Selection of products with a proper diet: food combining, tips, product compatibility table

The health of a person depends on many factors, including from the power supply. Therefore, his people began to pay attention to many centuries ago. It is important here not only which foods we eat but also in what combination. The problem of compatibility of products have interested many scientists, including Avicenna. This issue he devoted part of his treatise «Canon of medical science». In detail provides information about which foods can be eaten at one meal and which are not.

If you have health also takes not the last place, and especially if you are trying to lose weight and adhere to a healthy lifestyle, then you should think about proper nutrition. First you need to understand that most of us consume products that are not combined with each other. Therefore, they must eat separately.

The human body has evolved over many centuries, and its present as the body was only in the last millions of years. Radical changes it underwent during the last centuries, as it was in those years a new eating habits. And they came so fast that our body does not have time to adapt to them. This explains why in recent years on the planet found more people with the problem of overweight, which is dangerous because of the risk of developing serious diseases — diabetes, cardiovascular and other diseases.

Today, a man not too concerned with what and in what combinations he eats. So many don’t see nothing wrong to eat meat with vegetables and bread serving of cottage cheese, and in the end to drink a glass of compote or fruit juice. Such a diet is unable to provide conditions for the proper absorption of products. It is therefore logical that people with such eating habits begin to feel heartburn, discomfort in the abdomen, in the stomach and other symptoms that often require treatment to the doctor.

The rules of a separate food

It is time to become more closely acquainted with the essence of separation of power. Under it you should understand the special rules set meals, which take into account peculiarities of digestion of various foods in the human digestive tract. Our body is very important that at one time there were products in a certain combination. Only in this case, the food will be quickly digested and absorbed.

Another reason why you should go to a separate food is a slimming effect. While doctors have no proof about the impact of a separate food for weight loss, however, despite this, every year an increasing number of people who abandon their former mode of power in favor of this method of weight loss. The distinctive feature and main advantage of this technique is that it does not provide for any special restrictions in food. The person continues to eat the same food, he just starts eating them in other combinations.

One of the main principles of separation of power is the separation of all the products on certain groups depending on their compatibility.

  • The first group. This includes foods high in protein: meat, fish, low-fat cottage cheese and nuts.
  • The second group. It consists of products having an optimal composition of substances, sour cream, butter, cream, certain cheeses, fruits and vegetables, and also greens. The basis of separation of power is that people need to consume foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins, due to their incompatibility.
  • The third group. Her form products that contain the maximum amount of carbohydrates. They are bread, flour goods, pasta, sugar and potatoes.
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Going to a separate power supply, you pretty soon notice an improvement in your health, metabolism, you will begin to lose the extra pounds, which you do not need to subject yourself to torture, following a strict diet.

Once in the digestive tract, carbohydrates and proteins enter in different departments, where their digestion. It uses various enzymes that start to operate at different levels of acidity. Therefore, the digestion of proteins occurs in the stomach, where the predominant acidic environment, while carbohydrates and fats in the duodenum, which is alkaline.

If you, say, eat an Apple and an orange, then after about 10-15 minutes it gets to the intestines. If you ate protein foods, which have not had time to digest, then all the fruit will come more soon. And this leads to a development in the stomach of putrefaction. For the breakdown of carbohydrates requires special enzymes which act in alkaline medium. Therefore, if you decide to eat cakes with sour tomato juice, this will seriously impair the process of digestion.

The consequences of improper food combining

The correct choice of compatible products is important because it allows you to avoid violations of gastric and intestinal digestion. This result leads to overeating. If at the same time to eat protein and carbohydrate foods, they are digested in the stomach only partially and immediately goes to the intestines. With this food he is not easy to handle, so he immediately increases the load on it, later on the liver and pancreas.

The negative effect of such food affects the microflora, which plays an important role in digestion. Without observing the principles of food combining healthy flora replace putrefactive, and it seriously hurts the bowel.

For the body is extremely bad, if the food for a long time in the digestive tract. Then it begin to form putrid remnants, leading subsequently to the appearance of poisons and toxins. Suffers the liver and kidneys and deteriorating health. Separation of power allows even at the very beginning to solve this problem, because food is digested fully and quickly and the body needs less energy.

If competently approach to the selection of compatible products, and this can help a special table, then people will pretty soon notice how improved his General condition and start to leave the excess fat. Especially in a positive way that affects the stomach and liver. For many it helps to get rid of certain diseases.

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General information about the different food groups

Meat, fish, poultry

For rapid digestion of these products is recommended to use them together with herbs and vegetables that do not contain a lot of starch. The presence in the diet of vegetables can accelerate the process of digestion of animal protein, removes from the body harmful substances, improves intestinal motility and provides the body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Legumes (beans, lentils, peas, soybeans)

Have a high level of starch, perfectly combined with vegetable fats — sunflower and olive oil.

Sugar, confectionery

It is recommended to eliminate from the diet those foods. Despite the fact that they are digested in the intestine before the they are a long time in the stomach. These sweets are one of the causes of heartburn and burping. Given that you are aiming to lose weight and get rid of excess weight, you are encouraged to find a more useful replacement for these treats.

Bread, cereals, potatoes

These products are extremely bad combination with animal protein. If you decide to become a fan of food combining, you don’t have to eat them together with meat or fish. Bad is a combination of bread and protein products. Bread can be eaten together with butter. Keep in mind that the bread is served as soup or chicken, and use it properly.

Starchy vegetables

This group of vegetables includes carrots, beets, cauliflower, pumpkin and others. It is not recommended to use them together with sugar. Otherwise, you will have a nasty fermentation in the stomach, which subsequently will lead to indigestion. They can be eaten with all the other products that are present in the table of compatibility of products.


You must treat the milk, and this applies to other dairy products as an independent product. It is a mistake to consider them liquid, which can be taken with food. Once in the stomach, milk coagulates and coats the food available there. And before the food starts to digest, at first you need to digest in stomach milk. So you need to start to consume dairy products apart from others.

The same can be said about cheese, the process of digestion which takes a lot of time. It is best used with other dairy — sour cream, cheese or sour milk.

Sour fruits

This group of fruits includes oranges, tangerines, pineapples, lemons, some apples, pears and grapes. They are incompatible with products containing large amounts of starch and carbohydrates.

You also need to be careful with the use of polycyclic fruit. These should be regarded as strawberries, strawberries, cherries, some apples, plums etc.

Recommendations on a separate feed

If you decide to go on this meal plan, it helps to know what to look for sample menu compatible products.

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Menu for one day for a separate power

  • For Breakfast you can eat a Cup of oatmeal with dried fruit, bread with cheese and herbs. As a drink you can drink a glass of green tea.
  • For lunch you can apply buckwheat with steamed vegetables, beet salad and any citrus fruits such as orange.
  • At dinner, enjoy steamed chicken, scrambled eggs, seasoned with fresh herbs.

Common rules for separate food

  1. It is not recommended to combine foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates.
  2. Prohibited the simultaneous use of products containing large amounts of carbohydrates and sour products.
  3. In the framework of separation of power is prohibited to consume protein and fatty foods. When you receive the fat the body difficult to produce gastric juice.
  4. Should be excluded from the diet sugar and foods rich in starch.
  5. Bread and milk to eat as a separate dish.
  6. Eaten by you food be well digested, if between successive receptions will be held for at least 3 hours. The rush during the meal is very unhealthy, try to chew the food well.
  7. Watermelon and cantaloupe are incompatible with other products, so they must be consumed separately.

You will be able to observe the principles of food combining, if you will, a table of compatibility of products. Using it, you can easily find out which combinations are best to use these or other products.


Proper nutrition involves not only the inclusion in the diet of healthy foods that provide the body a minimum amount of calories. Need to know which combination is better to use them to be able to fully digest. Because it affects the health and quality of work of the body. Unfortunately, many of us do not pay attention to compatibility of ingredients, so often complain of discomfort. Although if you start to be interested in what products we eat bread, meat or milk, you can avoid these unpleasant symptoms.