Slimming belt Vulcan Classic: reviews, composition and principle of operation, application instructions Volcano belt

Anyone who wants to lose weight, wants to have a flat stomach and thin waist. To cope with intolerable inches and pounds without diets and special physical activity will help a wonderful tool – belt Volcano. It refers to the type of belt-saunas, wearing which the body is heated and massaged the area of the abdomen. But before you start to use this tool for weight loss, you need to find out what is the zone of the Volcano and read reviews about it losing weight.

Belt Vulcan classic: structure, principle of operation

The belt consists of several layers, each of which performs its function:

  1. The inner layer is special and is made of neoprene with thermoelem. The basis of this layer are excellent in flexibility stretched cells neoprofen. Due to them the belt tightly hugs the waist. Micro massage of the skin is due to the inner part of neoprene, which is closed thermoelem. Warmth is maintained without harm to the skin because the material is able to eliminate the excess sweat and provide airflow.
  2. The outer layer consists of nylon with lycra. Nylon does not allow to penetrate the cold air inside, and spandex keeps you warm while massaging problem areas.

The actions of these layers on the human body is heated skin, accelerate metabolism, improves the circulation and nutrition of the skin and subcutaneous layers, muscle toniziruyut. The effectiveness of the Vulcan classic directly depends on physical activity of losing weight. Grueling exercises when wearing it to do not necessary, but during exercise the effectiveness of weight loss increases by 30%. The belt will help to tighten the muscles, and elasticity of the body.

Made of special materials belt Vulkan cares for the skin. Its density is such that it will protect people from injury even under intense physical loads.

Usage instructions

A slimming belt wraps around the waist to secure it in the abdomen need not be very tight, not to pinched internal organs. On top of it, you can wear any clothes. Because of the irritation zone is, you can wear it up to 12 hours, but with breaks every three hours. Within an hour the body needs to rest. If you have sensitive skin underneath, it is recommended to wear cotton underwear.

Advantages of the Volcano belt

The advantages of weight loss products Vulkan include:

  • use during any activity;
  • getting rid of the «ears» on the sides and the stretch marks;
  • improve metabolism and blood circulation;
  • help in diseases such as sciatica, tension vertebral joints, cramps in the kidneys, pain in the lower back;
  • a loss of approximately 6 cm in the waist 2-3 months of wearing the belt.

With regular use Volcano belt, the first results are visible already after 2-3 weeks.

Disadvantages belt Vulkan

Before wearing tool for weight loss, you must consult with your doctor and carefully study the instruction on its application. The disadvantages of a Volcano include:

  1. Every two to three hours belt must be removed to allow the body to rest.
  2. The volcano gives only temporary results. If you stop to wear it and throw sport and diet, dropped the extra pounds will return to his former owner.
  3. In the normal functioning of the body belt only slightly speeds up metabolism. To fully correct a broken metabolism, it is not.
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Tool for weight loss Volcano is not recommended to carry the following diseases:

  • you are sensitive skin;
  • allergic reactions to nylon, spandex, neoprofen;
  • dysfunction of the pancreas and kidneys;
  • women’s gynecological diseases.

Tool for weight loss is strictly forbidden for pregnant women to wear.

To speed up the process of weight loss belt the Volcano will help you, but guarantee that the adjusted figure will always remain in the same state will not. So buying slimming products will be justified only in the case if the perfection of your body you are ready to make Maxim efforts.

Zone Volcano: reviews slimming

The belt helps to lose weight, I saw his mother-in-law. She wore it every day in the summer, and very noticeably thinner. Since she lives in the common house, put on the Volcano before working in the garden. In such a exertion, the result was excellent. Weight loss is due to the fact that the area below the belt warmer, with the result that «melts» fat. Just want to warn you that more than 3 hours tool for weight loss cannot be worn. Be sure to take a break of one hour. Otherwise, overheating of the internal organs can lead to various diseases.

Last year I also wore the belt and the effect was noticed by just a few days. Unfortunately, I then forgot about it and remembered just a few days ago due to the fact that you’ve got a cold in the back. The volcano not only helps lose weight but also relieves back pain. The same belt is my husband, who often has a sore back, and the Volcano he perfectly helps to cope with the pain. To lose weight quickly, I sometimes put under the belt remedy for cellulite. I think that if, in addition to charge, then the result will be even better. So in your opinion anyone who wants to lose weight, I recommend the Volcano classic.

Katerina, Ukraine

Two years ago my wife and I bought a belt Vulcan classic, of which I want to write a review. When my wife was discharged from the hospital, she needed a tool to tighten the tummy, which in itself is not abating. The choice we stopped at the waistband of the Volcano, and I can say that it is just wonderful. It helps not only for weight loss but also for pain in the lower back. The wide waistband is Velcro, my wife wears every day because she has a sore lower back. It has a very convenient Velcro, which is well kept and does not interfere. According to the instructions, you can wear it for three hours a day. The greatest effect can be achieved if you wear it during sports or when working in the country. In General, the Volcano we are happy.

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Sergey, Russia

Miracle remedy for weight loss acquired not so long ago, pre-reading reviews about it. Wear it every day for three weeks. He is so comfortable that I just forget about the belt and sometimes not removed for 5 hours. No irritation or discomfort I do not feel. Not to say that the skin is sweating heavily, but the result is already there. Even my husband noticed that my belly is much thinner and became similar to the one that was once in his youth. Three weeks minus 3 cm in waist! I advise everyone!

Galina, Chelyabinsk

Not long ago I learned from a friend about the effective tool for weight loss – zone of the Volcano. Her mother also wore it and spoke well. Because after birth I’m well recovered, I decided to try it. Volcano classic I have worn for 4 hours per day. At this time I rocked the press or engaged in housework. As a result, for a week from the sides and the waist I get out at 3 cm! My joy knew no bounds. If I still ate less, the result would have been better.

The belt fits snugly around the waist and creates a warming effect. It is well heats the back, so it helps with back pain. I have lower back ache became less. If wearing the belt on the skin will be allergic, then he can just wear thin underwear. All suggest the Volcano classic, with which you can get rid of extra inches at the waist just doing your household chores.

Evgeny, Moscow

In my review I want to tell you about the way to lose weight a Volcano. This belt I bought for a long time and used from case to case. There was no result. And recently I decided to try a different technique. Now the belt I wear when Jogging or at the gym. Along with exercise get a good result. Burn more energy, increased sweating, due to which leave extra centimeters. That is, the effect of the sauna. Plus the belt is recommended to be worn during exercise, as it keeps well back. Not suit me there is only Velcro that keeps trying to pop open and the belt begins to hang.

Olga, Ufa

I sometimes have back pain and I bought the zone of the Volcano, which reviews and helps with back pain. It’s actually because when wearing it the pain goes away. But for weight loss it does not help. I use the Volcano for 3 months and no results. Therefore, if you decide to decrease it by using your waist, then most likely you will fail. But if you blew the back or kidneys, then the belt will help. Especially good to wear in winter to protect the back from cold and draughts.

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The product is made of elastic rubber and comes in different sizes, so problems with the choice will not. Velcro first keeps time well, but over time becomes hard to zip up. I want to say that because of the smell of sweat wash zone to have very often. This should be done only by hand, the washing machine is not recommended.

Paul, Kazakhstan

Like many women, after giving birth, I faced the problem of extra inches on the waist and abdomen. In the pharmacy I recommend the slimming belt Volcano, promising stunning effect. Since the price it was acceptable, I bought this wonderful tool. Wore it for four months every day for 6 hours. In the hope that lose weight, each week we measured the waist. As a result, this time took only 2 centimeters. I think that for the sake of this insignificant result, it’s silly to torture yourself with this device. You can get more if you just go on a diet and doing physical exercise.

Emilia, Ulan-Ude

To lose 3-4 kg, and remove the fat on the sides and stomach, the pharmacy, I bought zone of the Volcano. I was doing aerobics, cleaning the house and doing various physical exercises. And, I want to tell you, slimming effect from the Volcano did not receive any. Of course, while it on the body, perspire intensively. But after a few days the skin is covered with pimples, although my skin to allergic reactions tend not.

Started wearing a belt to support your back for pain in the spine, but to walk in it is not very comfortable, and after an hour I had removed. Gave the Vulcan relatives, but none of them have not lost weight, but the irritation was all. So I think that Vulkan is just a waste of money and time. To lose weight it is impossible.

Gagarin, Abakan