Rules protein diet for weight loss: types of protein diets, the benefits and harms, the menu for the day and feedback

Protein diet is well-proven, so it is familiar to many fans of healthy eating. The title already it is clear that the main menu is protein foods, which supersedes uglevodosoderzhaschie products. This distinguishes it from a famous diet Kim Protasov allow a any products.

To date, a large number of versions protein diets, among which the greatest popularity was gained Japanese diet, Dukan diet, «drying», etc. based on each of these diets are General principles that have been developed by scientist Robert Atkinson. He is also the author of the popular method of losing weight for several months.

The protein Atkins diet

The main purpose of the protein diet is a quick weight loss. This game was developed by scientist Robert Atkinson. Adhere to many famous personalities — brad pitt, Jennifer aniston, Jerry Halliwell. The basic idea, which is based on this diet is to eat every day, protein foods, mainly meat and fish.

It also allows there are during the day, a small amount of vegetables and fruits, but in any case the proportion of protein is greater than the proportion of carbohydrates. An example of a Breakfast prepared in accordance with the method of weight loss Atkinson, maybe bacon and eggs that you need to eat without sandwiches or cereal.

The effectiveness and simplicity of this method can make sure everyone who wants to lose weight without strict diets. Based on the experience of people who have tried it, over a few weeks you can lose up to 3-8 kg.

The process of losing weight can be described as follows. When the body lacks carbohydrates, it begins the hunger, even though it is in excess gets protein food. And to restore the balance he is looking for hidden reserves of carbohydrates and starts to consume it.

This process is accompanied by active withdrawal of water and as a result the body becomes more toned and slim. After the carbohydrates the body begins to consume proteins present in the muscles, and after them comes the turn of fat.

This diet includes lots of protein in order to offset the cost of protein in the muscles. To some it may seem that it is very simple. However, there are nuances here, and not always only positive. So before you abandon the usual cereals and pasta products and go for fish, meat, should think carefully are you ready for this diet.

The advantages of protein diet and results

What attracts protein diet, which has so many positive reviews, so it is rapid weight loss. The person does not have to feel hungry, as protein food, it receives the required amount of energy.

Moreover, it does not set strict limits on the use of other products. The diet can be to diversify. However, the ban is imposed on the side dishes and desserts, however, withstand this is much easier than one to eat oatmeal or drink all day kefir.

Another important advantage of a protein diet is that after reaching the required weight, it is stored for a long time. However, it is not necessary to conclude that, after the diet, you can go to the store for a cake to celebrate your results. If you continue eating in moderation, will not one month to enjoy made weight.

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Disadvantages protein diet Atkins

Because of the shortcomings possessed by this diet is to provide the unbalanced menu. Once you begin to consume less fat and carbohydrates, you will block your body’s source of replenishment of fat reserves, and with them many of the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

It will definitely affect health: a few days later the nails become brittle, hair fade, the skin will become dry, the face will become unhealthy color, it is possible that fatigue and sleep disturbance.

To try to fix the situation with pills useless. The fact is that a number of vitamins (A, D, E and K) must be ingested with a certain amount of fat, otherwise they will not be correctly processed.

Have a protein diet for 14 days and another disadvantage. Using every day large quantities of protein-rich foods, increasing the load on the kidneys. And increasing the consumed food the kidneys have to work harder and as a result, the body quickly takes the liquid.

Therefore, if you decide to lose weight this way, you can cause serious damage to your health, not achieving a positive result. This can be avoided if you drink every day plenty of fluids, and the best mineral water. But to reduce the load on the kidneys in this way will not work. Also note that during the protein diet, the body requires lots of calcium.

Sit on the protein diet 14 days can only healthy people, but the elderly is contraindicated. This is due to the property of proteins to improve blood coagulation that increases the likelihood of blood clots in the blood vessels. It is not necessary to go on this diet and people who have kidney disease, gastrointestinal disease, gout.

After learning about these contraindications, someone may not immediately decide on this diet. In reality, however, nothing wrong in it, just need to follow exactly the duration and frequency. The authors of the method suggest to spend her not more often than once a year, observing the duration of 14 days.

Menu protein diet

The diet Breakfast. In all variations it provides for the same products. It all starts with the liquid: 10-15 minutes before a meal to drink a glass of room temperature water.

Protein diet allows for Breakfast a Cup of coffee with a small amount of milk of 0.5% fat. Instead of refreshing drink, you can also drink a Cup of tea. To drink was more pleasant to the taste, you can use sweetener or fructose. In addition to the above products may have one low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt is the same calories.

You may in the first three days of the same cheese won’t be enough. In this case you are allowed to increase the number to two. But each time try to eat less from second cheese. So, you can train yourself to use a smaller amount of food, and in the end you will miss one of the cottage cheese.

Usually after Breakfast, it takes a little time as the person again feels the hunger. In this case you are allowed to drink a glass or two of green tea with mint. 3 hours later after Breakfast, you can eat an Apple or other fruit. 2 hours after it can be ready for dinner.

The lunch menu

Here, as in the case of Breakfast, you need to prepare the body to receive food and drink in 10 minutes for a glass of water at room temperature. As lunch you can choose from the following options menu:

  1. Ear in the amount of 2 medium ladle with two slices of black or coarse bread. It is possible to apply vegetable salad and tomatoes, a Cup of tea with three dried fruits and citrus, better Mandarin.
  2. A small portion of the steam fish which can be grilled without oil. You can submit any version of the side dish from above.
  3. A small portion of grilled or in the oven beef without salt or butter — 100 g as a side dish you can serve two handfuls of cooked wild rice and salad of lettuce and cucumbers. Season the rice with soy sauce.
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To improve the taste of your salad by adding one tablespoon of olive oil and lemon juice. Forget about the salt. Of spices is permitted only pepper. Try at least to do without potatoes. 2 hours after lunch, you can have a snack of a Apple or eat a small portion of vegetable salad.

After this meal you can slowly drink a glass of fat-free yogurt 1%. If after this meal you will feel hunger, then you can additionally drink a glass of green tea with mint.

Diet dinner

Traditionally first, you need to drink a glass of room temperature water. Apply for one of the following options:

  • Mixed salad made of squid rings of preserves, chopped eggs and 2 tablespoons corn. As a dressing you can use lemon juice and olive oil. There you can add a little garlic or onion. Lettuce can be fed with frozen cooked shrimp (500 g.) and wild rice.
  • Cooked in the oven chicken fillet (250 g), do not forget that salt and oil are banned. Submit it with the grapefruit.
  • Another option is cooked in the oven, veal with garlic (200 g.), which can be fed with half a package of broccoli or cauliflower. It can pre-fry in a pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and soy sauce. At the end you can add one raw egg.
  • A small piece of oven-baked without oil and salt fish (150 g.). It can be fed with vegetable side dish — a salad of tomatoes and lettuce, a small amount of pine nuts, 2 cucumbers, halved sweet peppers, 1 hard-boiled egg.

Unusual taste of this dish you can make, adding extinguished in one tablespoon of olive oil and soy sauce sprouted grains.

For dinner the protein diet allows a small piece of black bread. Dessert can serve several circles of pineapple. If you can no longer continue to hold and strongly want something sweet, you can cook the protein dessert.

Protein dessert

Begin the preparation of the dessert with the fact that you need to combine all the ingredients except protein. The latter must be separately vzbit in foam, then shift to the total mixture and stirred well.

The composition of the products:

  • ground nuts — 200 g;
  • sugar — 3 tbsp. spoons;
  • instant coffee — 2 tsp.;
  • egg whites — 3 PCs.

Further, the weight placed on the stove, bring to boil, stirring constantly. The result is a mixture of thick consistency. When the mass has cooled, making small balls, roll in cocoa powder or chopped nuts, or coconut.

Reviews about protein diet

Protein diet is very popular among fans of simple and effective diet to quickly lose weight. The basic idea of the diet is to eat foods rich in protein.

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You need only eat meat and fish every day, occasionally adding in other useful, allowed foods and in a couple of weeks to notice the first changes. Although such a diet might not suit everyone, especially those who are accustomed to different sweets. But if you switch to this diet gradually, and this problem can eventually be solved.

For all the time I was on this diet two times, and have always been pleased with the results. At first, I was able to lose 5 kg, and then only 4 lbs. This diet is a great way to lose weight quickly. While it is not felt hunger, and the menu is quite varied and does not cause overeating.

Though protein diet has helped become slim have to do sports. Meat food itself is pretty heavy so it’s easy to lose weight with this diet will not work.

Alevtina. Kazan

A high protein diet in the original version I find it very difficult to withstand. Eating only meat products, always feel heaviness in the stomach. Therefore, to avoid such unpleasant symptoms, I decided to make small diet changes. For Breakfast I traditionally fried protein and a salad or oatmeal with Apple.

For lunch I cook the broth, vegetables and meat or served boiled buckwheat with fish. As dinner eat a salad of vegetables and seafood, tofu or small piece of cooked chicken. Between meals I regularly organize snacks, eating a little low fat cream cheese or drinking a glass of kefir. This version of the diet allows for two weeks to lose about 5-6 kg.

Olga. Moscow

I have extensive experience in the field of protein diet, but to sustain it is not so easy. It perfectly suppresses hunger, but to eat only meat products quickly bored. I always wanted sweets or fruit. If you exactly follow the rules, then this diet can help well to lose weight.

If you refer to my last experience weight loss on the protein diet, I was able to lose 7 kg, and still my weight remains the same. This diet is even more effective if it is at the same time to exercise, then the extra weight starts to go even faster.

Nastya. Krasnoyarsk