the cells;
  • in the field of cupping massage accelerates metabolic processes and increases the flow of lymph and interstitial fluid;
  • saturates the cells with oxygen;
  • the skin becomes elastic, supple, decrease the appearance of cellulite;
  • due to the collapse of the layer of fat under the skin reduces the amount of belly and thighs, there is a weight loss.

Who demonstrates the use of cupping massage?

Indications for the use of the method are:

  • saggy and loose skin in the abdomen and thighs;
  • excessive fat deposits and «orange peel» on the surface of the skin;
  • stretch marks after pregnancy or sports activities with increasing, and then falling muscle mass.

We do not recommend using the vacuum method?

Sometimes it happens that the human figure has a number of disorders of the skin or deposits of fat, but it is not recommended to use slimming cupping massage, contradict this condition:

  • some gynecological diseases unable to progress due to the active influence cans, to resolve this issue go to the doctor;
  • if the person has the disease the blood;
  • tumors malignant and benign in nature;
  • diseases of the internal organs of the peritoneum;
  • diseases of the skin in the abdomen and thighs;
  • skin pigmentation and protruding moles;
  • the period of gestation of the child;
  • increased sensitivity to the patient’s pain (low pain threshold);
  • chronic hypertension or high blood pressure during the massage;
  • diseases of the respiratory system (asthma, etc.), acute infectious condition;
  • varicose manifestations in the affected area.
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Not recommended for massage:

  • on inner thighs, bikini area, Breasts and spine on the back;
  • while a strong sense of hunger;
  • after a meal two hours earlier.

Rules of conduct cupping massage

Where to start?

Experts recommend before the session to warm up the body in a warm shower. Well increase muscle tone and heat the body exercise. After that continue massaging the problem areas, which will be applied to the vacuum effect. To increase the efficiency use scrubs for the skin, they are applied, massaged in for 2-3 minutes and wash off with water. The skin dried with a towel or tissue preparation process is completed.

Massage technique

After warming up on the stomach cause one of massage oils and apply banks. Silicone and rubber options cans to install squeeze in the hand and is lowered onto the surface of the skin, tightly clutching the edge, then release the pressure. The thin air sucks the skin into the cavity of the banks, you need to gain experience and to put the banks so that the height of the drawn layers do not exceed 1.5 cm.

To install the glass jars used another technology, the creation of a sparse region inside the banks is obtained by combustion of oxygen. A cotton swab on a stick is ignited and quickly inserted and removed from the jar, a glass container is pressed against the surface of the body, to fall she keeps formed inside the vacuum.

Body massage is done in circular motions on the belly, moving them in a clockwise direction only. For practices best suited outer surface of the femur, as there are no lymph nodes and varicose veins. Npracticalhours there, you can go to the abdomen.

Banks should move so that they didn’t fall off. Technique movement work out so that the pressure on the Bank to make down (to the body) and sideways. If you try to push sideways and up (from the body), the product likely will not survive on the surface. The presence of oil allows you to safely move banks and to make a massage.

If it feels strong pain, the jar is removed and put again, trying to reduce the thickness of the involved layers. But effective massage is done with tight fit, a small layer thickness allows strong correction of the body. After the procedure lie in bed and hide a warm blanket for half an hour.

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Details that you should pay attention

You can’t do the first procedure in full force, you should look at the consequences that will occur the next day. To do massage every day, if feeling normal or in a day. If cellulite is not too strong and fat is negligible, it is sufficient to apply every three to five days.

Making a reciprocating movement, should not stay, duration of massage from 10 to 40 minutes. Much red skin suggests that it is time to stop the procedure. If after a massage appeared bruises, it’s not very scary, they will pass in 2-3 days and will not leave a trace.

Varieties of jars for vacuum massage

Banks of glass

This kind of cans is now almost not used, their use was justified by the fact that the vacuum quickly gained popularity, but to buy these professional products was difficult. So I used the old fashioned method. Because of technology the use of open flames in the installation process in the home is risky to burn.

Modern glass products the use of open flame is not provided, the sparse inside is created with a rubber nozzle, a pressure which regulates the pressure. The average cost of a glass jar is 230 rubles, a set of four pieces of different diameters are available at a price of 850 rubles.

Glassware is easy to clean and does not absorb any active massage of the substance, but some patients don’t like them because of the apparent fragility and risk of injury.

Banks rubber

Rubber banks easy to use (them before use dipped in hot water for elasticity) and are common in many homes. The disadvantage of such products serve that massage, some active substances are so strongly absorbed in the material and wash it to its original condition is difficult. Germs are willing to settle in the remains of the cream.

The average cost of a set of 4 pieces is about 250 rubles. The advantage of the use of rubber for massage is that the product is safe for all areas of the body. The diameter of the cans, offer to sell, from 22 to 65 mm.

Silicone jars

After their appearance, almost all experts massage parlors have moved to the use of silicone massage. This is the best option not only for salon treatment and for home use. The products are completely absent in all the disadvantages of rubber and glass fixtures. Silicone does not absorb the remnants of creams, easy to clean, hygienic, cheap and practical in application. They are sold in pairs (price 170 rubles) or sets of 4 pieces (price 600 rubles).

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Vacuum banks, equipped with a pump

The air from these products is removed by a pump that creates negative pressure. Material is a medical form of plastic. The kit includes 6 to 24 pieces. A small set costs 900 rubles, the largest – 2200 rubles. The positive aspects use is the ability to control the stocking density, the products do not fall off during the massage. The disadvantages include the risk of injury due to the strong suction.

Of the cans with magnetic inserts

The set of such products include magnets, is installed inside the cans. Emerging magnetic field produces the effect of acupuncture, such as needle exposure, in the subcutaneous layers of fat. Magnetic removable add-on released and built. Sell in sets of 6 pieces costs 650 rubles (with the nozzles and magnets), set of 12 pieces estimated at 1 thousand 300 rubles.

Kind of cans — cups with built-in valve

The valve is a valve that helps to change the degree of sparsity of the atmosphere inside the cavity. In banks such inserted magnetic head integrated action of vacuum and pressure influences. Set of 3 pieces worth 1,500 rubles.

Review: I really enjoy massages with banks at home, on my advice a few friends is also addicted to such procedures. Skin after a series of massages becomes elastic, fade stretch marks. To maintain this status, I will do massage several times a week, it’s easy, if you feel the effect of the application.

Sarcevic, Anna, Volgograd

Opinion: I want to say that to get effect you should use different diameter cans for different parts of the body. For example, the thighs and belly to massage medium banks, and for the back to take the diameter up to 8 cm For the neck and face to use special jars with scalloped edges that have size 2– 4 cm

Svetlana Simonenko

Review: I Tried to do massage on the abdomen for weight loss, it was very painful, the next morning the whole surface is covered in bruises, I am unhappy with the effect. When told the friend that will always do the cupping massage, she pointed me to a lot of wrong actions on my part. I think to try again and to consider the drawbacks.

Ivanna, the town of Gus-Crystal