Strength training in the gym: nutrition, exercise program for girls

If we turn to the women to start to engage in power training in the gym, many of them rejected him. Among the lovely ladies formed the opinion that due to exercise they will start to look like men. It is clear that this effect cannot be achieved, and it is not even in the opportunities for men and women. The main reason is the difference of mechanisms of regulation of level of anabolic hormones.

When a girl has strength exercises, then it is not observed exceedances of levels of testosterone and other anabolic hormones. Because of this, even at all desire with the help of natural ways they can’t get the impressive muscle size, which is boasted on the performances of professional female athletes in bodybuilding. Although anabolic steroids have many advantages, however, not everyone knows about their shortcomings. One of the main is masculinize the female body that not much color appearance.

How to train a girl at the gym?

In the process of developing the program, the coaches rely on the fitness machine exercises and light loads, running in the cardio training zone. Typically within these workouts you have to perform exercises at least 15 reps, to work with small weights, have long breaks between sets, etc. Among the coaches this training program received a special name — «training relief», but actually it is not.

If we turn to the results of recent studies, they clearly prove that training must undergo the same curriculum, regardless of gender. Only in this case it is possible to achieve a measurable effect. But it should not be inferred that the training programme, including the selection of weights must be identical in men and women. Although each of these cases, it is possible to allocate a universal rule classes in the hall:

  • when performing exercises it is necessary to use a relatively heavy weight;
  • in the developed program the number of repetitions may vary depending on the task at hand:1-5 — to develop strength, 6-12 – hypertrophy of muscle fibers, 12 and more endurance;
  • the maximum duration of strength training should be 60 minutes;
  • a training program must be present along with the basic isolated exercises aimed at developing specific muscle groups.

Diet and nutrition

The body of men and women are similar in many ways, including the character of the course of metabolic processes. However, there is a caveat: in women, the percentage of fat burned compared to carbs are always higher than in men. This explains why the weaker sex is possible to achieve more impressive results, adhering to low carbohydrate diets.

However, nutrition for women should be somewhat different than for men, because here you need to regularly change the number of calories consumed. The need of women in calories is lower than that of men as the stronger sex has a large number of muscular structure and less fat. From this we can conclude that when calculating the number of nutritional nutrients to be included in the diet is necessary to focus on the number of calories consumed and level of physical activity.

Criteria of proper nutrition

It is important to remember that the effect of weight training will manifest itself only in the case if a girl would be to follow a proper diet.

The right counting calorie diet. The main focus during the development of diet during the period of training must be paid to the correct determination of the daily amount of calories. Optimally, when the body gets so many calories that he needs for weight gain and formation of muscles. But it is necessary to observe a measure, so that the excess calories not lead to the formation of fat reserves.

The percentage of micronutrients. In addition to the total number of calories consumed are important products from which they receive the body and also the proportions between proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Typically, when determining the proportions of micronutrients are guided by goals.

The amount of liquid. Many women believe that water is not excreted from the stomach, so excessive consumption of stomach is constantly bloated. However, the body has the ability to adapt to any quantity of water consumed, which is great for him because it normalizes metabolic processes. It is therefore necessary to follow the recommendations of experts the day you need to drink 5-7 glasses of water. During the period of training the amount you drink should be increased to 10 glasses.

Control of insulin. Is an important element for the body because it cells get the necessary nutrients. Also on it rests the function of storing, for example, during his secretization the fat burning process takes place not as active.

Increased amount of protein intake. Muscle growth is only possible in the presence of plastic construction material through which they exercise after another began to recover, tightening Microdrive and micro fibers. This task is solved by providing the body with additional protein. To calculate it, the girls must adhere to the following schema: for every pound of body weight should be 1.8 to 2 g of protein. In other words, a woman weighing 50 kg would have to eat every day at least 100 g of protein.

The essential fatty acids. These substances must obtain a body of each athlete, as it is part of a balanced diet. The use of polyunsaturated fatty acids is to enhance the combustion process and maintaining optimal lean body mass.

Basic exercises in the gym for girls

If the girl decided to visit the gym, then it will need to create a special program, which should be included basic exercises designed to work the whole body. Wrong for many hours at the gym, if you have health is all right. Use free weights — barbells and dumbbells more efficient because at high energy the effect is more significant, and it is very important for those who want to lose weight.

Approximate workout plan for girls

The first day

  • Squats — 15 reps;
  • Lunges with dumbbells — 15 reps on one leg;
  • Thrust dumbbells to his belt with one hand — 15 reps on one arm;
  • Pullups — no limit; you can replace a thrust of the upper block for the head, for which the recommended 12 repetitions;
  • The bench press barbell on incline bench — 12 reps.

Complete training traditional exercise — stretching.

The second day

  • Thrust rod to the belt — 15 reps;
  • Thrust block to the chest narrow grip — 10-12 reps
  • Squats «Plie» with dumbbells — 15 reps
  • Squats on one leg with a barbell — 10 reps on one leg;
  • «Owner» in the press — 25 reps.

Finish your workout with stretching.

The third day

  • Deadlifts — 15 reps, you can substitute Romanian deadlift pull with the execution of the same number of times.
  • Squats with one leg on bench — 10 repetitions on one leg;
  • Pull the lower unit to the belt of a narrow grip in the sitting position – 10-12 reps
  • Dumbbell bench press lying down — 12 repetitions;
  • Wiring with dumbbells — 12 reps.

Finish the exercise by stretching the body.

Between each day of training, you need to observe a day of rest.

Girls who have health problems, do not rush immediately to begin to engage in the hall. So when performing basic exercise at the gym for the girls, there was no deterioration, it is recommended to use the equipment. For example, girls who have a bad back, in terms of training, squats can be replaced by work in the simulator Smith. A good alternative exercise to the thrust rod in the slope is to work on the simulator for the T-rod. But in any case before you decide on any step, involving the adjustment of the training plan, it will not hurt to discuss this with your doctor and trainer.


Wrong those girls who believe that strength training can be compared to men. Gym sessions will help them become more toned, especially if they have problem areas. However, the usefulness of such exercise can be only in case if the girl will use the correct approach to strength training, involving the creation of special training programs in the gym for girls.

Despite the popularity of modern simulators, they are not as effective as working with a barbell and dumbbells. Because their use involved most muscle groups of the body, so you can lose weight much faster than for hours of work in the gym.

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