Sugar substitutes Fit Parade: reviews, a description of hitparade, recommendation of doctors as a sweetener

Today developed a large number of sugar substitutes, one of them is a sugar substitute Fit Parade. In the composition of this medium includes a large number of natural and useful components. They help people not only in such severe diseases as diabetes, but also in other. But how justified is its use for each of the diabetic, bring a sweetener Fit Parade real benefits, what are the reviews about the drug and what is its value?

The composition of the sweetener Fit parade

On the green packet of Splenda Fit Parade it any more. Expand the box and see the composition:

  • Sucralose;
  • erythrite;
  • stevisoids;
  • rosehip extract.

Let’s learn about each element separately and try to answer the question – how safe sweetener hitparad, and we need to buy it.


Let us begin with stevioside. This component is obtained from the leaves of Stevia, a shrub, which worldwide is the most popular natural sweetener. One gram of this substance contains only 0.2 calories. For comparison, 1 gram of sugar is a 4.0 calories, thus, 20 times higher.

According to the results of many tests, made in the USA, the American Department of quality control of medicines and foodstuffs (FDA) allowed the use of stevioside in the role of a safe sugar substitute.

But as they say in the reviews doctors don’t need to combine the use of this substance with certain drugs, namely:

  • drugs to stabilize the level of lithium;
  • drugs for high blood pressure;
  • do not use Stevia extract in conjunction with drugs to reduce blood sugar.

In individual cases, the consumption of stevioside may result in:

  • nausea;
  • bloating;
  • pain in the muscles;
  • dizziness.

Also it can not be used during pregnancy and lactation.

To sweeten coffee or tea is quite a small pinch of savysoda, as it is much sweeter than sugar. Stevioside can withstand heat up to 220S, because it is indispensable for cooking low-calorie and sweet food.


Further interesting ingredient of hitparada – erythritol. Is also a natural substance occurring in the natural environment in various foods, for example, plums, melon, grapes and pear. In terms of industry, the erythritol is produced from starchy foods, for example, tapioca or corn.

Erythritol, like stevioside, can withstand higher temperature (up to 200C), which, of course, is a big advantage. In its action on the receptors of the taste of this substance is almost completely similar to real sugar, forming, thereby, the naturalness of the sensations of the total composition. In addition, erythritol has one feature – at the time of its consumption effect appears «cool» like candy from menthol.

A separate advantage of this substance is its such quality as to maintain the normal pH in the mouth or, in other words, it prevents the appearance of caries. The caloric value of erythritol is only 0.2 kcal.

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Rosehip extract

About the rosehip extract can a very long story. Note that this is the most that neither is a natural product which has a long history of use as medicine, food, cosmetics. Briar has a huge amount of vitamin C 1800 mg per 100 grams. As a comparison, ascorbic acid and lemon – only 33 and 54 mg per 100 grams, respectively! Some people probable side effects on this product in the form of allergies or heartburn.


The last ingredient of the sweetener Fit the Parade is Sucralose, which is also known as food additive E 955. Manufacturer Hitparade specifies on the packaging that the product «is produced from sugar», but at the same time modestly fails to mention that the technique of obtaining from sugar Sucralose is very complex and has 5-6 stages in the process which changes the molecular structure of sugar. In addition, this element, unlike erythritol and stevioside, is not found in the natural environment, so called Sucralose natural component is impossible.

In 1992, Sucralose approved for use in food, first in Canada, and in 1997 – in America. Prior to that, spent more than 100 different studies the risk of cancer and toxicity, which did not reveal anything dangerous Sucralose. But just as once happened with aspartame. This sweetener was created in 1964, was approved and began to add in food products in 1980 and only recently revealed a probable carcinogenic effect from using it.

Now reliable medical information about the dangers of Sucralose does not exist. But, given the «not natural» origin of the sweetener, the approach to its use must be very carefully.

Some people during the consumption of Sucralose to note skin rashes, exacerbation of migraines, swelling, muscle pain, diarrhea, intestinal spasms, headaches, abdominal pain, urination disorders. It’s rare, and yet the consumption of Sucralose is desirable to dosing.

Make a conclusion and summarize the results of the review of the composition of the fit of the parade. In General, the sugar substitute is safe hitparad the components obtained from natural raw materials. Almost all of them (except Sucralose) are in the natural world. The energy value of Hitparada is approximately 4 kcal per 100 grams. the product, which is significantly less in contrast to sugar.

What can help sugar substitutes Hitparad?

The biggest favor he could render the role of a crutch in the process of getting rid of the «addiction to sugar». At one point the man, who is concerned about their health, it is necessary to abandon the consumption of sugar.

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Fit Parade, without any doubt can help to eliminate from the diet sugar, and over time, completely overcome the craving for sweets. You only need to decide which time interval to stretch the process of breaking up with sugar?

Seven reasons to use a Fit Parade:

  • Fit Parade is a new type of natural sweetener with high sweetness level, almost zero calories and great taste.
  • Fit Parade — it is a natural sweetener: all of its components are sourced only from natural materials. Has no GMOs.
  • Fit the Parade is great for improving shape and weight management without any side effects.
  • Fit the Parade is composed of a unique set of macro — and micronutrients, vitamins, pectin, inulin, amino acids, fiber. Provides therapeutic and preventive, therapeutic and prebiotic effects on the body.
  • Fit Parade, it is the sweetener of the new generation, which promotes absorption of calcium due to the presence in the composition of the fructooligosaccharides, inulin, silicon and b vitamins.
  • Fit Parade is perfect for cooking sweet dishes: it is resistant to heat and is used like regular sugar.
  • Fit Parade – sweetener of high quality, which is manufactured using the latest achievements of technology and science. Meets the requirements of the CPS and the Institute of nutrition.


The required daily dosage is approximately 46 grams. To increase it is strongly suggest a specialist, as in the constant increases, there may be different side effects and the most undesirable consequences. But the quality of the described sweetener does not cause any doubt, despite the fact that the cost to it quite affordable.

Also it is advisable to take hitparad on an empty stomach either in pure form, without admixture of any other ingredients. This can cause significant harm to the intestines and other organs. Also we must not forget about the fact that the best compensation of the drug, its complete assimilation, is the consumption at the same time with the liquid. This will allow you to:

  • to bring to the proper level, the ratio of blood glucose (albeit not over very short time);
  • significantly increase the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Receiving Hitparade: instruction and feedback

It is very important to choose the right presents the sweetener, so it is best to buy at some specialty store. It is desirable to check beforehand the ingredients list. We should also note that the really high-quality product, whose cost is commensurate with quality, must necessarily be in the presence of all these elements.

We must not forget that fit the parade should not be exposed to strong heat treatment. Thus, its consumption along with tea or coffee it is possible, but, for example, add it to the dough or something that is baked or fried – is very desirable. As in this case, he will begin to stand out some elements that are harmful not only for diabetes but also for other diseases.

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Specific contraindications to its use exist, but it is carefully to be taken at any stage of pregnancy, as well as people under 16 years of age and who are more than 60. In all other cases the sweetener will, of course, one of the most useful drugs for diabetes.

Thus, applying hitparad in accordance with all the above rules, it is possible to improve the health of any person who is sick with diabetes. We must not forget about the fact that you only need to buy a quality product.

I take a long time and everyone is happy! My problems were with weight, healthy eating and hitparad helped a lot. All the desserts, compotes, oatmeal cookies and even chocolate prepared with this substitute. Lose weight pretty tasty and easy. Also perfect daughter, she has a diathesis for sweets years 3.

Lena Moscow

I have diabetes 2 groups, a special diet with restriction of carbohydrates, a total ban on some fruit and sugar. Hitparad showed excellent compatibility with sugar-reducing drugs and have completely removed the craving for breakdowns on the sweets (carbohydrate withdrawal diabetes when metabolism is rebuilt). When this blood sugar is normal, other indicators also.

Vika Tula

We have the mother suffers from diabetes. Besides the fact that she translated the whole family on a diet, so it also makes conservation on the sweetener. Personally use surcalose. It helps me stay slim, but about the rest of the Goodies for the body can not say anything.

Marina Kiev