Stepper trainer for weight loss: effectiveness, reviews and contraindications

To be in shape is always nice, but to effectively lose weight, one diet is not enough. Needed exercise, otherwise the body can become flabby. But you can’t always find the time and money on fitness, and even more problematic to equip a full gym at home. In this case, the stepper fitness machine for weight loss, reviews the people who use it are mostly positive. It is compact, affordable and gives good results.

A little bit about the stepper

The machine that simulates climbing stairs, designed especially for aerobic exercise. They are forced to work major muscle groups. There are different versions of the device: hydraulic and with computer control. They have a variety of functional displays that show the workout time, the number of steps.

There are models that track the entire process activities, their results and pulse. The stroke of the pedal simulator can be:

  • Dependent, while when lowering a pedal automatically rises another;
  • Independent it put less stress on the joints.

Home use mostly ministepper. They are no worse than usual, and using them you can achieve excellent results. Judging by the user reviews, they are effective in the fight against excess weight. Devices have affordable price, mobile.

The exerciser will not take a lot of space where actual space saving stepper a good option. After use it is also easily removed in the closet or under the bed. So buying is not only beneficial for the wallet and the figure.

This trainer is good and for its versatility. During class it involved not only the buttocks and legs, but it works and press. The rotator puts an additional burden on back muscles and hands. Options with handles resistance bands are convenient for training biceps and triceps. That is, the process involved those areas where often delayed weight.

How to use the stepper

Training on it can be easily supplemented with exercises with small dumbbells or do Mahi hands, so the load is distributed more evenly. For weight loss is one of the best options. Half an hour of work on the stepper to burn 150 to 250 calories. Classes tighten ass and legs, making them more supple and shapely.

The speed can be changed by doing the exercises more intense. But increasing the pace gradually is recommended. Many women in the reviews about the stepper write that it helps to remove cellulite. Aerobic exercise is generally useful, they improve blood circulation in the thighs, buttocks, and skin is smoothed. To combine work on the simulator well with proper nutrition to weight loss was more effective.

Many believe that the stepper «pumps up» the glutes, but this is not true. The fact that the step in the simulator is small and large gluteal muscles are not fully engaged in the work. And it is rather a plus, because needless to «pump ass» on it, and keep it in good shape.

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Perhaps it’s not trained people who deal with karidio-load of high intensity. But most women stepper judging by the reviews, it becomes a good helper in the struggle for slim figure.

Avoid errors

Catching up on the stepper at home, it is important to know the technique of training. To avoid unpleasant moments it is necessary to observe some simple rules:

  • On the platform of the simulator to take a full stop;
  • It is not necessary to bend the legs too much. It is important that when moving the knees exceed the toes, it will relieve them of an unnecessary burden;
  • It is better not to tilt the body, it can lead to stretching of the muscles of the lower back;
  • Desirable walk-to hold something with your hands. This relieves some of the load from the body. His back to keep straight.

For weight loss optimal exercise time at least half an hour. It is most effectively burns fat. Before work on the stepper advised to do exercises for the joints. Rotate, bend and straighten arms and legs, Crouch. You can warm up the muscles a little stretch, pull the knee toward your chest, and then the foot to the buttock.

The main organises regular classes. To begin better with a little pace, increasing it gradually. Slow walking is good to alternate with the higher movements of the feet. When the training comes to an end the intensity a little lower. Then do stretching for the muscles to relax so that the pulse gradually returned to normal. Eat after exercise can in 2 hours.

Aerobic exercise in General, positively affect the body well affect the respiratory system, increase stamina. But if a person not accustomed to physical activity, there is no need to exhaust yourself. It is acceptable to do at a slow pace, but to do it systematically.

The main indicator in the selection of exercise intensity is the average heart rate during them. This is usually 110 ─ 140 beats per minute. If a person just started and is overweight, it is best to focus on the lower heart rate. Even if training is quite a long time with some success is not to overload yourself and work on upper limit. It can cause harm.

The frequency and duration of loads may be compared first and foremost with his condition. To start enough to do 2 ─ 3 times a week. Better to start small, it does not hurt to achieve the desired effect, to lose weight, to make the figure more toned and shapely.

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The main problems preventing work on the stepper are:

  1. Heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases;
  2. Asthma and lung problems;
  3. Sciatica;
  4. Diabetes;
  5. Orthopedic diseases;
  6. Conditions after operations and infectious diseases;
  7. Pregnancy.

Having at least one contraindication, be sure before you make a decision about school, consult with your doctor. And even in the absence of disease it is necessary to visit the doctor to do an EKG to workout went good.

User reviews

The problem of extra pounds is particularly relevant in summer, when you want to appear on the beach or just in the open dress in all its glory. But equally important, health. The stepper fitness machine will be a good choice for those who want to lose weight, stay fit and just take care of their health.

Bought a simulator Torneo Vega, because at the time trainings in the gym is not enough. It was difficult at first to accustom themselves to regular workouts, but began to do while watching TV. And, most importantly, buttocks and legs were toned and elastic.

Trained for an hour, walking 2000 steps, do not forget about the diet. Weight decreased by 4 kg, the waist has gone 7 cm, and perfectly pumped press. Hip also decreased in size. To give a full load on the whole body you have to add other exercises. Use small dumbbells. The only negative is that after some time after a workout, the climber begins to creak. The rest of me is quite satisfied with the purchase.

Nastya L.

Twister stepper Torneo bought just to correct your figure, but losing weight was part of my plan. Became engaged five days a week, making a break at the weekend. First and 200 steps to go through was easy. But today, quietly mastered 2000, with classes takes about 40 minutes. In three weeks I lost 2 kg. I Think that’s pretty good. Honestly, a large effect was not expected, but, fortunately, wrong. Plus began to leave the cellulite. Eat as usual, but no frills. Conveniently, there is a counting of steps in one approach. Trainer well pumping legs and buttocks, add such class and endurance. Trainer recently became a husband, it saves you from inactivity with a sedentary lifestyle. And the price it is more than acceptable.

Nina K.

Purchased bike Vega for weight loss and to keep your muscles toned. Before buying studied the responses of those who engaged in ministepper. Practiced by myself for about half an hour through the day. Walk 1500 steps, that’s enough for me The result is the desired effect I achieved, the body became taut, elastic ass, dropped a few pounds and as a nice addition, more began to smooth out the «orange peel». Stepper durable and stable, but a bit noisy and it is almost its only drawback.

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Elena S.

Trainer Sport Elit convenient and economical, it helped me get back in shape after childbirth. Going to the gym was not possible as to get a treadmill. And here a long time and no, and the child under the supervision of, and in the house is not. Therefore stopped the choice on the stepper, I liked it, of course, its price. Do regularly every day almost for an hour. The weight began to leave, been working out abs and buttocks. The skin on them become more smooth. Try to follow a proper diet. Is on device calorie counter and count the steps. In General, a mighty good trainer.


Before you buy Body Sculpture I read mixed reviews on the stepper. Most interest is his size, just for our small apartment. Results also good, after several months of training the figure is almost back to normal.

The main emphasis is on the legs and ass ─ my problem areas. Train through the day, but to the point of exhaustion itself did not bring. Feet become more prominent, the muscles on the ass tightened and the belly to remove the folds on the sides. Sometimes add exercises for the hands. Lose weight fast, but the results are noticeable. Do about six months. The simulator is robust with timer and step counter. For this price and quality level. The details do not creak and the coating does not peel off with them. Some built-in programs is simply not needed. The size is convenient, I did and removed.