Slimming for the lazy at home: only 1 Cup of water in the morning minus 2 kg per day

It’s hard to find someone who is not faced with the problem of excess weight. Modern man is difficult to resist the numerous temptations, which lead to excess weight. Despite different life circumstances, we all want to look great, but not everyone can exercise this will power, hard to do in a gym to sit on a rigid diet. What about those who are lazy and cannot bring myself to lose weight through exercise and diet? In this article we will look at some ways to lose weight for lazy at home.

Effective weight loss for lazy

Few people enjoys the extra pounds. Excess weight not only spoils the appearance, but also injurious to health. To quickly part with excess weight, you need to be patient and to diligently do them. It does not all have the strength, time and desire. What about those who, for various circumstances can not go to gyms, in order to take the food, cook healthy food?

There are several ways to help people inactive, too busy with work and other things. Slimming for the lazy at home easy and affordable. There are several variations of simple recipes that you can use to achieve significant results and become slim.

Part of any diet must be natural pure water. We all know that every day each person should eat a certain amount of clean water without gas. To ensure that the water benefits the body and contributed to the rapid reduction of excess weight it is necessary to drink during the day. Has long been proven that better to drink for 20-30 minutes before eating 2 cups.

While eating you can drink water and other drinks, as well as after a meal within 2 hours. If you can not eat full, and I want something to eat, you should drink water two hours before a snack. In other words, 2 cups of water should become the norm in the daily diet and drink they need only 20-30 minutes to receive any food rations. This method of weight loss will work only in case of strict observance of this rule. To understand this scheme, we consider a sample diet for one day.

  • Breakfast — in the morning you should drink 2 cups of water and then after a 20-30 minute interval, you can sit down to Breakfast. At the end of the meal the food nothing to drink.
  • Lunch — again, you must drink the right amount of water and then after a time a complete meal. Drink it does not.
  • Dinner — you can drink two cups instead of only one, and then 20-30 minutes for dinner, not drinking dinner drinks.
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If during the day, provides a snack or lunch also you need to drink 1-2 glasses of water before taking even the lightest food, and, most importantly, the food nothing to drink for 2 hours.

What are the benefits of water in fast way to lose weight for the lazy?

For the normal functioning of the body and urinary system, and also for good detoxification, toxins and other harmful substances you need to drink daily water. Natural liquid activates the digestive organs and metabolism. For this reason, nutritionists recommend before each meal drink about half a liter of pure water without gas.

Clean water before eating will help to digest food, because the carbohydrates are degraded at an accelerated rate. If not to drink it after meals for 2 hours, the stomach will be easier to function and digest food normally. Drink 2 glasses of water before eating should be a strict rule for many years. This will help:

  • to lose weight;
  • keep your normal weight;
  • to be active;
  • to feel healthy.

If you follow these recommendations, then after a few weeks, you can lose 5-8 kg of excess weight.

Secrets and recipes slimming for the lazy

There are a few Golden rules, following which you can lose weight without harm to health and without any physical exertion, exhausting diets.

Breakfast should be mandatory in any way of eating, if you want to lose extra pounds. Good Breakfast with healthy food will the body only benefits and will give him strength and energy. This is especially important if you plan a trip to the store for shopping. On a full stomach people will choose products more carefully and deliberately. When there is hunger, it is often bought up everything about the harmony and no one remembers.

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In the diet can also reduce the amount of carbohydrates and fats. This should be done slowly and gradually so that the body did not feel stress.

Right will monitor the caloric content of consumed food. In General, for the whole day the number of calories you should be at the level of 1600 units.

If you really want to have, then it is possible to make a little snack:

  • prunes:
  • muesli;
  • raisins;
  • dried apricots.

Slimming for the lazy at home

To become more slender, not necessarily to engage in the gym to exhaustion. It will be enough time in the day to do exercises or Hiking in the evening. The pace is necessary to select a quiet, it was nice to walk. For this, you can take a companion with whom to communicate. The time will fly by and benefits the body will get a lot. Sleep will be healthier and stronger after a walk in the fresh air. Normal exercise will help to burn excess calories.

In charging enables simple and accessible exercises that will take only minutes. 10-15, but the benefits will be great. You need to make 20 swings forward and to the side of each leg and 20 squats, and 20 tilts forward. Workout will help to accelerate the process of metabolism in the body.

A sauna can be a great method to remove body fat. Enough only two hours a week to devote to the trip to the sauna or bath. This method will help not only reduce weight but also improve skin condition, improve health.

Proper breathing — another one of the recipes weight loss for the lazy. Inhalation and exhalation are performed with a certain depth and speed. Preferably these exercises to do outdoors you can also use the balcony. The body can get enough oxygen for only a few minutes of training. If done correctly, you can get rid of extra folds on the body and prevent new ones.

Slimming for the lazy: just 1 Cup in the morning — minus 2 kg per day

Not always the process of losing weight quickly. You should be patient and execute simple rules. They will help to remove weight, if you listen to the mini-tips, recipes and experienced nutritionists and specialists.

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When there is a desire to become elegant, and the portion on the plate should be elegant. Portions of food that are eaten before, it is better to reduce 3 times. In your plate, it is desirable to impose the food yourself. Full plate of food looks appetizing, so you can enjoy a few moments kind of culinary masterpiece, and a third to bring it back.

During the meal should be very slow to absorb the food, especially the first 10 spoons.

Before meals preferably make a small charge for 1 minutes. It will help to reduce the appetite. Even the most delicious food is not the last in life. This thought should come to mind during the meal.

If for a few minutes before eating to take a warm shower, it will help to reduce the appetite and to treat food differently. Many argue that it gives a positive effect in losing weight.

It is advisable to arrange more «Salad day.» It is necessary to prepare a large bowl of salad and eat the whole day a salad. It is unlikely that after large servings of salad you eat any other food.

Lazy can lose weight like everyone else, but using other methods. It only remains to apply them and see a positive result.