Smaller meals: how it can help to lose weight, reviews on weight loss and photos of the results

Extra pounds – a sore point for many. And, of course, most of us aim to resolve it as quickly and efficiently. Diet is perhaps the most popular way to lose unwanted weight, but agree, sometimes even the thought of this method of weight loss depressing to sit hungry, forget about the delicious food, eat tasteless food, and a little bit…

Actually it is not so. It is not necessary to starve yourself, because it is unlikely to solve the problem – «frightened» by the lack of food the body in the end, even of minimum quantities of food caught in it will begin to store fat. It is better to choose such a diet, during which you will feel comfortable, you will not have a hard limit on the amount of food eaten, but to lose weight thus will be much faster and more pleasant than a strict diet.

One of these wonderful diet fraction. You can eat everything you love and everything you want. No suffering, hunger faints and dreams about cakes! And weight-loss results exceed all expectations! A month without much labor goes not only 4-5 pounds, maybe more, but 4-7 inches. Due to the overwhelming effect of the fractional power became very popular and earned a lot of positive reviews. Many people are happy to post their photos to transition to this diet and after it, because the result is obvious — and figure «after the» I want to brag!

However, this method to lose weight effectively, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • to comply with the principles of nutrition (not to increase the portions and follow a schedule);
  • after 18-20 hours (depending on what time you go to bed);
  • to pay at least a small time to physical exercise.

What is fractional power

Fractional power represents a particular mode of food intake when the daily diet is divided into smaller portions, which are not less than 3-4. 5 hours, with the exception of a night’s sleep, of course. Thanks to this way of eating accelerates metabolism to accelerate the digestion of ingested nutrients. As a result, the body intensely burns flowing into it the food already settled and spends the reserves of fat. As soon as the gap between meals becomes more, the body begins to stockpile fat, slowing down the process of losing weight.

Principles of fractional power

Despite the fact that the principles of the fractional power is quite simple, if two approaches to this diet:

  1. Eat when I wanted, but only a little. That is felt the hunger I ate a piece of cookie or Apple, who he loves; satisfied – to have ceased; he wanted to have after 10 minutes – another piece. The main principle is not to overeat and follow the desires of his stomach and not the eyes. The only drawback – it turns out that you’ll have the whole day. Also note that food is digested 2-2. 5 hours, so with this diet another portion enters the body when the previous one has not yet had time to digest.
  2. A common and effective approach: eat 5-6 times per day after a certain time. Three times it should have full-fledged, two-three – snack. This method more convenient, especially for those who work, because they have no opportunity something to chew on every five minutes. Than frequent meals is better than eating once or twice a day? If you eat no more than two times a day, the body breaks down not fat, and your muscles. And if you are eating profusely, and allow myself junk food, after eating, you can dramatically up the level of insulin, and this triggers the calories are immediately stored in fat.
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The mode fractional power

In General, the menu of this diet is no different from the usual, the only difference is the portion sizes and frequency of their admission. But it is in your best interest to limit to a minimum or to exclude flour and sweet, then weight loss process will go more intensively. But even while maintaining the total number of calories meals 5-6 times a day extra pounds go pretty fast. The basic principle of 5-6 meals a day that starts the fat burning process and can quickly lose weight:

  • 3 times a day you should have hot dish;
  • 2-3 times a day you can easily eat;
  • 1 time per day allowed to eat a small piece of something sweet.

How should be organized a diet with fractional diet?

  1. Need a hot Breakfast within an hour after waking up. This is very important, as it was during the Breakfast you can eat almost anything, if you want to save weight. If you want to reset it – it will reduce the amount of sweet. If extra pounds too many, you need to reconsider the caloric value of the foods you eat, and thoroughly approach the selection of products to a fractional power.
  2. The second point: the maximum amount of carbohydrates should be taken in the first half of the day, that is, in the first two or three meals. By evening, the diet should be mostly protein and vegetables. But in General, protein foods should be consumed in each meal.
  3. The amount of food should be equal to the glass or handfuls.
  4. Recommended snacking on nutritious food, should not be included in snack chips, nuts, fast food, sweets or chocolate bars.

Thus eating every three to four hours, you will receive sufficient amounts of nutrients, fiber and vitamins needed by the body, and lose weight without harm for health. This diet does not harm even nursing mothers!

During pregnancy I gained almost 10 pounds, and after pregnancy could not cope with appetite and gained even more. The weight was off the charts! On their habitual diet to take is not resolved – still a nursing mother. Scoured the Internet, consulted with a physician and decided to try the smaller meals. Eat every two hours. But little by little! Of course there were breakdowns, but I did.

And here is the result: in just three weeks my weight was less than 7 pounds! And interestingly, milk was the more. Feel great: and weight goes, and the baby is happy! What is most interesting milk I have become much more than it was! Feel great and lose weight, and the baby is happy!

Inna N.

Sample menu to lose weight

For Breakfast eat porridge or muesli, you can eat a slice of whole wheat bread with cheese, any fruit tea, but not with sugar but with honey, coffee with milk.

  1. For the first snack well suited with a natural yogurt, wholegrain bread, fruit.
  2. For lunch, eat a soup or a piece of lean meat with vegetables or salad.
  3. For the second snack you can eat curd or drink tea with a low calorie dessert.
  4. During dinner it is best to opt for fish, lean meat, cheese or boiled eggs. Supplement can be vegetable side dish or salad.
  5. If after the last meal 18-20 hours unbearable – drink low-fat kefir, yogurt or vegetable juice, not later than one hour before bedtime.
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Be sure to follow that diet present foods containing omega-polyunsaturated fatty acids (e.g., olive, mustard, Flaxseed oil, fish oil), vitamins, minerals (you can take an additional special complexes) and a sufficient amount of clean water. Be sure to drink at least two liters of fluid a day! This refers to pure non-carbonated water, tea, soda and other drinks don’t count. Be sure to read what is written about fractional power slimming. In some cases, they give a detailed menu, through which they brought her figure back to normal.

Since my childhood tend to be overweight. Thick I can not be called, but the extra weight has always been. Unfortunately, parents not instilled in me the basics of proper nutrition and the extra weight is a lot of diseases and complexes that do not allow us to live a normal life.

After pregnancy my weight got even bigger, I ate fat, I could eat nothing all day, and then nalopatsya to satiety. When I finally realized that I shouldn’t, I would periodically sit on diets. And that’s what I say, neither exhausting diet does not give such a result as a fractional power!

It’s simple: eat 5-6 times a day with portions that fit into a glass, and drink about two liters of water a day.

Definitely Breakfast! Will not have Breakfast – you will not lose weight! Before lunch, the body produces necessary energy after lunch – lays into fat. Therefore, all the delicious, unhealthy, sweet, etc. – just before lunch! I prefer milk porridge or scrambled egg with vegetables with a minimum of oil.

For lunch I eat a fruit or vegetable salad.

For lunch – any soup without frying, stewed chicken, minced chicken, steamed fish with vegetables. Vegetables and herbs have to include – they help digestion and supply the body with vitamins and microelements.

In the afternoon I eat dairy products, fruits, excluding high-calorie (bananas, grapes, etc.), vegetables, salads.

For dinner only protein foods: fish, lean meat, in any case not fried and the vegetables!!! Eat dinner three hours before bedtime. Before bedtime can drink kefir or yogurt without sugar. For almost half of nutrition I lost 10 pounds! If you compare my pictures before and after I switched to this diet, amaze even me!

The pounds go away slowly, but forever, otherwise why to lose weight? Now this is my way of life! And when I added to it the gym, the figure has acquired graceful lines. By the way, I can afford fried potatoes, fast food, pizza… But it’s not more than once a week!

Mary N.

The calorific value at the fractional power

As for the calories, for intensive weight loss at the fractional power in a day should be consumed no more than 1600 Kcal. However, you should not eat less than 1200 Calories, because reducing caloric intake, oddly enough, will prevent weight loss.

Please note: if, before the transition to smaller meals the calorie content of your normal diet were significantly above or significantly below these numbers, then bring it to the recommended volumes should gradually, a sharp increase or decrease caloric can damage your health.

Especially carefully to this advice need to treat those who are sitting on a strict diet eating no more than 1000 Kcal per day. In this case, the need to increase calories gradually and increase physical activity.

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The advantages of fractional power

Of course, as any other way to lose weight, on fractional diet you can hear a variety of responses. In spite of sufficient simplicity of this method of nutrition, not everyone is able to sustain a strict eating regimen on the clock. Nevertheless, the majority in accordance with: fractional power nice and helpful in comparison with many other opportunities to lose weight.

I switched to smaller meals and came to the conclusion that this is exactly what I need. First, we can not give up the foods, secondly, there is no feelings of hunger and poor health, as in the other diets. Calorie reduced gradually, imperceptibly, but decreased appetite. The effect lasts a very long time – I stopped the fat deposited on the waist and hips, problem areas in almost any zone, and my husband, who moved to split meals with me, on my stomach.

Olga M.

In addition to the pounds melt rather quickly, with no sharp sense of hunger, as in conventional diets, therefore have no desire to eat more – the body knows that after three hours to feed him again, so no need to eat their fill here and now. This is a great way to control appetite! But acute attacks of starvation during a hard diet indicate that the body is going to store fat for future use.

Another significant advantage is due to the fractional power maintained a high level of metabolism, thus more calories expended. And, of course, the use of fractional power in the fact that with such a diet improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract, so it is often recommended by doctors in diseases of the stomach. Going to a fractional power, it is possible to cleanse the body, to solve a number of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, thereby not only leaves an excessive weight, but also improve health.

Following the simple rules a fractional power, you will notice very quickly as the fat melts, and unwanted pounds go away. And new pictures that show your new slender figure, you will want to demonstrate to all friends!

Fractional power and its principles