Simple and delicious diet salads for weight loss of vegetables: step-by-step cooking and recipes with photos

During the preparation of dietary salads for weight loss, you can use almost any vegetables, only with some exceptions. Nutritionist Shelton offered recipes of diet salads without any sauces or dressings. As a basis for the preparation of his dietary salad, he advises the following components:

  • tomatoes, celery;
  • radishes, cucumbers, cabbage;
  • cabbage, celery;
  • tomato, endive;
  • sweet peppers, cabbage.

This article will discuss how to do at home a salad diet without spending a lot of time and effort. You can get acquainted with the phased recipes and see photos of the salads.

Recipes of diet salads

Green vegetable salad. Recipe

This a salad diet for weight loss is probably one of the most simple. For cooking does not need skill and a large number of products.

Ingredients: 40 gr. sour cream, 130 gr. lettuce, salt, dill.


  • Large lettuce leaves cut into several pieces, pour sour cream, add salt and stir. Put in a bowl and cover with chopped dill.
  • Please note: sheets can be cut and tear large pieces – this does not affects the appearance of the product.

Diet cheese salad with apples. Recipe

Ingredients: lemon juice, 3 apples, 250 gr. kefir, 220 gr. cheese.


  • Apples clean the core and peel, cut into small slices and sprinkle with lemon juice.
  • Cheese grate, mix with yogurt and apples. For a couple of hours put in the refrigerator and then place on a plate.

Nettle diet salad without mayonnaise. Recipe

Ingredients: 25 gr. fresh leaves of dandelions, 240 gr. nettle leaves, 6 sprigs of chives, 130 gr. any greens 1st.l. salad sauce, 1 small cucumber.


  • Wash the cilantro. Nettle leaves half an hour dipped in a little salt water, then get to stretch your hands. Then all the greens grind in a meat grinder, and an onion cut with a knife.
  • Cucumber washed, peeled and RUB on a coarse grater. Put in a salad bowl, put greens, all carefully mix. Pour over sauce and add the onion.

Diet salad with apples and radishes. Recipe

Ingredients: 1 carrot 6 radishes, 5 cloves of garlic, 1 Apple.


  • Apple, carrot, radish good wash, brush, clean again, wash and RUB on a small grater.
  • All mix well. Add the minced garlic. Place on a plate.

Salad of peppers with onion and greens. Recipe

Ingredients: 15 gr. lettuce, 60 gr. peppers, 7 oz. parsley, sea salt, 25 gr. green onions, 40 gr. sour cream, 60 gr. apples. This product from vegetables was the diet, choose fat-free sour cream.

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Lettuce and sweet peppers to chop the apples finely chop the parsley and green onion leaves. Products mix with sour cream and add salt.

Vegetable salad «Sicilian» tomato. Recipe

Ingredients: 45 grams. celery root, 15 gr. olives 70 g. tomatoes 45 ml olive oil, 40 gr. apples.


Apples peel and cut in small cubes. Celery also cut into cubes. Dietary product it is advisable to do using peeled tomatoes. They need to be cleaned from the skin and seeds and cut into slices. Cooked fruits and vegetables, mix thoroughly, add the oil and olives.

Salad for weight loss artichoke. Recipe

For this recipe for weight loss, you need to use 25 gr. celery root, 15 gr. of lettuce, 70 g. artichokes, 40 gr. tomatoes, 40 gr. apples, juice quarters of lemon, 25 ml of oil.


Fresh tomatoes, apples (without seeds and peel), and cooked artichokes cut into small cubes, celery cut into strips. Vegetables stir, pour the oil and lemon juice. To submit a product of a slide in a salad bowl.

Salad of apples and horseradish. Recipe

Ingredients: 30 gr. sour cream, 15 grams. hell, 80 gr. apples.

Method of preparation: Horseradish RUB on a small grater, apples — large, mix and pour sour cream.

Salad of kohlrabi, grated carrots, onions and beets

Ingredients: 120 gr. kohlrabi, 120 gr. carrots, 1 bunch of onions, 120 g. beet, unrefined vegetable oil, honey.


  • Each vegetable separately to RUB on a fine grater, carefully, polaskova not to mix up the colors. In the middle of the salad bowl round shape to make kohlrabi white hill.
  • Spread shredded carrots around. Carrots to impose a ring of red beet.
  • All components pour a little vegetable oil and honey. The rings of vegetables to make chopped green onions.

Spicy salad. Recipe

Ingredients: 2 carrots, grated horseradish, 2 beets, parsley, one turnip.


  • Wash the vegetables, cook for a couple or bake in the oven. Remove the skins and cut into slices, after put the grated horseradish.
  • Spicy salad stir thoroughly, place on a dish and top with the place the parsley and serve.

Tomato salad for weight loss

Ingredients: 2 small onions, 2st.l. vegetable oil, 500 gr. tomatoes, 4 garlic cloves, 360 gr. cheese Suluguni.


  • Tomatoes thoroughly wash, dry with a napkin or towel and finely chop.
  • Grate cheese on a grater or grind using a blender. Mix with the tomatoes.
  • Cut with a knife finely the garlic. Peel the onion, cut after the pour boiling water and put in a colander to drained the excess juice and water.
  • Combine all ingredients, add butter and carefully grind and mix.
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Salad of kohlrabi for weight loss. Recipe

Ingredients: 60 gr. cucumbers, 220 gr. kohlrabi, 7 grams. green dill, onion, sour cream and savory.

Preparation: Cabbage RUB on a small grater, cucumber — the big one. Add the chopped savory, dill, onion, mix, pour sour cream.

Cabbage spicy cabbage for weight loss. Recipe

Ingredients: 4 cloves of garlic, one medium head of cabbage, spicy red crushed pepper, 1st.l. Apple cider vinegar, 1 small onion.


  • Cabbage divided into leaves, thoroughly wash and dry wipes. Finely cut into strips, after knead by hand. Salt is not added!
  • Onion peel and cut into thin rings. The garlic through a press or finely rubbed.
  • Garlic, onions and cabbage to combine, pour the pepper, carefully to mix.
  • Add the vinegar, again mix well and put the dish for an hour in a cool and dark place. After you put on plate.

Diet sweet and sour cabbage salad for weight loss. Recipe

Components: 40 ml cream 230 gr. cabbage.

Preparation: chop the cabbage, pour the cream, carefully mix and put in the fridge.

Salad of marinated cabbage. Recipe

Ingredients: 15 gr. salt, 60 ml oil 170 gr. cabbage.


  • Cabbage thinly slice, place in a shallow dish and grind until it will not go juice.
  • Squeeze the cabbage to survive in a container. Apply cabbage salad by adding oil.

Radishes and cauliflower. Recipe

Ingredients: watercress, 220 gr. radishes, 330 gr. cauliflower.

For the filling: 25 GRS. Luke, 25 ml of lemon juice, 55 ml of olive oil.


  • Boil the cauliflower, let it cool, divide into small Kocheshkov, put in a salad bowl, decorate with watercress and radishes.
  • Make a dressing from lemon juice, butter, finely chopped onion.

Diet salad with zucchini for weight loss. Recipe

Ingredients: 1 pickled or fresh cucumber, 1 zucchini, 1 Apple, 1 small onion, 1tbsp.l. unrefined vegetable oils, 1ch.l. fresh lemon peel, 1st.l. chopped parsley, 2st.l. cream.


  • Apple wash, cut into 4 wedges, remove the core and peel. Zucchini clean from the skin. Prepared zucchini and Apple hold under cold water and then grate on a large grater. Cucumber cut into small cubes. Peel the onion, cut into rings.
  • All components of the mix, put the lemon zest, pour the sour cream, butter and again carefully to mix.
  • Transfer to a deep container and decorate with greens.
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Salad vegetables «In Manchester». Recipe

For cooking you will need sea salt, 20 gr. butter, 280 gr. cabbage.


  • A head to cut, and removing the stalks, cook until tender.
  • After you put the cabbage between the two dishes and squeeze water from it, cut into pieces, add salt, pour oil.

Delicious vegetable salad of carrots with greens. Recipe

Components: 4st.l. chopped greens of dill, celery and parsley, 240 gr. carrots, 1st.l. unrefined vegetable oil, 1 stalk of leek.


  • Carrots wash, peel the skin and grate or chop using a blender to make a homogeneous mixture. Onions wash and cut into rings.
  • A carrot to shift in a salad bowl, put onion rings, then sprinkle with herbs. Add to the oil.
  • Remove half an hour in the fridge, using this time to put on plates.

These are simple and delicious diet salads for weight loss can be easily done at home using ordinary ingredients. Choose exactly the product which suits you taste and start to experiment.

Photo diet salads