Rules drying the body: what it is and how to do it, recommendations for the body

The task of creating a relief of muscles is not as simple as it may seem to beginners. It needs not only to draw up a training program, but also to assess your diet. You must clearly represent yourself, what exercises will be done in aerobics and athletic training.

When you use drying the body for weight loss, you will have to pay special attention to number of calories. If the food will contain enough nutritional nutrients, you will not so will soon achieve the desired result. Besides, can manifest a negative effect, when, instead of losing weight, your weight will start to increase.

Among athletes it is widely believed that women and men must follow the same training program and diet during the period of «drying». However, this opinion is totally wrong. In preparing the programme of activities for girls exercises aerobics should be as small as possible, but in men the opposite.

Athletic training, the women can hold the same pattern as men. But they will have to pick up some nutritional regime.

Diet for women in the drying period

Many women dream that their muscles have acquired the effect of the bump. With this purpose, they are beginning to use fat burners and try to eat less high-calorie foods. Such measures ultimately allow you to achieve the desired result, the muscles acquire a relief appearance, but it is accompanied by another negative point — they decrease in volume. This can be explained by the fact that due to lack of nutrients the body begins to consume muscle tissue.

But to create the effect of the bump and maintain muscle mass without special drugs for burning fat and reducing daily dose of nutrition. All you need to do is to revise your diet in which you want to change the proportions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Many people think that it is because of eating large quantities of carbohydrates and there is the problem of obesity. In many cases, exactly what happens. But this does not apply to complex carbohydrates, because if you consume them in small amounts, this negative effect will not manifest. It is important to calculate the number of complex and simple carbohydrates during drying, which in any case should be less than protein.

Calorie and ratio of nutrients

The girls average weight 50-55 kg need to consume at least 100 grams of protein. In turn, if the weight of women varies from the ideal in a big way, you need to increase the amount of protein intake. Therefore, if we are talking about the girl weight of 65 kg, the day she needs to get from food at least 160 grams of protein. Of this amount, 2/3 should be spent on protein powder and animal food.

Of fatty food will not hurt if you eat it rarely and in small quantities. Also it is allowed and in the period of the training, just need to ensure that it did not exceed the permissible norm.

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During the period of training the girl, which aims to make the relief of your muscles need a day to consume fat in the amount of 10% of the diet. All the rest of the amount, namely 60% should come from proteins. Carbohydrates should be less protein, and their share should not exceed 25-30%.

The main rule of the drying programme, which must respect all the girls — the body should receive 35-40 kcal per 1 kg of weight. It’s necessary to eat a short period of time. All meals should be 5-6, and the portion sizes should be small. With each meal the body must receive no more than 40 grams of protein. Rare meals bring serious harm to the body, and this means that will slow down the metabolism and appear obesity.

In the framework of the program of drying of the body for weight loss to arrange the snacks even before going to sleep. But you need to ensure that the portion sizes were small and the food itself is low in calories. After dinner, it is advisable to drink a protein shake or eat cottage cheese. This food has a high level of digestibility and a positive effect on the level of metabolism, providing the body with necessary components.

To limit the consumption of carbohydrates for weight loss must gradually. During the first week of the programme of drying the body you want to reduce the amount of carbohydrates to 40% per day. In the second week, their share was adjusted to 35%. And the third week you can reduce it to the already recommended norms.

When the relief cycle is completed, also need to gradually return to normal diet. Otherwise, you not only save the achieved weight, but also harm the gastrointestinal tract.

Some tips on nutrition

Today, many girls who want to look slim, rarely used fitness equipment and exercise programs. They prefer the less time consuming methods of weight loss that is diet. But the drying of the body in this respect differs because, in addition to diet, you want to perform a specific set of exercises which should involve as many muscles of the body.

Pay attention to the preservation of muscle mass, otherwise your body will start to eat it before you reach the adipose tissue.

Proper use of the drying programme body slimming involves the gradual replacement of dietary carbohydrate with protein, which does not involve strict restrictions.

For best effect it is recommended to use the following products in the preparation of individual menu:

  • Base. This includes the group of products that can be consumed during the diet: boiled egg (only protein), chicken breast (boiled, baked or steamed, boiled squid meat, baked and boiled white fish.
  • Controlled sources of carbohydrates. To maintain diet optimal amount of carbs you will help a special table and a calculator, and recipes. In the required amount of these substances contained in such products: porridge made of buckwheat and oat cereals, pasta from rye flour , cucumbers, herbs, etc.
  • Pure water, unsweetened ginger tea.
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Within this diet have to completely eliminate sugar from the diet. In the rest of the menu, it even won’t be saying, but remember this is necessary. So the power supply will include drinks and food without sugar.

Observing a diet for drying the body must be removed from the diet the following foods:

  • Dairy products. Is contraindicated due to the high content of monosaccharide lactose.
  • Quick carbohydrates. We are talking about baked goods, candy, etc.
  • Fat. You need to forget about frying meat and fat.

Accounting reducing the fat layer

Adhering to this diet, you can lose no more than 200 grams of weight. Of course, you can make certain changes in the program of drying of the body and increase the amount of discharged weight. But in this case, you will not receive fat, water and toxins. If dry body is so intense you will start to lose more than 200 grams of weight a day, it can lead to the disruption of the body and deterioration of health.

No matter which diet holds the girl at home, in any type of physique and weight in a week should take no more than 1.5 kg of your weight. If the number is more, you will suffer the muscles will begin to shrink in volume. This is due to the fact that during drying at home the body begins to take nutrients from muscle tissue.

Especially carefully it is necessary to plan an aerobic and strength training, which should be strictly observed. During class aerobics body receives a heavy load. But aerobic training is more soft in the sense that it requires less energy than the power load.

If the «dryer» decided to take a woman with low levels of body fat, then it is desirable to minimize aerobic training. As for athletic training, they must be panimavida. Refers to the fact that muscle is inflated due to the large amount of exercise, performed at a sufficiently low activity.

Sports nutrition

For people who want to lose weight, we offer a wide variety of sports supplements. Their effectiveness is not in doubt, they make it easy to achieve the effect of the bump on any area of the body. These supplements benefit the body because of the content in its composition of amino acids and vitamins that have a positive effect on kidney, liver and gastrointestinal tract.

But to get the maximum benefit from the used of creatine, powders and capsules must follow it.

Well-proven creatine. It is already appreciated by many bodybuilders. So in their diet, you can often find creatine with ribose. But to create the effect of the bump it can apply only to women who want to remove as much fat. Taking this Supplement needs to be combined with increased aerobic workload. During these workouts will consume the reserves of ATP, to fill and that will help creatine. This will help to keep muscle tissue.

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If weight girls more than 8-10 kg perfect figure, and the difference is mainly dependent on muscle mass, then include in the diet creatine is optional. More useful protein and amino acids, which are welcome in the diet. As a Supplement you can take protein powders and BCAA’s (essential amino acids). Especially they should appear in the menu owners of magnificent forms.

Failure to comply with rules of training and the violation of the principles of sports nutrition should not expect to achieve the desired results. Naturally, to achieve a certain effect will happen, but if you follow the recommendations, it will be much better.

Tips for using sports nutrition in the drying period

Special attention should be paid to the training: before and after need to take 5 grams of BCAAs. After an hour after a workout is useful to have a serving of protein shake. For 1.5-2 hours before class is recommended to eat a serving of sports nutrition that contains many natural proteins and a small amount of carbohydrates. In addition, 5 grams of BCAAs can be taken during Breakfast. Before bedtime is useful to eat a serving of low fat cream cheese which can be replaced with casein protein.


Note that not all may be shown by drying the body. It is not recommended to sit on this diet for people who have one of the following symptoms or there are signs of its origin:

  • kidney failure;
  • intestinal and gastric diseases;
  • problems with the liver and pancreas.
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding.


Drying of the body is one of the effective methods, the positive effect which manifests itself not only in losing weight, but to the relief of the body. Given the impressive results that can be achieved with the help of this program, you need to follow exactly all guidelines for use. But one food will not help to achieve the desired result. You also need to know how to dry the body the girl with the help of strength training. It is very important to match them exactly stick. Only then can you count on maximum results.