Siberian fiber: the description of the drug, reviews of ordinary consumers and doctors, does for weight loss

It is no secret that modern man eats not so many vegetables, fruits and grains, giving preference to those products, which can be quickly filled. But this is wrong, because they provide our body with fiber, which helps to cleanse the intestines, making the person feels healthy.

If your diet of fiber not enough or you want to lose weight, you can start taking the Supplement. What it is, what are the doctors about it and ordinary people, we will see below. We also find out if fiber for weight loss.

Siberian fiber

Siberian fiber is a combination of plant fibers that get their fruits and grains. It is a complex of substances, which help in losing weight and enrich the body with vitamins and necessary microelements.

The complex shall not include any dyes, flavors or additives, it is entirely natural product which is ready to use.

What is included with fiber, let’s find out:

  • sheath of wheat and rye;
  • the pectin of apples and citrus fruits;
  • lignin-based peas, potatoes and tomatoes;
  • oat bran;
  • dried vegetables and fruits (apricots, apples);
  • pine and other nuts;
  • Rowan and blueberries;
  • the collection is based on herbs, including chamomile, rose hips, St. John’s wort, mint, etc.

Depending on the variety of product quantity and percentage of components is different. There are many varieties of substances, which we also consider. To choose one or another option for reviews or the other depending on destination.

Effectiveness of Siberian fiber

Siberian fiber can be purchased in almost any pharmacy. According to reviews of experts and ordinary people, it is effective in the following cases:

  • when losing weight;
  • to reduce the level of cholesterol;
  • to clean the intestine;
  • to stabilize blood sugar levels;
  • to improve skin elasticity;
  • to replenish the stock of vitamins and other nutrients;
  • with the aim of prevention of diseases, including Oncology.

Many people in their reviews noted the positive point that Siberian fiber can normalize a hormonal background, reduces the probability of diarrhea and constipation and metabolism. Quite often in people who are overweight can develop depression when they decide to go on a diet. Siberian fiber is good because it does not cause this condition, since the ability to saturate the body fully. And yet, unlike many other weight-loss drugs, it is not going to be very expensive.

Classification of Siberian fiber

As we have said, there are many kinds of this product, which vary in taste and purpose. You can choose the most suitable product depending on their needs. So, there are the Siberian types of fiber, such as:

  • purifying – normalizes bowel movements, helps with permanent constipation;
  • anti-diabetes – reduces blood sugar levels, since fiber product is impregnated with a special tea. It includes beans, chicory, rose hips, currants and other components;
  • vitamin Polyana – included cranberries, cranberry, blueberry, Apple and other fruits;
  • basket of health – this kind of fiber is designed for those who prefer an active and healthy lifestyle. In the addition of dietary fiber are apples, apricots, wheat and rose hips;
  • Golden age – products for older people. Includes insoluble fiber and contains Apple, rosehip, grape seeds, dried apricots, prunes and more. The doses need to be kept;
  • Hawkeye is the product for improving vision include carrots;
  • three cereal – contains herbs, increases the appetite and stimulates the digestive process.
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Varieties of the Siberian fiber for weight loss

A dietary Supplement many people prefer to use to lose weight. In this case it is better to choose special variations of the product consisting of insoluble fibers and fat-burning ingredients.

Among these varieties:

  • fiber thin waist – this product apart from the tissue contains plantain, nettle, buckthorn and other herbs that have a diuretic effect. Insoluble dietary fiber, which gives the slimming effect;
  • with green coffee – it is believed that this ingredient helps to lose weight and cleanse the body. However, judging by the reviews of some experts, this is not true;
  • flax fibre there are varieties with berries, fruit, blueberries or herbs. Weight is reduced due to the fact that in Flaxseed contains a special acid, but some doctors say that the weight is reduced only at the expense of fiber, and the percentage of acids is too small for this effect;
  • stop appetite product includes insoluble fiber in large quantities, which suppress the feeling of hunger;
  • the belly is not – in the composition of products includes vegetables, with no fat, accordingly, people satisfied with only vegetable components;
  • light weight – this type of fibre is produced in granular form. The present composition of stevia leaves that gives a sweet taste. There is a small diuretic effect;
  • lady fitness contains green coffee beans, as well as diuretic and purgative constituents.
  • the perfect lady is largely similar to the previous product in terms of action, but not significantly different from it in composition.


Despite the fact that I drink product is natural and safe to take it can not everyone.

In particular, it cannot be taken in the presence of such diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as:

  • colitis;
  • ulcers;
  • pancreatitis;
  • dysbiosis;
  • gastritis.

The fact that in the presence of these diseases cellular will only exacerbate the discomfort, because it swells in the stomach. The ban on it if there are problems with the stomach not too strong, but you need to consult with your doctor to look at the reviews of those who eat fiber in the presence of such problems.

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Very strictly you need to approach your diet based on the stomach problems. The fact that in such cases, the tissue is administered in diluted form and its need to drink. It can affect the stomach, it can stretch. So when taking fiber not to overdo it in terms of portions, better a little underfed.

The rules of admission to lose weight

Siberian fiber in concentrated vegetable fibers in sufficient quantity to at minimum consumption of other foods that you can feel the saturation and keep yourself in shape.

According to reviews, regular use of the product within a month allows you to get rid of 2 to 6 kg during this period.

Grains sheath body does not absorbed, they are just like path and delete out all the accumulated deposits.

How to use Siberian fiber

The key rule of the reception of the Siberian fiber is to eat it during the day, in order not to feel hunger and desire to snack during the day. Cellulose is combined with any liquid in dilution:

  • yogurt;
  • yogurt;
  • juice;
  • the fermented baked milk, etc.

To drink, take 2 tablespoons of product. You need to drink it 4 times a day.

The consumption of fiber menu similar to the following:

  • for Breakfast you can eat milk or milk porridge, or egg, or cheese, or boiled fish;
  • for lunch light soup or vegetables, cheese;
  • during the day, at any time up to 3 vegetables or fruits raw.

The amount of calories per day is about 1000, and fat – about 20 g. In the diet should contain protein, but it is better that it was not meat, but products such as;

  • eggs;
  • fish;
  • mushrooms;
  • seafood;
  • cheese.

You can drink water, tea and coffee. It is also very important to take vitamins, as the fiber passes through the stomach absorbs not only harmful substances, but also useful.

When losing weight using the fiber note the following:

  • watch out not for weight loss, and reduction in the body, as weight can fluctuate due to the accumulation of water in the body;
  • so that the muscles do not slack, do not forget to play sports.

Thus, you will be able to get at least 10 pounds and more.

Expert advice

Reviews of doctors about the Siberian fiber are different, but they all agree that this product really helps to reduce weight. However they recommend not to focus on the types of product and choose any of them, not even specialized for weight loss.

Experts say that the therapeutic effect in all varieties of fiber are the same, regardless of taste and titles.

The important thing when is to control your diet. If it is not correct, then the fiber will not help to get rid of extra pounds.

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Siberian fiber: customer reviews

We offer to your attention to read the reviews of those who tried to imagine the effect of this means to lose weight and normalization of the bowel.

After pregnancy I am not only gaining weight, but also had bowel problems. Several days tormented by severe constipation. On the advice of friends bought a Siberian fiber and started taking. After a week, the bowel returned to normal and after a month I lost a lot of weight.

Maria, Kazan

At some time, I became quietly to gain weight, began to hear the replica from my friends on this occasion in his address. His wife began to give me a spoonful of fiber before each meal. The result became noticeable within a month.

Vladimir, Orel

I had a serious problem: a tendency to overeat. I couldn’t get past the refrigerator, felt hungry an hour after eating. Decided to take fiber, now this desire comes to nothing, I eat at a certain time, and no longer «pulls» constantly to the fridge.

Anna, Tver

Siberian fiber is a natural and inexpensive tool for those who want to lose weight and normalize your bowels. Of course, his technique is associated with the need to eat right and exercise, so the effect was noticeable and stayed longer.