Surimi-minced meat — what it is: its use in the manufacture of crab sticks, benefit or harm

Most seafood lovers would know, that is a part of crab sticks. It may seem that they appeared recently. In fact, in Asian countries, crab sticks are long-standing. They have an unusual name ingredient surimi. What is this product and why is it special?

What is surimi?

This product is part of crab sticks. The origin of the word is associated with distant Japan where the product has long been used in traditional Japanese cuisine. Surimi in Japanese means «washed minced fish». The product is a finely chopped meat white fish. Usually used to prepare surimi meat:

  • Pollock;
  • blue whiting;
  • heck;
  • cod.

Often also surimi prepared from meat of shrimp. Their peeled, frozen and ground into a homogeneous mass. The resulting product has a pronounced flavor or odor. This quality gives the opportunity to the mince add spices and dyes necessary to make a variety of seafood.

In the XI century, the people of Southeast Asia began to notice that processed meat white fish can be given any shape. Since they are often made from minced fish balls or sticks. Sausages of this meat called «Kamaboko». In the 70-ies of the last century, in Japan put into commercial production.

Thanks to the centuries-old culinary art of Asian countries of surimi in Japan learned how to make thousands of kinds of products. The most common steel product crab sticks.

The production process of minced fish

For the manufacture of the product in the industrial production of fish caught in the fishing grounds in the open sea. There is a special fishing boat-plants, on which fish enters the processing. Also part of the catch is sent to the factories, which are located on the land.

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Fresh fish is washed, then separated the fillet and the rest goes to the production of bone meal. For the production of surimi is only part of the loin. Selected fillet is washed repeatedly with cold and clean water, as long as it does not remain insoluble proteins.

Thoroughly rinsed the loin part is fed into a centrifuge, to remove from it the excess moisture. In fact, after pressing, the mass is the finished surimi. From the resulting mass formed blocks of 10 kg by the method of shock freezing with a temperature of -20oC. This method of freezing is associated with the fact that many manufacturers are often very far away, including on other continents. They are transported in special containers with temperature -20oC in continuous mode.

Minced surimi

About the crab sticks you can hear the opposite opinion. Some say that it is a quality fish meat cod of the species. Others think that crab sticks can harm the body. In fact, surimi is a high quality protein fish. Stuffing bears only benefit the body, because it is completely cleaned from blood, fat and enzymes and other components that can quickly dissolve. Nutrients are fully preserved in the composition of surimi, since the product is not subjected to heat treatment.

In European countries learned how to produce products resembling crab meat. In Japan minced surimi have long been used in the preparation of many dishes of the national cuisine. In other countries of South-East Asia it is also often used as an ingredient for many recipes.

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Crab sticks are very popular in our country because of them, you can quickly prepare a variety of delicious dishes. Often make salads on the basis of crab sticks. From beef surimi prepared:

  • burgers;
  • fish cakes;
  • snacks;
  • added to the first dish.

Minced meat is used as stuffing for fish rolls and home baking. It’s low calorie, only 99 calories per 100 g of product also attracts many lovers of seafood.

The benefits and harms of crab sticks

What is included with crab meat, excluding minced surimi. In the beginning, for the manufacture of beef used cod fish species. She was caught in clean waters. After processing was bright and clean smooth mass, of which some dishes were prepared. Fillet for surimi production must be lean, have a white color and high density and elasticity.

Not all varieties of fish suitable for surimi stuffing. Sometimes I catch other varieties of fish, whose meat has a darker color low density, it is less elastic. How are crab sticks what is included in their composition? Conscientious manufacturers use crab sticks following ingredients:

  • minced surimi;
  • potato starch;
  • water;
  • vegetable oil;
  • salt;
  • sugar;
  • natural flavours and food colorings;
  • food additives.

All of these components mixed together until a homogeneous mass. It turns out the fish paste, which is rolled into a sheet. Then it is treated under the influence of steam, after which the product is cooled to 40oC. Iced attach the sheet to the shape of the harness and wrapped in foil. Then cut into pieces of desired length. To give the product a more attractive appearance, the harness is colored with food dyes.

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Subject to any rules technology, using only the above components are unlikely crab sticks to harm the health. The cod fish species found only in clear, cold and deep waters.