Super diet ladder, menu for 5 days: a description of each day and losing weight reviews

Diet «Ladder» combines the effect simultaneously 5 mono-diet: in this diet can be almost anything, but for any product has its own step. But staying on some of them, you can lose weight daily per kilogram, so you can easily be running up any stairs!

Diet Ladder: features and description of menu

Diet «ladder» involves 5 stages-steps in the process which the body first produces the cleansing after recovered, «dressed» energy, gets all the necessary material, and, in the end, deals a powerful blow to body fat.

Diet «Ladder»:

  • Feature: consists of 5 days, where each has his own specialty;
  • Frequency: not more than twice a year;
  • The result: weight loss of 4-7 kg;
  • Price: low (no more than 3 thousand rubles for all time);
  • Contraindications: ulcer and gastritis, pregnant, nursing, as well as people with cardiac disorders, kidney and liver. Before the diet should consult a doctor.

Diet «Ladder» is very common, but unfortunately, an anonymous power, which is very popular with the fans rapid weight loss. Unknown authors have created everything to during the diet was pretty easy and even fun to follow all instructions: each of 5 days has its own step on the way to the ideal figure. Judging by the reviews, some people even paint the ladder to improve motivation, clearly marking progress each day.

Offer a menu food can be called a kaleidoscope of the Express diet: each day, as planned, has its own specific function and together, these days lead to the impressive effect of weight loss. Diet «Ladder» suggest to combine with exercise that in real life can be a challenge: with all the rich variety of food menu for the day remains very scarce. Because the best time for this diet will be a series of holiday weekend or vacation.

For convenience, the orientation of the diet you can begin to implement on Monday — in this case, the whole «shock wave» will have on the weekdays, and in the output you can just relax (the most important thing is to have leisure which eliminates excessive power). But we can, however, plan first the most difficult days for the weekend, and complete the diet until the middle of the second week.

Anyway, whatever scheme you have picked for myself, to break the periodicity of the forbidden days they are obliged to go through the following list:

  • The first day cleaning;
  • Second day — Rehabilitation;
  • Third day — Energy;
  • Fourth day — Construction;
  • The fifth day — the Removal of fat.

Each of these days has its own set of products, which expand on the understanding, of course, is not necessary if your task is to throw the proverbial 4-7 kg. Drinking a diet on a diet «ladder» is pure non-carbonated normal water, coffee and tea will need to be temporarily abandoned.

First day: «cleaning»

The idea of the diet «Ladder» before to get rid of unwanted pounds, you need to adjust the body for future losses — and the purging will be here pretty by the way. To carry out cleansing will help (considering only the first day):

  • sparkling clean water (at least a litre).
  • pounds of any apples;
  • activated charcoal (about 12 pieces).
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All of the above can be taken in any order and combination, but you need to consider two factors: to prevent hunger, it is advisable to use «food» evenly, in small portions throughout the day, and make this the initial stage in the home, as active peristalsis, which is stimulated by components of the steps implies access to toilet facilities.

How it works step: enriched with pectin water and apples care about filling the stomach and creating the cleansing effect of the digestive tract, the charcoal acts as an adsorbent, binding various poisons, gases, toxins and removes them from the body.

The second day: «Rehabilitation»

Having experienced the intestinal strength, and wyvil of the major part of the accumulated «slag», on the second day you need to think about the restoration of the intestinal microflora. To accomplish this will help throughout the day:

  • drinking non-carbonated water (at least a litre);
  • «live» milk (liter);
  • pure low-fat cottage cheese (700 gr.).

Judging by the reviews, the chances that cleaning will continue and the next day, there is: yogurt in combination with water create this opportunity. But in any case, already in these few days you can see the first effect: it left the water, as the kidneys constantly worked intensively (including due to the acids which are found in yogurt and apples) and stool from the intestines.

The enrichment of the second day, protein of natural origin will give the opportunity to some extent to compensate for his lack of created by the cleaning. In addition, many nutritionists say that only after a good offload, the body can much better absorb the protein. However, these studies were conducted under more stringent duration of the diet.

How it works step: after cleansing, the body gets a certain «dose» of natural protein, which is digested for a long time, does not create hunger, but also enriches protein muscle. The stomach receives bifidobacteria yogurt, helping to normalize the normal microflora.

The third day: «Energy»

At this stage of the diet «Ladder» is prescribed to get enough any source of energy — as this menu there may be fructose and glucose. Their to give ability to:

  • compote of dried fruits (2 l);
  • honey (2 tbsp);
  • raisins (350 gr.).

On the sweet stage of losing weight probably be attacked by a bout of high appetite is quickly absorbed monosaccharides create instant surge of energy and good mood, but in return throw the blood insulin. Therefore, one should try to consume allowed raisins, almost berry. Honey, you can sweeten the compote to eat it, dividing into small portions, very slowly, literally, like candy dissolving in your mouth. And remember that the fruits and the juice is often slabach, because in the third day, it is best not to plan a responsible and long-distance travel.

How it works step: the brain fed with glucose because the energy stage helps psychologically to unload. Dried fruit, where there are valuable minerals and substances (potassium, magnesium, antioxidants, iron) are contained in larger quantity than in fresh fruit and this combination will provide the body with beneficial for blood circulation, cardiovascular system, and liver elements.

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The fourth day: «Construction»

In the role of building material in this day will make is proven in this role of protein: divide the whole day a pound of boiled white meat chicken or Turkey and don’t forget to add in the diet more (not less than 1.5 liters) of drinking pure non-carbonated water. To improve the modest menu it a bit, season with herbs and a little salt.

How it works step and absorbable by the human body meat of a chicken has most of the required amino acids and pleasant to the taste. After three full days of poor diet, protein forms the muscles, since any rigid diet the first victims are the muscles.

Fifth day: «fat Removal»

The final day, as planned by the developers of the diet «Ladder», kompensiruet load, which occurred in the past, protein day, with significant receipts of fiber contained in fruits, vegetables and grains. The diet for this day:

  • raw fruits and vegetables (1 kg);
  • pure oat flakes (250 gr. dry).

Drinking water also remains — as the berries have a lot of liquid, you can drink approximately a liter of water.

Of oatmeal you need to make porridge on the water with a small addition of salt, and splitting it for the whole day, eat together with fruits and vegetables or divide the ingredients into individual consumption (for example, first the porridge with an Apple after the salad vegetables at the end of the blower). While choosing plant foods you need to avoid starchy vegetables, apples and bananas.

How it works step: after all the hardships she had endured, slimming using the «Ladder», in the end losing weight just waiting for a feast. Means that fat deposits will begin to «burn out» due to the filling effects of fiber (often this effect is called «negative calorie» — saturation is, no calories), against which the very simple «download» the physical body. But will forces on active practice after this rigid diet — it is a question.

How to get out of diet «Ladder» and reviews losing weight

As every power system, which involves significant limitations and seeking because of this significant weight loss, «Ladder» has a «property of the boomerang» — the whole weight can quickly come back if losing weight, to celebrate, you return to old eating habits that put you in front of the need to go on a diet.

Even when the extra pounds was able to easily lose and you are inspired, you don’t need to pass again the five-day diet: this can cause serious problems and exhaustion. To «fix» your perfect figure, diet, eliminate from the diet of sweet, fatty, that is, any food that is «dense» calories, as well as control the volume of the portions — if you choose to be slim, you need to eat more often (about 5 times a day), but only a little. Diet «Ladder» will give you the opportunity to enjoy life without leaving the last step where is very well seen by your beauty!

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My personal opinion about the diet Ladder. 5 days of this diet I could lose about 7 kg, and then started to eat small portions, trying to eat only low-calorie food. Diet Ladder has created some impetus. In the result it has been six weeks and I’ve lost over 10 kg! I am very pleased. It was hard only in the first few days, and then once you get used to, the body is not starving, probably, the stomach volume is reduced.

Vika Moscow

It’s actually the best of all possible diets. I sat and water, and the chocolate diet, and, you know, to begin with, the result was only for a short time, as it has happened in the following way: «live a normal life, and then abruptly begin to starve the body in shock.» And I broke hormonal balance and a couple of months was amenorrhea, which is very harmful. With diet «Ladder» from the body it goes all bad, and only is updated, then reset the weight. Was very pleased, recommend to all!

Lena Yalta

After birth, I naturally smashed, and for some reason to go back, could not, perhaps, age is gives know. Decided to lose weight. The fitness and exercise equipment much time there, so I’m looking only diet. Strive, develop will power, and already the effect is noticeable. Diet is 5 days, I from time to time to repeat it. I can say that the bulk of the weight came down, back in your favorite jeans, though still slightly firm to sit, but I’m still in the process, the most important is to set a goal. After pregnancy weight was 80 kg when height is 150, of course, too much. Today, I weigh 60 kg.

Lera Kiev