Soda bath slimming objectives: basic benefits, how much goes to kg for the procedure, reviews

Water treatment is always beneficial to health. They are often used for prevention of various diseases and in the fight against obesity. Most of us know that baking soda is used not only in cooking recipes. It is successfully used for other purposes.

It turns out that baths with the addition of soda help to lose weight. For the full course of treatments can lose up to 7 kg. increasingly, Such information is found online, by reading the reviews of those who tried out on himself the effectiveness of this method of weight loss. How to take soda baths, and how they act on the body in order weight loss?

The effects of the treatment on the body

Warm water itself has a positive effect on the body, and in combination with baking soda and other ingredients can help to get rid of excess weight. Soda is a substance that prevents the absorption of fat. If you take a bath with a temperature of 37-38 OS skin steams. In the result, the pores are opened and there is intense sweating. Through the pores out toxins and wastes accumulated in the body. All the processes start to occur more actively in the body, the weight gradually comes back to normal. It is believed that soda baths a lot of useful properties:

  • when the intoxication of organism, the normalization of metabolism;
  • skin is deeply cleansed and cellulite disappear;
  • cleans the lymphatic system;
  • the condition of the skin becomes much better and leave the inflammation and irritation, an allergic reaction, the skin is tightened, it becomes smooth and elastic, it is possible to get rid of the problems seborrhea, fungal diseases and eczema;
  • improves blood circulation, leaving swelling;
  • relaxes nervous system, relieves stress and accumulated fatigue.

The basic rules of reception of soda baths

To get the maximum effect of the procedures adhere to the basic rules. It is necessary that the soda bath does not harm anyone.

  • A course of 10 procedures in a day — it is a prerequisite to achieve the goal. Each of them lasts about 15-20 minutes and no longer.
  • Bathrooms and soda cannot be taken in the morning, this is best done in the evening before bed after a warm shower.
  • The water temperature in the bathroom should not be above 38 OS, a higher temperature is dangerous for health.
  • You should stick to the correct dosage of baking soda per 200 liters of water is added 0.2 kg of soda. Sodium bicarbonate dissolves in 3-4 liters of water and then mixed with water in the tub.
  • It is impossible to immerse fully in the tub. The procedure is generally performed sitting waist-deep in water, arms and shoulders, chest poured out of the ladle.
  • After taking a soda bath the body is not removed, it is desirable to wrap himself in a Bathrobe or a sheet, the body has lost heat.
  • Immediately after the soda bath is impossible. Only after 1 hour you can eat.
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Before you start to take baths with baking soda for weight loss need to assess their condition. The procedure is contraindicated if there is the following problem:

  • gynecology,
  • heart
  • skin diseases;
  • varicose veins;
  • respiratory;
  • diabetes,
  • cold.

It is undesirable to take baths with baking soda pregnant women to miscarry.

Recipes soda baths

The main component of the classic baths for weight loss sodium bicarbonate it dissolves in warm water. There are also several other recipes where you can add other components. They enhance the action of useful procedures, and will be much more effective. Baths with baking soda and other useful tools will have a positive effect on the skin. It can be:

  • essential oil;
  • sea salt;
  • grass.

Selection of additional components in the recipes depend on wishes and preferences. Already after the first procedure to evaluate her and next time add the essential oil, which will benefit the skin.

Soda-salt bath

Bath for weight loss is added 0.2 kg of sodium hydrogen carbonate and 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt. Both components are dissolved in a small amount of warm water and pour into the tub. It is believed that such a procedure is perfectly tightens the skin, has a healing effect. After taking a bath for weight loss sometimes discomfort is the burning sensation. It passes quickly and if this happens, then the next time you can not add sea salt.

When cellulite problems, it is recommended after bath, apply the scrub on problem areas and massage the skin. The tool can prepare your own hands. You will need:

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  • 1 part sodium bicarbonate;
  • 2 parts of honey.

All well mixed and rubbed into the problem areas of the body and then rinse everything with cool water.

Soda «bombs»

For those who like to lay in the bathroom can make a hissing «bombs» and enjoy the pleasant effect. Need to buy these tools and make them your own. For this you need the following ingredients:

  • baking soda — 8 tablespoons;
  • citric acid — 4 tbsp. spoons;
  • starch or dried milk — 2 tbsp. spoon;
  • almond or another base oil — 1 tbs.;
  • 3-5 drops of any essential oil;
  • molds for the «bomb».

Mixing the listed components you need to wear gloves. First, you must crush soda with citric acid and then connect everything with milk powder or starch. At the end of the added almond and essential oil.

The resulting mixture should have a loose structure otherwise «bombs» will not work. You can add a little base oil, the mixture was more strong and not crumbled. Molds are filled and the mixture is well compacted. They are dried for 1-2 days and then «bombs» are wrapped in plastic wrap.

Bath is enough to put 1-2 «bombs» and enjoy the relaxing hissing and personally prepared resources. After a bath the skin becomes soft, delicate and velvety.

Bath with baking soda for weight loss reviews

For many women and girls tested the soda bath, the Reviews are mostly positive, so as not to harm their health they need to be properly taken, to be in good health.

With a bath you can bring your body in order after a few procedures. I first take a bath for 25 minutes and then from under the blanket. I was a little overweight, so in less than a year I dumped all unnecessary. After a couple of months I would like to repeat the procedure. Except, of weight loss improved skin structure.

Olga, Smolensk

When the Internet just began to write about soda baths, I decided to try the procedure. At first I did not believe in it, but still decided to try and found that they really help to lose weight. In 1 month I lost 3 kg. Out of centimeters in the problem areas.

Alina, Moscow

These procedures I was interested immediately. To weight loss taken very seriously, constantly weighed before and after the procedure. Every time lost from 200 to 300 gr. It is clear that output fluid from the body, but with her left and volume. If you apply them in parallel with the diet, then you can achieve maximum results.

Anastasia, Rostov-on-don