Smoothies for weight loss: description of the preparation into the blender and recipes vegetable cocktail

Cool smoothies made with blender, or just a smoothie, give you the opportunity to save money and reduce the daily amount of consumed calories, as the purchase of drinks often belong to high-calorie products and have in its composition of protein.

Another advantage of creating their cocktails for weight loss is an opportunity to choose the recipe based on your favorite components, which are available at the moment, and to reduce the content of various sweeteners and preservatives.

Fruit smoothies

Some people find it difficult eating whole pieces of fruit throughout the day, because the preparation of smoothies is one of the best options increase daily amount of fruit, without increasing the calorie content of their diet. Therefore, we can safely say that these shakes are a very useful means of losing weight.

Key benefits

Fruit smoothies, besides their invaluable help in monitoring the daily consumption of calories and the possibility of maintaining a healthy body weight will also help significantly reduce the risk of some associated with the greater weight of diseases:

  • osteoporosis;
  • the appearance of kidney stones;
  • stroke;
  • diabetes;
  • Oncology;
  • diseases of the heart.

Ingredients and preparation

For making smoothies you need to buy enough ripe seasonal berries or fruit without visible deformation or use pre-frozen in the freezer products.

Take regular blender for mixing drinks. In the role of a thickener you can use mango or bananas, otherwise you’ll have quite a watery mixture. In addition, it is possible to add components that reduce the amount of cholesterol, for example, decoction of flax seed or wheat germ. The amount of protein in the drink additionally, you can zoom in using protein powder.

For weight loss make shakes with low calories (the maximum possible), able to simultaneously nourish the body with energy for a long time.

What as the base, use low-fat yogurt with a high amount of protein and a healthy dose of calcium, but peaches or berries can help to Supplement a cocktail in fiber. If necessary, you can add ice cubes and spices.


I must say that smoothies almost always have more sugar, fat and calories per serving than whole berries from their structure that increases the total calorie expenditure.

Because in line with the strategy of slimming, which is in daily task flow maximum number of calories than you consume, your main task – to choose or make a smoothie the lowest caloric content.


Fruit smoothies help people lose weight. But they are only useful in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet with minimum saturated fat, calories, sugar, cholesterol, and sodium. To maintain this balance, in addition to cocktails of fruits each day you need to eat a serving of low-fat dairy products, whole grains, lean protein and vegetables.

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Protein smoothie

One of the most popular solutions to weight loss is the active consumption of protein shakes that act as a replacement to any meal or food after exercise.

However, their effectiveness in the problem of quality weight is still a cause of debate for many doctors nutritionists.

How to make protein smoothie?

Most often, these cocktails are prepared on the basis of protein powders and supplements. Stir in water or milk with protein powder to make a basis for a future cocktail. After additional yogurt, ice, juice, fruit or any number of other components for the formation of the paste composition.

The main objective

Protein shakes can help you to achieve a lower daily consumption of calories, which, of course, is a major key to overall weight loss. But this reduction in calorie daily diet can be only if you replace smoothies one of your main meals. If you drink a cocktail only only as supplements to conventional foods, its impact on the General weight reduction will be insignificant.

Benefits of protein smoothie

According to the statistics of American scientists, people who consumed a smoothie with a high amount of protein and a small amount of carbohydrates, dietary substitutes, burned greater amount of energy than other study participants.

Scientists say that for more effective results in reducing excess fat, you need to combine the intake of smoothies with a complex of physical exercises for weight loss and a low calorie diet.

Warning. You need to consult with your doctor before you start using smoothies with a high amount of protein. This is especially true when in history you are diabetes, chronic liver disease or kidney disease, you are trying to conceive, pregnant or start breastfeeding.

Your doctor may recommend you choose another diet that on your health would not provide such a heavy load.

Vegetable smoothies

Vegetable smoothies, also often called the green, can not always boast of great popularity, but as far as any real use for weight loss and health, they are simply indispensable, being rich in fiber and low calorie option for light snacks and meals.


The consumption of a great variety of dishes and vegetables based on them will be able to help you:

  • maintaining an optimal weight;
  • to achieve healthy weight loss;
  • to reduce the consumption of calories.

The vegetables give the opportunity to reduce the risk of certain diseases that are associated with obesity, such as:

  • heart disease;
  • diabetes;
  • cancer;
  • stroke.

Nutritional value

Vegetables have low energy density, in other words this means that they contain one portion of a very small amount of calories. While vegetables are renowned for a low amount of fats, high water content and fiber, which is a great combination for healthy weight loss. So like rich in fiber foods generally require minimal time to fill the stomach and cause the feeling of satiety from food.

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In addition, vegetables are full of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that the body needs to reduce cravings for unhealthy food with harmful calories and fat.

Main ingredients vegetable cocktails

Vegetable smoothies, to meet the challenges of weight loss, must contain a small amount of calories, but maintain a normal diet to cause a person to feel full.

The combination of low-calorie and low-fat ingredients such as ice cubes, water or yogurt, and vegetables with a high amount of fiber is «working» is just more successful. Taste is also an important factor. Because dieters who are starting to use vegetable smoothies to add to their lineup a couple of pieces of fruit or a few leaves of spinach, each time gradually increase the percentage of vegetable ingredients.

Warning. Despite the fact that a very large number of vegetables is unlikely to cause any negative side effects, but do not overdo it, otherwise a large consumption of cocktails from the limited group of products can cause deficiency of nutrients.

It is advisable to focus on a balanced diet, consuming a variety of products, including products made with whole grains, lean meats, unsaturated fats and low-fat dairy products.

Smoothies: recipes for weight loss

Recipe for strawberry smoothies

This smoothie is quick cooking and has per serving is only 250 calories. What mix 120 grams of chilled strawberries and blueberries, half a Cup of nonfat milk and 1/4 Cup low-fat yogurt, 1 tbsp honey and add ice, in its sole discretion.

Whey cocktail. Recipe

Whey protein can help weight by increasing the feeling of food saturation and slightly increasing the metabolism. Whey protein powder is derived from milk, it contains almost no fat and lactose. Mix a scoop of protein with a Cup of fresh juice or soy milk, put a couple of ice cubes and stir with a blender.

For a change this recipe you can use flavored protein powder with the aroma of caramel, chocolate or strawberry.

Almond smoothie. Recipe

To prepare all-natural, sweet and delicious cocktail, mix together cooled bananas, 2 tsp of almond oil and half a Cup of unsweetened almond milk. The structure of the banana, the consistency will make it look like a milkshake.

Calorie smoothie – 220 calories plus 8 grams beneficial for the cardiovascular system non-enriched fat.

Banana-peanut smoothie. Recipe

The combination of peanut butter with a banana tastes great and has high protein content.

The recipe will require 320 grams of soy or skim milk, medium banana and 1 tbsp of peanut butter. If the balance of flavors you do not like, adjust the amount of banana or peanut butter. It is also possible to pre-freeze the banana or add in a few ice cubes, according to your desire.

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Apple-banana smoothie. Recipe

To prepare this smoothie, you’ll need to mix three-fourths Cup low-fat yogurt, three quarters Cup chopped apples, half a Cup of crushed ice Apple juice, a pinch of cinnamon polyanna. It is possible for this drink to use as peeled and unpeeled apples, the only difference is that the second option will give the opportunity to increase the amount of nutrients and fiber.

Start cooking by mixing the apples and yogurt in a blender. After you add the other ingredients and bring to a homogeneous mixture. This smoothie has 5 grams of protein, which will give you energy as well as useful amounts of potassium and calcium.

When and how to take for weight loss a smoothie?

Smoothie – a cocktail of convenience. But this does not means that it can be drunk as ordinary water, as the arrival of a sense of thirst. Try not to overly abuse a smoothie – one serving contains not less than 170-220 kcal, because regard this product as a complete meal or snack. Try not to get food with these cocktails – it’s pretty convenient, but quickly becomes boring and, consequently, may provoke a breakdown of your diet for weight loss.

It is advisable to replace afternoon tea, a smoothie or «Breakfast on the run». Dietary fiber can help you to hold on until the next consumption of food. But to use smoothies as a meal is not desirable – the fruits have high amounts of fructose, and it may be that your body will make the supply of this energy. Count calories, eat and drink moderately and you will succeed.