Sesame oil: the benefits and harms, how to take, reviews

Sesame oil is known since ancient times, because it was used for the treatment of the Egyptian pharaohs. Mention of it can be found in the papyrus of Ebers, which are the most famous healers of Egypt, XVI century BC. This remedy is widespread in different parts of the world — China, India and Japan.

Although it has been a lot of years, sesame oil, and is now actively used by many healers of the East. Interest is not reduced for the reason that with the help of this product you can cope with these disorders, faced by the powerless many modern expensive drugs.

Chemical composition of sesame oil

As with many other medicinal drugs, to show remarkable effectiveness in the treatment of various diseases of sesame oil possible due to its unique chemical composition.

There is a perception that this product contains many beneficial micro — and macronutrients, vitamins and proteins. But in reality, this information does not correspond to the real situation. This exotic product is not a single sign of the presence in its composition of minerals and proteins. Among the vitamins are only vitamin E, but it is very small. Its content can vary from 9 to 55%.

Arose wrong idea about the sesame oil due to the fact that underneath many realize a paste of sesame seeds, which are the same substances that are available and seeds. Oil is a product of their processing and lacks many beneficial nutrients. It can boast only in the presence of fatty acids, esters and vitamin E. Therefore it is not necessary to search in it for calcium, as it is no longer listed. And therefore we should not expect that eating every day, two or three tablespoons of sesame oil, you can ensure your daily requirement for calcium.

Get acquainted more with the fat composition. It is possible to allocate the following components:

  • Omega-6 fatty acids: about 42%
  • Omega-9 fatty acids: 40%
  • Saturated fatty acid: about 14%
  • All other components, including lignans: about 4%

The above numbers are approximate, as in every case, this product may contain various amounts of fatty acids. It all depends on the quality characteristics of sesame seeds, from which were produced the oil.

How useful sesame oil?

Of all the components of the product, the first thing to pay attention to lignans — sesamin, sesamol and sesamolin. They do not give the sesame oil is rapidly oxidized in the natural environment and maintain their properties when heat treated. But for humans, lignans are prized for their estrogenic activity, as well as those that are a great protective barrier against cancer cells.

Knowing that sesame oil contains lignans, a person who regularly uses it can be sure that he is less likely to detect such dangerous diseases as prostate cancer, breast and reproductive system. Some time ago it became known that using the product can cure all types of cancer, including melanoma.

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People familiar with the useful properties of this product, it is often advised to use it as a tool for weight loss. However can you believe such words? Yes, and this is no exaggeration, as this product affects metabolism of lipids in the body that helps to regulate body weight. Another positive effect from its use is the ability to avoid overeating due to the prolonged feeling of satiety.

But in any case it is necessary to properly use this product. If you decide to use it for salad dressings, to flavor them side dishes, add to the meat before baking, and in addition to this additionally drink one or two teaspoons of this wonderful tool, then after a couple of weeks on your sides, stomach and buttocks will begin to grow extra grams. In this case, the sesame oil will bring you not benefit, but harm.

To feel the benefits of the use of this tool will women Mature and old age. If you take this product even in small quantities, and in this case will manifest its positive impact on hormonal balance, and women experiencing hot flashes, you will notice the improvement of health.

Doctors recommend applying sesame oil and during pregnancy and lactation. The fact that a woman’s body at this time required large quantities of vegetable fats. In sesame oil contains them in sufficient quantity. But not only the opportunity to begin to apply it to pregnant women. The use of this tool can be manifested not only on the work of internal organs and external form. The skin cells will receive the necessary power, allowing the young mother to look attractive. Deficit of vegetable oils in the diet inevitably leads to the formation of stretch marks on the breast and belly of a woman.

Pregnant certainly be interesting to learn about the impact of this product on the child. For all time of its application was not of this product harm the fetus. Moreover, the presence in the body of the expectant mother vegetable fat is required for normal development and growth of the child. Given that he’s had enough of a small amount of oil, it is important to determine the dose. Otherwise there unpleasant symptoms, such as rash and irritation on the skin.

About the benefits of sesame oil with the point of view of medicine

In General, there is documented evidence of the presence of sesame oil the following useful properties:

  • The body’s cells become more resistant to the aging process. The skin, hair and nails stay young longer;
  • During menstruation, a woman feels such a strong pain;
  • Improved blood clotting;
  • Improves the function of the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure, eliminates the risk of spasm of cerebral vessels;
  • Reducing the level of bad cholesterol, removing it from the blood vessels of cholesterol plaques;
  • Improving blood flow to all parts of the brain, which positively affects the ability to memorize and reproduce the information;
  • The body requires less time for recovery after physical and mental stress;
  • There is the effect of a mild laxative, digestive system of toxins, toxins and salts of heavy metals;
  • Aktiviziruyutsya process of the production of bile;
  • Protects against possible violations of the liver and pancreas, has a positive effect on digestion, making the stomach walls and intestines more resistant to digestive juices and harmful substances that enter the body with food.
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Regular use of sesame oil is much better absorbed vitamins contained in the food. With this in mind, people suffering from deficiencies, it is recommended to increase the intake of vegetable salads, which should fill with sesame oil.

At the people’s medicine there is an opinion about the benefits of sesame oil:

  • Ensure a high immunity;
  • The accelerating recovery in pulmonary diseases;
  • The reduction of blood sugar levels;
  • Strengthening teeth and gums, reducing pain and discomfort and eliminating inflammation in oral cavity.

How to make sesame oil?

To achieve the best effect of the use of sesame oil must adhere to the recommendations of folk medicine. However, given the plurality of opinions, each recipe will be different from another. We let us not dwell on the intricacies of the reception of products, and we describe only the main ideas which allow to shed light on the procedure of the use of sesame oil:

  • Best sesame oil acts on the body, if it is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Take sesame oil in moderation. The daily rate should be no more than two or three spoonfuls.
  • Monitor the amount of fat that enter the body with food. Their share should not exceed 1 gram per 1 kg of body weight. If a person already eats pretty fatty foods, he will have to sacrifice some animal fats, which will replace sesame oil.

The harm of sesame oil and contraindications to its use

When the consumption of sesame oil increases the level of blood clotting. This product is harmful if it for a long period of time is subjected to heat treatment. This causes carcinogens, so this oil will bring greater benefits than decorative coating like varnish.

Therefore, in order not to harm your health, you should consider the following contraindications:

  • varicose veins, thrombophlebitis;
  • individual intolerance;
  • tendency to thrombosis;
  • increased blood clotting.

Very carefully you need to take sesame oil for people prone to allergic reactions. For greater security they should start with small amounts and gradually increasing the dose.

Maybe someone will decide to use sesame oil according to a traditional recipe obtained from friends or the Internet. In this case, before using it should discuss it with your doctor. So you can be sure that you don’t hurt yourself and you don’t have to continue to spend time and money for treatment.


After learning about the beneficial properties of sesame oil, I purchased a product of Chandi. According to the manufacturer, it is very high quality oil. It has a broad scope — they can not only salads, but also to lubricate the skin before the massage. Useful properties of sesame oil are associated with the presence in its composition of vitamins and minerals. If necessary, it can be applied and a warming during cold treatment.

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I was attracted to this oil is the high content of vitamin E, which is very important for those women who will give birth. It contains a lot of nutrients, so it is perfect for salads with fresh vegetables. Having an excellent assimilability, this oil also helps absorption and other fat-soluble vitamins. This oil is always present in my kitchen so my meals are not only more tasty but also healthy.

Anna Pavlova

Oil attracted me to the healthcare action. After meeting him, I began to accept it in order to prevent one teaspoon a day. Now my body provided with all the necessary vitamins and I don’t need any pills. I began to notice that my hair was beautiful and long, as well the case with the nails, which were strong and almost ceased to break.



In our country not so many fans of sesame oil, which is not surprising because it is familiar to few. But this product is very useful because it not only has a tonic effect, but also can help in the treatment of many diseases. Especially known for is its effect in weight loss. Though before using it you must consult a doctor and to choose the right regimen, because even the notoriously effective remedy can bring benefit and harm.

You also need to consider the contraindications that exist, even such a useful product like sesame oil. There is also need to be careful otherwise instead of good man will have to eliminate the consequences of committed improper application of sesame oil.