Siofor 850 for weight loss: instructions for use, price and reviews

Any woman who dreams to lose weight, knows the names of at least two or three drugs for reducing weight, regardless of whether she used them or not. The popularity of these drugs, which promise the maximum effect without effort, never decreases, and with the advent of summer season, it only increases.

Among the large number of different media stands out for weight loss drug Siofor 850. How to take and how long to expect the effect? Let’s look at these questions.

What is the drug Siofor 850 is and how it works?

Unlike other drugs Siofor 850 cannot much boast of the original property, as a means to reduce weight. In the beginning it was designed not for these purposes. Active weight reduction is some side effect. Originally this drug was created for the prevention and treatment of type II diabetes.

This type of diabetes is characterized by a constant high amount of sugar in the blood due to dysfunction of the pancreas and kidneys that are engaged in the formation of insulin (the hormone responsible for the breakdown of glucose, which comes to us through food).

The main active component of Metformin. Scientists a few centuries ago was discovered its hypoglycemic qualities. This substance affects the natural formation of glucose, significantly reducing its level, because of this and there is a slimming effect.

Glucose during diabetes is always in excess of that required to fuel the brain and muscles. Usually, the body gets glucose from food. When food reaches the stomach, the pancreas begins to work intensively and to produce insulin, which, in turn, breaks down glucose and transportorul it in those tissues where it is most needed. This excess glucose is «in reserve». This excess glucose is the most hated kilograms, inexorably additional during disease.

Siofor 850 reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. All glucose is spent only on maintaining the functioning of the brain and the muscles, and the surplus remains. Through time, the body begins to slowly burn before the reserves to maintain its normal operation. This process weight loss is absolutely safe for all vital processes of the body.

Combining this tool with normal physical exercise and a healthy diet gives quite a quick and, most importantly, lasting effect.

Composition Ciofora

Metformin hydrochloride is the formal name of the active substance. In one pill its amount is not less than 850 milligrams. The dosage is indicated directly in the title. There are also drugs Siofor 500 and 1000, in one pill, respectively, is 500 and 1,000 milligrams.

Additional substances:

  • magnesium stearate — 5 mg;
  • povidone — 45 milligrams;
  • hypromellose is 30 milligrams.

Magnesium stearate is an emulsifier. It connects the components that can’t be unite under normal conditions in a single mass, for example, fat and water, oil and water. Is a dietary Supplement. European title – E 572. Even despite this, food production is quite rare. Main purpose – pharmacology. Povidone helps more active absorption of active components. The povidone is used for cleansing the colon and stomach of toxins. Polymer – this component connects the main substance.

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The composition of the shell:

  • titanium dioxide (E 171) — 8 milligrams;
  • macrogol 6000 — 2 milligrams;
  • hypromellose is 10 milligrams.

About hypromellose we have already said. Macrogol retains the active components in the stomach, enabling them to be completely absorbed in its walls, before the organism withdraw them. The addition of titanium dioxide paint the shell white. E 171 made safe and approved for use in EU countries and the CIS.

Contraindications to the use of

Before delving into knowledge about what is Siofor 850 and how to take for weight loss, you need to carefully study contraindications, as they are quite a large number:

  • Any violations of the kidneys and chronic disease, an acute form which can lead to kidney complications.
  • Diabetes of the first type.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Dysfunction of the pancreas.
  • Failure when breathing.
  • Anemia.
  • Chronic alcoholism.
  • Just injuries and operations.
  • Intolerance to the above substances.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding period.

In addition to contraindications exist, and a number of rules that need to be considered if taking this drug, called special instructions.

Special instructions for using

To take the drug Siofor 850 is prohibited two days before x-ray examination.

It is forbidden to take the drug together with multivitamin complexes, and drugs containing high amounts of iodine. This combination creates a huge load on the kidneys.

In the first 14 days it is undesirable to engage in work that requires extreme precision and care.

During the course of treatment to take alcoholic drinks is very dangerous. When using the drug it is desirable to carry out routine inspection and also the tests for normal kidney function.

How to take the drug Siofor 850 for weight loss?

Of all the means of this line of the drug, most effective dosage of active components of the drug Siofor 850, so how to use this tool for losing weight, it is very interesting to many people.

A number of techniques and the exact dose of this means can only be determined by the doctor after a global inspection, verification of the amount of sugar in the blood. Independent use without the prior analyses can be very sad consequences.

In the instructions to Siofor 850 provided the following tips.

Adults initial dosage should not be more than one pill daily before or after meals. At the initial stage even suggest to pay attention to drugs at a concentration of either use Siofor 1000 and divide one pill into 2 halves. At this dose, the faster the body can get used to reducing the amount of sugar in the blood. Two weeks later, the volume can be increased to 500mg. That is, every two weeks, increasing the dose, the body slowly found the necessary amount of active ingredients. Already at the second dose can be divided using the pills twice a day.

As a rule, it is recommended to use 1-2 tablets three times a day, for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dose of this tool is subject to prescription. Thus, the dosage should not be over 3000 mg daily, that is, not more than 6 tablets Сиофор500 3 Сиофор1000 and 4,5 Siofor 850.

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If use of the drug for children up to 18 years of age, the maximum dose should be 2000 mg daily. In the first stage, the dose should be no more than 500 mg daily, so one tablet Сиофор500 in the beginning is enough.

Side effects

The instructions are those side effects:

  • Vomiting and nausea.
  • The decrease in the perception of taste.
  • Reactions on the skin if you are allergic to the substance.
  • The taste of metal in my mouth.

Most often, these adverse phenomena appear only in the first 14 days. If you are allergic person will need to say goodbye to the use of the tool or try to replace it with something similar. Vomiting and nausea indicate that the body receives excessive for the number of doses of the active components. In this case, it is sufficient only to divide the dose a couple of times.

Siofor 850 is desirable to accept only people with high amount of sugar in the blood. If it starts to use people that have this value is normal, it can lead to imbalance. Lack of glucose can negatively affect brain function. The person becomes more diffuse and tires, there may be small lapses of memory. If these symptoms an urgent need to discontinue the course.

Disadvantages of Ciofora

You need to remember that the use of Ciofora for reducing weight shall be carried out under the supervision of a physician. Since it is not biologically Supplement and medicine which is intended for the treatment of diabetes. The result of independent use of this tool can be failures in the body, which lead to the emergence of certain diseases.

In addition, you need not forget about the specifics of this drug, namely, weight reduction occurs only in people who have a sufficient amount of insulin. Sometimes there are side-effects, e.g. allergic reactions, nausea, unpleasant taste in the mouth, can also be gastrointestinal disorders.

Advantages and feedback of application Ciofora for weight loss

The main advantage of the use Ciofora is a quick weight loss. Many people who take this remedy for weight loss, the testimonials say about the emergence of an aversion to some varieties of foods that contain carbohydrates. And many continue to eat in the usual way, without gaining weight and moreover, not limiting themselves to sweet.

If reduce weight you take Siofor, the additional physical activity you need. Unnecessary weight goes off without any problems. Though Wellness treatments, for example, as chocolate wrapping, you can not, and even should be carried out.

Siofor slimming reviews finds more positive. And based on this feedback, we can confidently say that this drug helps to stop eating sweets, and thus protects the body from attacks of hunger. Also reviews indicate that for a month of use, they were able to lose 5 to 15 kg, and significantly decreased the volume of the body.

Siofor started to use on the advice of the endocrinologist. Used 5 months as a result dropped 11 pounds. Took to normalize the cycle. With him all was well. What about the side effects, the doctor told me immediately that can vomiting, taste in the mouth and so on, but nothing that I felt. Sat a while on a low carbohydrate diet. Salt and sugar are completely eliminated from your menu, as well as some products. Used, the portions were much smaller. By and large, these pills is not a problem, if you use them under the supervision of a doctor, sometimes simple painkillers they give much greater harm.

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Vika Moscow

Siofor for the doctor, use it for a long time, but would not recommend to do it without consulting with your doctor. The state of my health at the start of drug intake was pretty dire: diabetes, which was accompanied by a very high weight. Diet doesn’t help and then I went to another doctor who prescribed me the above mentioned product. Now my weight hasn’t reached the level that I wanted and which would give me the opportunity to lead a normal life, but still, I already feel better: my weight no longer hinders me to move freely. Decided to continue the course under the supervision of a physician.

Lena Kiev

After birth, recovered strongly adhere to different diets, used Reduxine. For the month of 6 kg lost weight, stopped drinking, and again the weight back. Counting calories and, eventually, stopped eating, drank only water. Had not the strength, the weight added could not determine why, a friend recommended to refer to the endocrinologist, has handed over many analyses, and as a result, sugar is elevated, hormone TSH is elevated. Appointed Siofor 1000, but I used it with the increase, initially at 1.5 pills etc. up to 2 tablets per day, plus eutirox for reducing hormones.

Side effects were diarrhea and metallic taste, the doctor warned about this. He threw for 1.5 months 20 kg, but was on a diet, no fat and flour. Have not been able to conceive after three months as a result of the girl, here again the weight comes back, I’ll re-take the course, but under the supervision of a physician. Independently use these pills dangerous.

Marina Penza