Seven-day diet favorite, reviews women before and after photos

Modern fashion trends to slim without extra pounds body, make women around the world to create a new diet to match the ideal forms. As a result of studies in this area appeared diet favorite, which in the absence of an acute sense of hunger allows you to put in order the body, allowing to throw up to 5-9 kg per week.

Dietary choice is very important for women because of diets allow you to lose a number of kilos. At present, the developed a lot of popular ways of eating, some are used for a long time, but the favorite diet allows for a short period of time to lose significant body weight, if concerns with the responsibility to conduct important one-week period.

Objective information about diet


Before you go on a diet, a woman visits the doctor who determines the cause of weight gain, as body fat can be the cause of some internal disease, sleduushego not diet, and therapeutic interventions. If the specialist explains the cause of obesity is overeating standard, the favorite diet will help to restore the balance of calories consumed and the energy expended. In any case runs a few steps before starting the diet:

  • for more effective results a few days before the diet need to stop eating flour products and pastry delicacies, to eliminate salt, sweets, herbs and spices;
  • diet before to include in the diet plenty of fluids, but it is better if it be boiled water or just purified store-bought water with gas and canned juices are not recommended to drink;
  • the organization of the rest of the city, in the country without physical labour in extreme cases to communicate with nature in a picturesque corner of city Park;
  • to have the usual drug or vitamin complex.

General recommendations for the diet

Favorite diet involves each day a varied diet, so it is not boring, new products and a great result for seven days leave positive feedback from users. Preferably, before using the power to see General tips:

  • sometimes during the diet women have constipation it is easily corrected with a reception the evening before bed-two tablespoons of bran in a dry form, restores the intestinal flora and there is a natural cleansing;
  • losing weight on your diet complain of headaches, nausea, weakness and discomfort, to cope with the unpleasant symptoms will help multivitamin complexes;
  • the diet lasts for seven days, and renew it after that time should not be;
  • drinking regime includes not only water, but also vegetable or lean meat, fish broths, kefir and yogurt are low-fat option;
  • vegetables can be eaten raw as a whole and make salads with olive oil in a small number of them stewed, baked in the oven, slightly prisypaya spices;
  • protein can’t choose favorite products, e.g., cottage cheese, egg whites, chicken breast, fish, beans, all of them are suitable for inclusion in the diet;
  • after a seven-day diet does not going for, try to use in the diet of those products that helped to bring the body back to normal;
  • pay close attention to how you feel, when a sharp unpleasant moments diet poslabljajut or stop completely depending on the symptoms.

Receiving nutritional Supplements and vitamins mandatory, as it helps to keep the tone material of hair, nails, in need of daily supply of calcium. In addition, the body that received stress, in dire need of strengthening. The correct alternation of fluorescent complexes, together with the use of vitamins gives a positive result without deterioration of health.

Diet favorite diet

On the advice of doctors, nutritionists and reviews of women and girls, sitting on this diet, you cannot swap appointment day. Justified is to control hunger with physical exertion, while drinking it from physical education classes to give. Physical activity helps to show the best result after the diet. During class is the development of pectin involved in energy metabolism and contribute to onset of satiety.

  • The first day, Monday, drinking. Allowed to drink all the liquid, except carbonated and canned juices, mineral water. To power perfect broth on vegetables, meat, fish, mushrooms, the main thing that was a little fat. A very well established low-fat dairy, fruit, vegetable cocktails, fruit drinks, without sugar, mineral water without gas. Allowed to drink half a Cup of sweet juice, but without that weakness the result will be much higher.
  • The second day, Tuesday, vegetable. Allowed to use vegetables, make salads, it is desirable to make the main component of the cabbage. Allowed roasting or stewing with a spoon of vegetable oil. Salads seasoned with olive oil or balsamic vinegar, use sour cream, mayonnaise or animal fat is considered unacceptable. In nutrition it is not recommended to use potatoes. For reviews, good to use for weight loss carrots, lettuce, beets, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, stewed eggplant.
  • Third day, Wednesday, drinking, diet calculated that power no no, all the recommendations for its implementation is similar to Monday.
  • Fourth day, Thursday, fruit. This day is very joyful for those people who like fruit. However, such delicacies as grapes and bananas are excluded from the diet, and the apples eaten in baked form. It is recommended that those fruits that have women not cause a huge appetite.
  • Fifth day, Friday, protein. The day is suitable for meat eaters and lovers of protein, eat lean chicken, fish, squid, mussels, octopus, crabs, drink low-fat yogurt, vegetable proteins from soy and beans.
  • Sixth day, Saturday, drinking. Repeated food type of the first and third day.
  • The seventh day, Sunday, exit favorite diet. As the main power supply it is recommended to take vegetables and fruits, those which were previously used in these days. Include soup, porridge.
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Sample menu for seven days

Monday Breakfast consists of low-fat yogurt, drink tea without sugar, take vitamins. Lunch is a Cup of chicken broth and green tea without sugar. Before lunch for half an hour to eat bran two tablespoons for cleaning the bowel. A Cup of yogurt at lunch and a glass of milk before bed complete diet that day.

Tuesday Breakfast consists of two eggs or one baked eggplant. The lunch will enjoy a salad of cucumber and cabbage with herbs and a spoon of olive oil. At lunch time, eat two cucumbers. Dinner portion of salad that put a sweet pepper with lots of herbs (parsley, dill).

Wednesday will give dieters a Cup of yogurt or a milkshake, all washed down with tea without sugar. Half an hour later drink a glass of milk. For dinner eat 150 grams of chicken broth lean, half an hour before that, do not forget to eat bran. In the afternoon a Cup of yogurt for dinner the same amount of milk.

Thursday will appreciate the fruity variety, which will start right at Breakfast – two orange, after a short time the two grapefruit or tangerines. For lunch a variety of fruits, you can offer kiwi, baked apples, oranges, gooseberries, plums, cherries. In the noon time, the body receives the heat-treated pear and Apple, dinner is quite small and consists of half a grapefruit.

First Friday Breakfast consists of two eggs, the next meal two hours later, eat cooked fish or other seafood. For lunch – boiled chicken and a handful of canned peas. Cottage cheese for lunch and cheese for dinner complete menu on this day.

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In the morning hours of Saturday, drink a glass of yogurt and a Cup of unsweetened tea. Half an hour later drink a glass of orange, tangerine or grapefruit juice. At lunch we recommend the low-fat broth chicken no salt. Afternoon tea will delight with a Cup of yogurt or a cocktail of milk, dinner, milk. Between these drinks, drink tea without sugar.

On the last day – Sunday morning eat two eggs and an orange or a grapefruit. In cooking rice or buckwheat soup, afternoon any of your favorite fruit, dinner salad, salted and with the addition of vegetable oil.

Tips quick weight loss on your diet from the European specialists

After favorite diet do not abruptly start to eat on the old method. The body, unaccustomed to soups, cereals, salt, sugar and fatty meat after the introduction of these dishes will be a new force to gain extra pounds. If women avoided physical education, at this time the most correct to contact the instructor for the selection of the set of exercises. If no time to visit fitness clubs should stay on the old and tested way of training the morning Jogging.

If you give up salty and sweet food or at least to reduce the use of these substances to a minimum, while drinking at least two liters of water per day, the body will be grateful for the cleansing from harmful deposits. Should not keen on fried and spicy food, so the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract will work in normal mode.

To favorite diet and after follow a healthy lifestyle, without bad habits, observing the diet of the fractional balanced diet. Equally important is a positive mental attitude, the alternation of physical activity and moments of relaxation with the use of the natural landscape, and no matter be it the mountains, the sea, the Russian forest with streams or fields with immense clouds.

Remember that empty calories derived from sugar harm the body and impede weight loss, pasta dough deposited fat cells around the waist. At the same time, whole grains are a valuable source of b vitamins and improve carbohydrate metabolism. Brand low-fat foods are useless to the human body, so the composition should be a small percentage of fat. Pork sausage it is recommended to replace chicken, beef, veal, fish, rabbit.

Contraindications and side effects favorite diet

Like every experiment with human body, before carrying out such a diet, you should visit a doctor. If the diet is started, and the woman understands what the test for it becomes unreasonable, you should stop the diet and choose the more gentle option. Some categories of people can’t use the favorite diet for weight loss:

  • suffering from gastric and intestinal diseases such as gastritis, colitis, ulcers;
  • those who are sick of chronic and acute lesions of the kidney, liver, pancreas;
  • have heart and vascular disease, a disorder of the circulatory system;
  • in the period of carrying a child and breast-feeding;
  • patients with diabetes and with other defects of the endocrine system.

The results of the use of their favorite diet

For reviews of girls and women, is not only to lose 6 to 9 pounds and cleansing the body and internal organs of toxins, particularly the intestine. After the diet, with the right transition begin to better absorb the nutrients contained in natural products. On the before and after photos you can see the discoloration of the face and skin for the better, falling swelling on face and leg extremities, women note an improvement in General well-being.

The diet should not exceed seven days, as in drinking days a person does not receive necessary nutrients minerals and vitamins that have a negative impact on health. If girls want to continue the diet and further, it can be used again for 4-5 days to stay on the diet of the seventh day. To result in drastic weight loss had no stretch marks use creams from the cellulite and carried out the necessary massage and body wraps problem areas.

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Results favorite diet

Review: My weight was just obscene – about 110 pounds, was nervous snacking and eating sweets after the departure of her husband’s family. On the diet I was offered to take a friend who at the time lost 5 kg per week. I’m desperate to lose weight other ways, fanaticism began to eat on this diet. After finishing the food I lost 6.8 kg. This result encouraged me to continue that diet for the second and third weeks. The second series of the diet, I survived, but then I just had a breakdown, and especially I got scared in one of the drinking days when you just felt dizzy when getting out of bed. All I managed to lose 9.4 kg.

Antonina, Orel

Opinion: a Good diet, a little, of course, hard but worth it. I lost 7 kg. the Main thing in this diet is to endure the correct advice and not to rearrange the days. But I think when you completely abandon salt, the weight reduction is due to fluid loss from the body. Because salt keeps water in the body, but if there’s no salt, all the inner swelling and outer leaves. I diet finished recently, so still afraid that the weight will come back. I was beginning to think just about salt-free diet. I’m 28 years old, but problems with the swelling I have. But so many pounds dropped per week, I had to watch. Diet cool, sorry that did not take a picture before eating.

Larisa, Belgorod

Opinion: of Course, diet is cool, but what is written in the recommendations, you need to consider. I have 44 years old, worried about excess weight, that aching joints and just hard. But I decided not to pay attention to what you write in contraindications, thought, few days, reduced power will not bring harm.

Such a reckless attitude turned so that I had to interrupt the power supply. It happened on Saturday, drinking the day I started having pains in my stomach. The fact that I have chronic gastritis and, if that happened, I ate a piece of butter, and all passed. Now hunger I have again the pains began, I had to cook porridge with butter and eat. But still, for the period of the diet, I reduced the weight by 3.8 kg.