Sorbents: what is it, what are the drugs and their names, as is carried out with their help to cleanse the body

Probably many took sorbents, when there was a poisoning of the body and this drug is advised to drink friends or doctor. But certainly not all know what are the drugs that are United by one name – sorbents, and what functions they perform.

What are sorbents?

The excretion of toxic substances using sorbents was known to people of antiquity, who with great success used this knowledge in many countries. Folk healers of ancient Russia was used as a purifier of the body of birch charcoal. In our time the doctors of the present sorbents were used to remove toxicity from people in the affected area after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Under this heading combined drugs, which can absorb, choosing the harmful substances from the surrounding space in the form of vapor, gases and toxic for the body components.

Depending on how to apply the medication on a toxic substance, they are divided into the following types:

  • Join with hazardous substances in a chemical bond.
  • Form a solution with the absorbed substances in the interaction.
  • The absorbed substance is thickened on the surface of the drug.

According to experts of fibrous sorbents faster and better have a sorptive action on substances absorbed. And the body to this drug there is no addiction that allows its successful reuse.

Absorbents and adsorbents – what is the similarity and difference?

All used to clean the body sorbents are divided into types: absorbents and adsorbents.

Absorbents differ from adsorbents in that the first drug has assimilated the material only on its surface, and the second masse. According to experts, the use of adsorbents is reliable ongoing cleansing, as it has a more extensive action at the same rate of ingestion. Therefore, we can conclude that the cleansing of the body can be carried out by the absorbents, and adsorbents, absorbents only the process will take more time.

Work drugs is to adsorb and withdraw from the intestines of toxins, wastes, drug components, gases, radioactive substances, allergens, harmful microorganisms.

Besides adsorbing the drug should therefore, not to inflict harm in the form of irritation of the gastrointestinal tract.

At this stage the drug industry to simplify the reception produces drugs in various forms. In the form of tablets, gel, granules, powder, paste, one chooses the appropriate form, which will conveniently absorb the intestines.

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In which case, you need to take the sorbents?

In modern medicine, the sorbents are applied as separate drugs for the treatment of the problems with intestinal tract and as adjuvant in the combination with other drugs. In addition, the sorbents used in as a preventive measure, which allows to strengthen the heart, which in turn can not develop such diseases as coronary heart disease. Experts believe that the adoption of the sorbents will be a good prevention of atherosclerosis and, therefore, do not neglect these medications.

Sorbents successfully solve problems such as:

  • Overeating.
  • Acute poisoning food.
  • Poisoning drugs.
  • Poisoning drugs.
  • Pathology of the pancreas.
  • Poisoning poisons.
  • Allergic condition.
  • A state of abstinence (drugs, alcohol in a state of withdrawal).
  • Immunoalkaline pathologies (rheumatism, asthma, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis).
  • Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract.

Sorbents are struggling with all of these States that bind themselves the toxic substances and prevent their entry into the blood. Eliminating the harmful components out, sorbents relieve symptoms than normalize the human condition.

But most often these drugs are used with alcohol or food poisoning, because the other useful properties of sorbents, as a rule, little known to most of the inhabitants.

The most common drug used for detoxification, including the intestines, is well known to all activated charcoal. This drug is available in powder and tablets.

But there are a number of drugs that are most often used by physicians in the treatment of the above symptoms. This «Carblog» (in powder), «Carbol» (tablets), «Polifepan» (in the form of powder, granules, tablets), «Enterosgel» (in capsules), White charcoal (tablets). All these medicines have sorbent properties, but affect the body in different ways. Therefore, before proceeding to purification of the body, is to visit a specialist for professional advice.

What sorbents to use in different States?

Sorbent for purification of the body need to choose, given his main place of work. For example, if the stomach problems, it is best to approach the cure, released in powder state. If the bowels require special attention, it is best to choose drugs in granules. Also acute pathologies, including different toxicity, it is better to treat nonselective coals in the form of tablets and capsules («Carbolite», «Sorbex»).

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Prevention and treatment of alcohol poisoning it is better to drugs that are produced from the lignin (the»Literan», «Lignosol», «Polifepan»). Just keep in mind that the effect of the drugs lasts for two hours, during which the need to empty the bowel. If this does not happen, the alcohol will once again be absorbed into the bloodstream and the actions of drugs will be halted.

Many of the diseases that are treated sorbents, proceed with a pronounced goiter. Of course, any body cleansing product is able to reduce the manifestation, but it is still worthwhile to use the drug content in its composition prebiotics, which will allow to locate the problem faster («Lactofiltrum», «Lactobionatedose», «Sorbolo»).

During therapeutic procedures related to diseases of the liver it is better to apply absorbents containing lactulose («Lactobionatedose», «Lactofiltrum»).

Natural sorbents

This category includes all sorbents that can be applied without conducting any pre-treatment. The use of such drugs should be aimed at the restoration of the normal functioning of the gastro-intestinal tract, cleansing the body, eliminating toxicity, which arose after overeating or excessive alcohol consumption.

To them in the first place is activated carbon. Also noteworthy, and rare natural sorbents such as Lignin, Chitin, Cellulose, Pectin.

Of these sorbents, the most effective is activated charcoal, which is better to use during exacerbations for short-term use. All other natural sorbents can be used for a long time without consequences for the organism.

Pharmaceutical all of these drugs, in addition to activated carbon, produces in the form of dietary supplements, which are collectively known as dietary SUPPLEMENTS.

Pectin sorbent

It is the active ingredient extracted from fruits. Pectin has a property in which it becomes a jelly like mass, enveloping the food particles that were not digested and other harmful substances in the intestine and then removing them from the body.

Moreover, pectin is able to adsorb mercury, lead, strontium and print it out. The same effect pectin has on cholesterol, which helps to avoid poisoning and cardiovascular pathologies.

This natural sorbent is extracted:

  • citrus.
  • apples.
  • algae.

Pectin can be obtained and naturally, through the use of products with its contents. Pectin is a lot of black currants, strawberries, beets, plums, cranberries, pears, cabbage, carrots, grapes, apples, citrus, watermelons, cherries, eggplants, melons, cherries, bulb onions and cucumbers.

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Chitin sorbent

The positive effect of chitin on the body was noticed long ago, but since the fifties of the last century it began to be used for excretion of fatty acids and cholesterol.

This natural sorbent is recommended to take in order to address issues of obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes. Experts advise to adopt the sorbent before the Grand feasts, to ease the burden placed on the body from a heavy meal.


This natural substance is ideal in order to properly cleanse the bowel. Cellulose not only removes all harmful from the intestines, it also serves as a suitable material, which like to grow the beneficial bacteria that establish the gastro-intestinal tract, relieving the body from the cold.

Upon receipt of the pulp is necessary to consider that the body produces become addicted to it, so you need to check that the dose is increased. Moreover, cellulose cannot be taken in conjunction with the chitin.

Thus, it becomes clear that the sorbents are very important helpers in preventive procedures and to treat a number of serious problems of the body. The main thing is to choose the right drug.