Rice diet for weight loss: principles of the rice diet to cleanse the body of toxins, recipes, reviews

Rice diet long been able to confirm its effectiveness in weight loss and detoxification. Many in it love the fact that it is very simple and does not provide psychological stress on the body. These little seeds have many beneficial properties. But, more importantly, they can be used to withdraw fluid, and, hence, the salt and toxins that are contained in it.

All this makes rice an excellent product for carrying out the detox procedure. Well established rice as a means for weight loss. This is confirmed by American doctors that patients who treat the problem of obesity and want to lose weight, they recommend to go on a diet of rice and white sugar.

What are the properties of rice

The popularity of rice is largely due to the medicinal properties possessed by the herb cultivated by man since ancient times. Rice is a highly digestible product that shows people, even with allergic reactions.

With regular use it has wide ranging positive effects on the body: helps to restore the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, cleanses the intestines and blood, and also promotes weight loss and just is a great dish with pleasant taste.

Rice has many useful properties, but more importantly is its ability to bind and remove excess salt from the fluids and tissues of the body, allowing you to experience a saturation even after a small portion of boiled rice. Because of this feature, the experts recommend the rice diet and people who suffer from deposition of salts.

Characteristic symptom of this disease is the formation of urate crystals in the joint and osteophytes and cartilaginous excrescences. But rice diet in any case should not be considered as a viable alternative to traditional treatment.

But to underestimate it is not worth it, because it will help prevent further occurrence of unpleasant symptoms, and improve overall condition. This low-calorie product that helps to remove effects caused by excessive consumption of meat products that cause the breakdown of proteins.

You can bring the maximum benefit to your body by going on the rice diet, if you use instead of cleaned white rice, which contains no useful properties, unpolished yellow-brown. The composition of this rice contains substances such as:

  • potassium;
  • lecithin;
  • folic acid;
  • phytin.

Dishes this rice has a pleasant flavor that’s slightly nutty. However, diet is to prepare this rice will have a bit longer. You need to consider that it has a rough taste instead of the usual refined. It is affected by the availability of useful natural fibers in its composition.

But to include in the menu at least every other day this popular cereal is not only people who are prone to diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system. To clean rice is useful to improve the overall skin condition and when signs of edema. Start to eat meals of rice costs to those people who are preparing to transition to the diet to at home to get rid of excess weight.

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Rules rice diet

The effectiveness of the rice diet is not in doubt, however, to achieve the desired effect it is necessary to observe some rules:

  1. To start the day with Breakfast is a must and therefore make it a rule every morning to prepare a portion of Fig.
  2. Drinking water must separate from the rice. You need to give time to digest. You can drink the water half an hour before a meal or 1 hour after it.
  3. The transition to a rice diet requires providing the body with plenty of fluids because this herb exerts a holding action. On the day you should drink 1.5 liters of clean water without gas.
  4. The best effect of rice salt-free diet, so try to cook rice without using salt.
  5. You will have to eliminate from the diet of salty and spicy sauces are industrial and home made. Seasoning dishes of rice are only allowed vegetable oil.
  6. Perfectly combined with rice products such as couscous, pumpkin, apples and raisins. In their composition contains a lot of potassium, which helps to bind and remove salt.

Weight loss and healing with rice

Fermented rice Breakfast. The positive effects of such diet is manifested in the elimination of symptoms, improvement of health and weight loss.

Maybe someone will seem a strange way of cooking this dish, but makes it possible to explore all useful substances contained in the shell of the grain. As a result, the effect of the diet will be more noticeable.

For Breakfast you will need 1 kg of cereals, which need to soak in water and wash throughout the week, once a day for 20 minutes under running water. Then you need to wait until all the water has drained, the rice is put in a ventilated dish and placed in a cool place.

In this state, the rice is almost ready to drink: but first you have to pour cereal with hot water and let it steep for 15 minutes. In this way it is prepared every day.

Rice diet for 7 days

In this diet Breakfast starts with two tablespoons of boiled or soaked rice, then make a break for 2 hours, after which you can drink water or Apple juice. Until your next meal should be at least 4 hours.

Lunch may include traditional meals, but they must be prepared in accordance with the principles of healthy eating. Special attention should be paid to portion size, which should be small.

As dinner cooked boiled or soaked rice in the amount of 2 tablespoons. This diet allowed to drink for several hours before bedtime Cup of low-fat yogurt. The duration of this diet is 7 days.

Rice diet for 3 days

Going on this diet, you can quite quickly begin to drop excess weight, but too long to sit on it is not recommended, as all mono cause depletion of the body. If the body is brought to such a state that it lacks nutrients, it begins to take energy from the accumulated fat and muscle tissue.

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This weight loss system involves the following: for 3 days you need to cook 400 grams of brown rice in plenty of water. This portion should last you for 5 meals. In the intervals between them should drink plain water without gas at least 2 litres a day and green tea without additives.

Often known nutritionists so amazed at the healing effects of rice that include it in more complex diets. But in this case it is necessary to choose the right combination of foods to the effect of the diet was the highest.

American diet with rice

The author of this rice diet is an employee of Duke University (NC, USA) Walter Kempner. When he suggested this technique, it completely changed the way weight loss and therefore is still in demand.

In fact we are talking about nutrition, which you can follow without time constraints. Moreover, the positive effect of this diet is not limited only to weight loss, it helps to normalize blood pressure, and kidney function.

Subsequently, theoretical calculations were used Kempner University Duke University for its improvement. But in 2002 its representatives have decided to abandon the ideas of American rice diet.

The principles that were the basis for American rice diets were as follows:

  • The main dish, which must be present every day in the diet — boiled rice (250– 350 grams) milk, salt and other additives.
  • Daily caloric content should be 2000-2400 calories.
  • The menu should not be juices, fruit, tomatoes and avocado.
  • In the list of allowed foods include dried fruits, cooked without sugar, and legumes.
  • At high degrees of obesity, blood pressure and kidneys allowed to drink up to 6 glasses of water a day.
  • In the event of prolonged absence of recurrences are allowed to include in the diet vegetable dishes, potatoes and low-fat foods containing animal protein.
  • Taking a multivitamin is shown.
  • During rehabilitation with the help of this diet be sure to consult with a therapist.

Reviews about losing weight on the rice diet

For a long time I tried different methods of weight loss, but they did not help. And then one day I met rice diet «5 volumes». I was surprised the recipe of the diet, but I believe the promises of the Internet source where it was stated that it is sufficient to take a course with a duration of 14 days and you can get rid of 5 kg of excess weight.

The rice was not the only product of this diet in addition present useful meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, even adhering to all guidelines, are unable to remove the specified weight, however, 4 pounds I managed to lose weight. Therefore, this diet deserves to use it for weight loss.

Xenia. Moscow

Rice diet caught my eye when I was leafing through a magazine. I too believed the warnings that were listed in the description of this methodology. Given that its duration is only 3 days, I thought I would be easy task. But unfortunately, I have not calculated their strength. During this period I experienced a severe famine and barely restrained. But the result I more than satisfied — I was able to burn 3 kg.

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Six months after this experiment, I learned about the existence of other variants of rice diets, which do not provide such rigid restrictions. And I don’t miss the opportunity to try one of them. As a result, I managed to lose weight 3 kg for 7 days. So I made a conclusion: the best diet a week and not to expose your body to severe restrictions than to try to lose weight in 3 days causing the body to experience serious stress.

Zinaida. Kazan

Diet interested me for a long time, so when I learned about the rice diet for weight loss, immediately decided to try it. To this I bowed the positive feedback and the results of its use. So I stocked up on brown rice and start to lose weight.

For me it was quite simple and I was able to survive without special disorders full course. As a result, it after I was able to lose weight in 14 days 2 kg. Think this is a good result.

Diana. Volgograd

At the rice diet today has a lot of fans, and this is not surprising, because even the doctors recommend for patients in many diseases to include in your diet this cereal. Rice dishes not only promote weight loss, but in General, heals the body.

Therefore, each person is useful to periodically arrange fasting days with rice dishes. However, it should be brown rice because its grains contain valuable shell, rich in minerals and vitamins.

You also need to consider that long to sit on a rice diet is not recommended because over time the body begins to experience a deficiency of other necessary for the normal functioning of the elements. And this is leads the body into condition, when he begins to spend valuable muscle tissue.