Simple ways to lose weight without diets, pills and exercise at home

The stereotype that if there is extra weight, you need to lose weight, remains relevant at all times, for any age and gender. This approach is not quite correct, because before you drop those extra pounds, is to find the cause of their appearance. Understand the reason, most likely, the extra weight loss simply not required.

The fact that any strict diets give only temporary results. In addition, extreme weight loss negative impact on health.

That is why many girls today are interested in how to lose weight at home without painful diets, complex exercise, pills or causing harm to her health.

So, the first thing to do is to have a notebook for important notes and to buy a scale. Getting up in the morning and going to the toilet, need to be weighed to record the «point weight».

Now for the rules you need to know for effective weight loss without dieting at home.

  1. To realize that to lose weight effortlessly, is simply impossible. You need to find a serious motive for weight loss. If this is not impossible, it is possible to consult a professional psychologist for help. Found the motive to write it down in a notebook on the first page, to return to him at every opportunity.
  2. Don’t wait intended for tomorrow, because no one ever started a new life on Monday.
  3. Never starve yourself. The body cannot be fooled, because he needs the nutrients for the existence of him and he will begin to save fat reserves.
  4. To lose weight at home without dieting, sports and not causing harm is necessary to select a balanced menu, without harmful and artificial ingredients.
  5. The main factors of harmony and Wellness is proper nutrition, lifestyle and moderate exercise. Building your own life so as to meet these conditions, work is guaranteed to look good and feel great about it.

Proper nutrition and diet — key to healthy slimness

For effective weight loss and preservation of harmony are important components of the supply balance, that is intake of calories corresponding energy costs. And you don’t have to completely restrict your diet, torturing diets,because the menu should remain varied, tasty and tailored to the real needs of the body. To get rid of excess weight without dieting and pills will help the following rules of supply:

  • You need to completely give up sweets and sugar, if you really want to, you can eat natural honey or dried fruit.
  • Should be excluded from the diet bread and pasta, except durum.
  • To eat needs the maximum amount of vegetables, fish and dairy products.
  • The sugar contained in fruits and berries is also affecting weight gain. For this reason, you need to limit the amount of consumption.
  • There is a need in small portions, the stomach is very quickly adapts to the correct diet and soon you will be satisfied with just one Apple.
  • You need to diversify your menu products with a high content of fiber, which many in legumes and whole grains, oats, nuts, raw apples, citrus, raspberries, avocado and cabbage. Fiber will help to lose weight in a timely manner causing the feeling of satiety and cleaning the intestines.
  • During the day, must be not less than three full meals and a couple snacks.
  • Not necessary during meals to watch TV or computer, as in a state of emotional tension diet is much less digestible.
  • Thoroughly chew food, in this form it is quicker digested and better absorbed by the body. Besides the feeling of satiety comes only after some time and if there is a slow, often it turns out not to overeat.
  • Do not eat at night, only water or yogurt with 1% fat.
  • Drink coffee, which is the mass of nutrients, it is able to suppress hunger and helps to lose weight. Besides, this drink is very invigorating, gives strength, accelerates metabolism and improves blood circulation, thus, fat reserves are burned without effort.
  • If coffee is not to your liking, and lose weight with the help of ginger or green tea, which is able to suppress hunger and a spice essential oil has a tonic effect and stimulates metabolic processes in the body.
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Moderate physical activity — sport

The fundamental word here is «moderate» — it is not necessary to overwork your body, doing a lot. You can devote time favorite physical activity, whether it’s the pool, Cycling or walking through the evening streets. It is important not to sit still !

There are many simple and affordable exercise classes for weight loss at home. Here are some of them:

  • The most simple and accessible – walking. It is important to move quickly and at least 30 minutes daily. In addition to losing weight, it’s a great workout for the heart muscle.
  • To lose weight feet, you need to move the «jib,» i.e., sit down and move around, not fully straightening the legs.
  • Lying on your side need to raise the straightened leg as high up as possible.
  • In the supine position, run, a well-known exercise «scissors».
  • Lying on the stomach to SAG in the back, raising arms and legs.
  • Press, in the supine position with legs bent, you must raise the body to the knees.
  • Weight loss without strict dieting help exercising with Hoop. Such exercises effectively help you to lose body fat on waist, buttocks and thighs.

The beauty of home exercise for weight loss that you can train at any time, in any clothes and no money. Do not expect instant results, set yourself realistic goals and a slender athletic body will not take long , the effect will remain for a long time.

Valuable tips for weight loss at home

As an aid to weight loss sometimes spend on drink a course of activated charcoal, which helps to clean the intestines from toxins. A side effect of the coal is dehydrated and needs to drink at least two liters of water daily when it is used.

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Good effect is given soda baths. You need 300 gr. soda mixed with 450 gr. sea salt and dilute with hot water. To take a bath with this solution for 30 minutes before bedtime. This way to lose weight at home has anti-cellulite effect, but it is not for everyone.

In any case, by applying the new method to lose weight, even if it’s not one of the diets, it is useful to consult with a doctor!

A little about the way of life

You need to understand that to lose weight will not work until then, until you get rid of bad habits. Bad habits impede digestion, damage the skin and undermine health. As practice shows, the correct way of life is an important component in how to lose weight without exhausting diets, exercising and tablets at home.