Suitcases Pills lose weight in a week: results from the Mediterranean menu, customer testimonials, and doctors

Probably every girl dreams of a toned and slim figure, like the world famous top models and Hollywood stars. But, not everyone is able to follow a diet and to hold it, and there are several reasons.

First- lack of time to prepare a special menu. Secondly, constant hunger due to incorrectly compiled diet and selected diets. Thirdly — lack of minerals, vitamins, calcium and other important minerals.

Of course, it’s not all the reasons, but the main. Because if you seriously approached the problem of losing weight and want to achieve the desired result, choose only a proven system of nutrition and diet. For example, such effective and popular as Pills «lose Weight in a week».

Description menu Pills «lose Weight in a week»

«Leovit nutrio» is a Russian company, which appeared in 1999, but almost immediately began to occupy the first position in the manufacture of health products for men and women.

Since then, the development was not in place, the specialists who worked in the «Leovit nutrio» is constantly engaged in creating fortified, and, of course, dietary products: cereals, tea, soups, rich and delicious cappuccino and coffee, a selection of side dishes. So in 2005, and there was a system of proper nutrition or how this diet is now called — «lose Weight in a week».

As already mentioned above, diet «lose Weight in a week» includes almost all meals: delicious and wholesome porridge and soups, drinks, side dishes and even sweets (diet bars that don’t contain sugar).

Therefore, to prepare you don’t need, and, therefore, free time will be the same as before the diet. In addition, you will not be hungry, because the menu diet «lose Weight in a week» sparing not «hungry».

And in the end, what I would like to say, sweets will also be present in your diet because the mood will not be worse, and in cakes, muffins chocolate and other Goodies will not pull.

Box «lose Weight in a week» is for a week only in the cases when you need to lose 2-4 lbs. If your goal is to lose weight more effectively, it is necessary to adhere to the instructions of the company «Leovit», offering three stages of the diet and its four schemes. Which method to choose to solve only to you!

Three phases slimming Pills «lose Weight in a week»

The company «Leovit nutrio» offers three stages of weight loss, which are also individually referred to as — suitcase «lose Weight in a week». Any of these stages is very important for weight loss, as the system implied the weight loss in stages.

The first stage is the acceleration of metabolic processes and body cleansing. The second stage is increased weight loss, without causing harm to the body. Step three — securing the obtained effect, without the return of lost weight.

The first stage is the «cleanse the body»

Starts diet diet «lose Weight in a week» — with cleansing the body and improving metabolic processes. For reviews of losing weight is the most important stage in the diet.

So, consider the benefits of the first suitcase, «cleansing the body».

The benefits of the first phase of «lose Weight in a week»:

  • acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • full body cleansing: the skin, liver and gastrointestinal tract;
  • the improvement in your skin;
  • the output from the body the «extra» fluid and cholesterol;
  • easy weight loss (a few pounds) and the securing of this effect.
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The caloric value of the 1-and 3-day — 934 kcal, of which the amount of protein — 65 g., fat — 14 gr. carbohydrates — 148 gr.

On the fourth day there is a cleansing of the liver. The calorie of the fourth day — 246 kcal, of which the amount of protein — 6 oz., fat — 2 oz., carbohydrates — 57 grams.

On the fifth day is a full body cleansing and also improving the condition of the skin. The caloric content of the fifth day — 887 kcal of which protein — 61 gr. fat — 15 gr. carbs — 127 g.

The sixth and seventh day — protein menu. Meals in recent days can be done independently, but you can buy additional products «lose Weight in a week».

Important! In addition to offered suitcase «detox», you need every day to drink 3 cups of carbonated mineral water.

The second stage is «weight loss»

At this stage you actively begin to lose weight at the expense of such changes in the body:

  1. Fat-burning active and functional substances.
  2. Maintaining the right diet with the help of the box «lose Weight in a week».
  3. The accelerated metabolic process.
  4. The reduction of appetite.

Average daily calories: 846 kcal of which protein — 21 gr, fat — 21 g., carbs — 131 gr. «Leovit» recommends that, in addition to the menu «lose Weight in a week», to take vitamins and minerals.

Stage three — «secure the result»

In order not to return to the initial body weight, which would throw the Pills advised for 1-3 months to follow a program «weight stabilization», is the final stage of weight loss.

The third stage offers a slimming diet that includes 5-time diet menus (fractional intake). The daily number of calories in the diet of 1700-1800 calories a day.

In addition, every week it is advisable to observe «Fasting day» trunk «lose Weight in a week» and monthly to comply with «the rapid diet» for three days.

Average daily calories: 1,700 calories, of which protein — 61 gr. fat — 14 gr. carbohydrates — 148 gr.

Menus for the three stages of the diet «lose Weight in a week»

Menu first three days:

  • Morning: oatmeal with added beet and Apple tea «weight loss».
  • Second Breakfast: yogurt, fruit bars, low fat yogurt or cottage cheese — at your request, one of the proposed products.
  • Lunch: «liver» jelly salad «beetroot», buckwheat, fish with small amount of fat no added salt — 130g.
  • Dinner: jelly for body cleanse, nettle soup.

Additional menu: it is allowed to eat half a grapefruit, one apricot or two of green Apple.

Menu of the fourth day:

  • Breakfast: instead of the usual Breakfast sulfate mineral water (half liter);
  • lunch: liver pudding, fruit bars, salad «beetroot»;
  • dinner: jelly for cleansing the body.

The diet on the 5th day:

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal with apricots, which contains trace elements and vitamins, tea is fat burning.
  2. Before lunch: yogurt or yogurt — one glass of something fruity bar.
  3. Lunch: buckwheat, nettle soup with spinach, chicken breast — 220 gr. liver jelly.
  4. Dinner: one Apple, hot chocolate with collagen.
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Extra food. If you are still hungry, the menu «lose Weight in a week» allows to eat 320 grams. cooked vegetables: carrots, cauliflower or zucchini.

Menu 6-7 days (you can use out of the case or to prepare yourself):

  • Breakfast (210-230 kcal): one tablet of Mega slim, coffee or tea (fat burning), any porridge.
  • Before lunch (120 calories): cleaning jelly, tomato juice or a boiled egg.
  • Lunch (360 calories): salad, carrot juice, buckwheat porridge, soup, vegetables.
  • Before dinner (110 calories): a bar with a cereal, one Apple.
  • Dinner (80 calories): a Cup of fat-free yogurt, fruit bar.

Don’t forget every day to drink three glasses of still mineral water.

Mediterranean menu

The principles of this diet known for quite some time and is based on the use of the maximum number of nutrients and fewer fats. This menu is designed for 5-7 days. Most often it includes fine French and Italian cuisine.

The menu should be a little bit of meat (only lean), the maximum number of fish or seafood, pasta (any pasta from durum wheat), fruit, vegetables, cereals.

Mediterranean menu is good for the body and good for people with heart disease, and also suffering from hypertension and diabetes.

A Mediterranean menu of recommendations for reducing pressure:

  • do not overeat, do not overload the stomach;
  • eat on the diet plan, eliminate the use of salt and sugar;
  • stay active, exercise at least half an hour a day;
  • eliminate consumption of alcohol allowed to drink a little red wine.

To keep myself in shape, requires a particular diet and constant exercise, but for «breakthrough» to have a Mediterranean menu and stick to it.

So, below are some recommendations that will give you the opportunity to make a «breakthrough» toward better health and ease.

Eat gentle daily up to 5 times. Every day it is necessary to pay attention to a specific product. Diet the first day you need to make more vegetables. Potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, eggplant is menu — based.

The second day is bound to be full of greens. Basil and salads, as well as the traditional dill and parsley, you can include as part of main meals and eat separately.

On the 3rd day included in meals the maximum amount of olive oil, preferably cold-pressed. The oil is rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and unsaturated fats, which are very useful. 4th day will be devoted to vegetables and bread.

Bread is better with bran. You can also use vegetable bread. 5th day is bound to abound with fish or seafood. Among other things, they are enriched with phosphorus, which activates mental activity.

Reviews about the menu «lose Weight in a week»

Like everything is clear and simple, but, like every know-how the diet on the chests «lose Weight in a week» has mixed reviews: seems to be the comfort and ease in losing weight, but it is a concentrated food from the bags, which, probably, cannot be called healthy.

As the reviews say, the menu is «lose Weight in a week», with great popularity, not so simple in practice: very often the girls mentioned the need to acquire and additionally cook food (to buy vegetables, cheese and yogurt, boiled eggs, meat or fish). This, incidentally, is written in the instructions.

Judging by the reviews, the menu «lose Weight in a week» are not only natural substances: a careful study of the composition of the bags were such «utility» as cream of vegetable, textured soy flour, modified starch, etc. in Addition, the chests, «lose Weight in a week» in large volume, contains salt and sugar.

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If you analyze the data and feedback, it turns out that chests «lose Weight in a week» are virtually indistinguishable from the coffee bags, instant soups and cereals, filling the abundance of storefronts. But listen to the doctors.

Doctors do not deny the possibility of using these programs for weight loss, but indicate that they must comply with only a limited time — no more than a week. To turn menu «lose Weight in a week» the system is not necessary, you can sometimes use these products to save weight.

When decided to lose weight with the program!, I already knew that it is necessary to behave within the first stages, so as not to break. But as it turned out, it’s much easier decreased appetite and feeling of hunger I «visited» less often. Drinking on the job cocktail instead of snacking for dinner instead of soup, bar, Breakfast complete. 30 days minus 5 kg.

Lena Kiev

I’m on suitcases from Leovit lose weight after pregnancy. I liked the result — at 2 kg in a week lose weight menu and used traditional. And when I achieved the desired effect, gone 10 kg per month, then using these products just support the figure. If you see that scored, it did not acquire the suitcases, and selectively products that I liked (cereal, soups, compotes, etc.).

Katya Moscow

In that year I managed to lose weight on the suitcases Pills, read the reviews and tried almost everything. This slimming suit me — and effective, tasty, and convenient. All dishes are made from natural ingredients, no stomach problems, not the cause, but, on the contrary, improve digestion and metabolic processes.

Now support the weight with the help of Leovit drinks (tea and juice weight loss) and instead of sweet, try to use fruit bars. Their range is quite large, you can choose to your taste.

Vika Yalta