Silicone magnetic ring on the big toe of the feet for weight loss: the job description of a magnet, instruction and reviews

In search for a simple and easy option to become slim and beautiful, and throw off all superfluous kgs girls are ready just for anything. Modern manufacturers take note and offer more and more unique ideas that promise a stunning effect without any effort in the shortest period.

One of these innovations, which appeared on the market recently, are magnetic rings for weight loss, and they are, despite the absurdity of the idea, has managed to gain immense popularity.

Before you buy this is not a very cheap product, it is advisable to first get acquainted with the contraindications, mechanism of its effects on the body, as well as reviews of those people who dared to try this unusual way to lose weight on personal experience.

The principle of losing weight with magnetic rings

So, what we promise to the developers of the original accessory? According to their assurances, the magnetic rings on feet for getting rid of extra pounds, act on specific points located on the soles and fingers, and are responsible for the operation and activities of the different systems and organs of the human body.

So, occasionally using these magnetic rings, according to reviews, it is possible to achieve incredible results:

  • In connection with the effects of a magnet on these points, the metabolic processes which are usually compromised by excess weight, is gradually normalized, and this, in turn, promotes the breakdown and release of harmful substances (radionuclides and toxins) and hated fat.
  • Embedded in metal or silicon (materials for manufacturing these accessories) activate the magnets on his feet to the special points corresponding to the speed of metabolism and appetite, is the Foundation of such a ubiquitous alternative treatment called magnetic therapy.
  • Sock of these products on my feet is a great massage that improves blood circulation, as it plays an important role in the excretion of fat.
  • Greatly reduced, even a very strong appetite, I’m hungry much less, and saturation occurs fairly quickly.
  • After a week of active socks on the legs of the magnetic rings is a weight loss of 3-4 kg, and full recovery of the organism.
  • Manufacturers of magnetic rings, a testimony to the use, even called the correction of incorrect forms (O — and X-shaped).

When thinking about these results, I can’t wait to buy this magnetic ring on your finger and enjoy its effect, doing absolutely nothing, to lose weight. Because if you listen to their creators, to help them not need any sports activities and diet.

Put this ring on the big toe in the morning and throughout the day you can eat just anything I want, not to worry about grueling sessions in the gym, but the shape is beautiful and slender just after one month. Is it possible to believe it? Is it all real?

Myths and reality about magnetic rings for weight loss

So what are these miraculous and magical magnetic rings on feet for weight loss: simple scams for naive people or is it a new product that can turn all representations about his or her body?

If you read the reviews of those people who have already managed to try this magical accessory, but also listen to what experts say, it is possible to draw the following conclusions:

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  1. The assurances of people who are professionally engaged in acupuncture, on the feet, no points, supposedly reducing the feeling of hunger: probably someone is a self-hypnosis, and people think that they in fact absolutely do not want to eat while they are these attributes.
  2. On the toes there are no points that would actively break down fats, thereby eliminating saggy cheeks and sides: metabolism can occur, but it is not so intense, to promote weight loss, as claimed by the manufacturers.
  3. The wrong form of foot can be corrected only with the help of specialists, and even then, only in childhood.

Even such popular magnetic spiral ring, which seemed to differ quite a logical mechanism of action, is unlikely to help you lose weight. Scientists can not explain, how do increase (the massage) several small blood vessels in the legs can cause active and rapid breakdown of fat deposits in various parts of the body.

It seems that the science definitely and clearly refutes the slimming efficiency of the magnetic rings. Multiple negative feedback is only supported.

But what to do with people who say that they really began to weigh less since that time, as began to wear these strange rings? Not all these people are overweight purchased by advertisers and manufacturers!

Most people are very sensitive points on the feet, and this, in turn, leads to good results when the toe of the rings combined with an active lifestyle and restrictions food. Therefore, from the point of view of science, this is understandable!

And if you want to experiment and buy these slimming magnetic ring, you need to know what to do for their proper selection. So how to market this accessory is presented in a fairly wide range.

Varieties of magnetic rings

Magnetic rings can be purchased in specialized stores and on the Internet resources. Thus despite the fact that this development is fairly new, there are already a wide range of products.

Copper ring. Copper magnetic ring slimming effect and can selectively remove fat in the desired areas.

Silicone ring with a magnet. The most popular slimming products now are made of silicone because they are the most comfortable to wear. They are made from medical soft material feels pleasant and not rubbing the skin.

They have special built-in notch in the center of the magnets, while socks «looking» on the fingers of the feet, which in turn, provides the result.

Metal magnetic ring

These rings are for weight loss act in the same way as silicone. But are these products a bit more expensive and at the same time is not so convenient to use, since constant wearing they are very strongly rubbed with fingers, and even form blisters.

And if at home they still somehow can move around, then walks in the fresh air in tight shoes, these toe rings are a great test.

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As well as magnetic rings are different in what toe they can be worn:

  • if you need to put in order the buttocks and hips, then buy a ring with magnets for little fingers;
  • ring with magnets for the middle fingers will contribute to weight loss in the area of the sides and belly;
  • if you wear slimming magnetic ring on the big toe of the feet, then the activity will go away fat from the face, there will come Bryl and double chin.

At the same time limits, the manufacturer then does not install: put for weight loss at least 10 rings on all the fingers to simultaneously lose weight all problem areas.

There are spiral ring with magnet for weight loss, different from the previous, method of exposure:

  • It is believed that because the body weight is reduced thanks to the improvement and activation of microcirculation (blood, lymph).
  • While walking with this accessory, the spiral begins to compress, and then decompress, in a manner massaging the toes.
  • Act on the sensitive parts of the foot not only through the magnetic field, but also mechanically.

By staying in any specific form, carefully read the instructions for use in the home. Some people think that these products are totally harmless, because they ignore the rules of operation.

In reality, the rings act not only on the points located on the feet, but also on the skin. And when they are wrong donning it is possible to experience many unpleasant side effects.

Instructions for use of magnetic rings

All the rings with the magnet slimming are the instructions for use in the home. Be sure to read it if you want to use this accessory to clear undesirable pounds.

Carefully read the paragraph, which States all contraindications to their use. Despite their apparent harmlessness, still need to listen to the recommendations mentioned in the instruction manual.

On the first day it is advisable to wear magnetic rings more than a few hours. On the second day the duration socks could be increased by 2 hours. And so daily we need to expand this figure until you can wear this accessory all day.

To wear a magnetic ring in the day time need to constantly, and it is best not to remove. Before bedtime the magnetic ring should be removed, as the body needs maximum rest.

Features wear rings and contraindications

Be sure to observe the contraindications that are listed to wear magnetic rings: acute pathological conditions, hypertension, pregnancy. This list is usually specified in the instructions.

But there is another list of contraindications for their use, compiled by orthopedists and other doctors. After a careful study of the properties of magnetic rings for weight loss, they have concluded that they do not need to carry people who suffer from any disease of the spine, flat feet and injuries of the limbs or joints.

It is undesirable to wear the magnets for weight loss during sports activities, dancing, bathing. Ring weekly to be washed, because they gather dirt and sweat deposits.

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If after wearing the magnetic rings on the skin of the fingers is stained, incomprehensible redness, felt discomfort, itching then this option of weight loss it is advisable to refuse.

Don’t worry, if the magnetic ring will suddenly acquire a darker shade. Said manufacturers, that they do not lose their useful qualities. To prevent deformation, a magnetic ring must be protected from exposure to sharp objects, high temperatures, and also at dance classes or sports.

Now you know how the rings affect the body and how to wear them for weight loss. To use this innovation or be skeptical — it’s just you. You need to weigh all the pros and cons, and not forget that the free cheese only in a mousetrap.

Without balanced and moderate sports exercise and dietary restrictions, you are unlikely to achieve significant results just putting on, though all fingers, these magic magnetic rings.

Reviews about weight loss with magnets

I wear rings more than a month, and I love it. I’m 30, I have two children. When the first baby began to gain weight quickly, and after the second, my weight was 90 kg! I started going to the gym, not eating after 18.00, but the effect is not allowed.

Bought this new for reviews girlfriend and when I wore rings, a feeling of lightness I can’t help. Magnets could help to lose weight 10 kg. I am satisfied, would recommend.

Marina Voronezh

Decided to buy this accessory, and now share their opinion. If you want to learn the ring work or not, use a tape measure, not scales. If you use them at night, then 1 cm should go. I have the volume of calf decreased from 32 to 30 inches, hips from 49 to 46 cm, the size of the pelvis from 92 to 90 cm, But the weight was the same, and is 52 kg.

Lena Samara

Rather questionable accessory. Easily lose weight is simply impossible! If it was in fact, professions such as: nutritionist and fitness instructor was not. All would be wearing the ring and asked the question, how to lose weight?

Vika Moscow