TABATA Protocol — an intense workout for weight loss, reviews about exercise and results

To lose weight is a dream of many of us, regardless of gender. But most would like to find a way in which excess weight will go away quickly and easily, and the body will become nice easily. This way you can technique called TABATA.

Those who have tried this exercise, I believe that this is truly a revolutionary method of weight loss, the real «zhirotopka» that delights both novices and accomplished adherents of fitness. Weight loss starts already after a few classes!

When just beginning, it’s a good jolt to the body. I will never forget how happy when I cut a relief on my stomach, after I had added to the usual four-minute workout at TABATA! But over time, the body adapted and began to demand more training. In the end, I do every day, and every day my figure pleases me more and more. And that was after quite a bit of time!

Alena S.

The principle technique

The correct name of the technique is the TABATA Protocol. Its principle is the following:

  • 20 seconds you do the exercise in the fastest mode, which is only capable your body;
  • 10 seconds you relax;
  • again doing exercise 20 seconds;
  • again rest 10 seconds.

And so 8 approaches, which are called intervals and is only 4 minutes. The more repetitions in 20 seconds without any loss of quality you reached, the better.

Many people think that this approach can’t work, as too simple. This is actually a pretty intense workout that affects all muscle groups, and those who visited at least one lesson on this technique in the gym or tried to do at home, say in reviews that the end of the class there is a feeling of a complete workout and the body is pleasantly sore.

Worked for only four months, could not stand the intensity after the first four minutes feet gave way, and work at a pace you need 12-16 minutes. But the effect was over time, endurance has increased, well my stomach and buttocks, cellulite is gone.

Mary R.

How it works

Method was discovered in 1996 by Japanese doctor Izumi TABATA and his team of researchers. They conducted experiments on the development of a unique system of exercise that combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises. And it turns out that the TABATA Protocol give stunning results. Anaerobic capacity of the subjects increased by almost 30 percent, the muscles strengthened, the body is tightened.

Classes TABATA Protocol was more effective than the usual hour-long workout. In addition, they have had a positive impact on the rats ‘ health of athletes, their cardiovascular system is strengthened, your stamina has increased.

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As this method helps to burn fat? Doing exercises on the TABATA Protocol, to breathe in the same way as in basic training, it is impossible. Practicing thus, you are breathing very often, and it helps to nourish and oxygenate every cell of the body, as a result of accelerated metabolism. The oxygen rapidly oxidizes subcutaneous fat, the fat is burned not only during exercise, as usual, but after it for 15 hours.

Exercises TABATA

Exercises that makes sense to do, doing TABATA training technique must meet several criteria.

  • In exercise, you should run the maximum number of muscles.
  • Exercise must be torsion elements and elements with the greatest possible amplitude.
  • Over a 20 second interval you need to perform about 10 repetitions.

It is recommended to perform squats with the raising of hands up, pull-UPS, push-UPS, crunches, including crunches.

How many exercises should I perform?

The selection of exercises for training on this Protocol. Depending on which muscle groups you would like to work and what result to you can choose a certain exercise several muscle groups at once, or just one or two.

For example, the coach may offer this option to study several groups of muscles:

  • 20 seconds of aerobic exercise, 10 seconds rest;
  • 20 seconds of exercises with dumbbells, 10 seconds rest;
  • 20 seconds of aerobic exercise, 10 seconds rest
  • again dumbbells and so on for 4 minutes.

If you need to work on certain muscle groups, for example, such problem many buttocks and stomach, you can do two sets of 4 minutes onto each of the groups.

Also you can pick 8 different exercises and alternate them every 20 seconds. This option is will replace the daily morning exercises.

Do not forget that exercises should be done at the highest speed you are capable of, and with maximum application of effort.

To get noticeable results, you must train 4-5 times a week for 4-8 minutes, but many believe that you need to do more than two approaches, and to engage at least one hour. If you prefer to train in the gym, one hour workout a week is enough. The Protocol of TABATA training increased complexity, and two classes a week – not for beginners in fitness. In any case, the exercises must correspond to the physical training, but not be at all easy. If you don’t feel squeezed in 4 minutes, so the workout was weak. The heart must beat strongly enough, the person may Browning. If you feel dizzy (especially if you’re new) – that’s okay! This means that the brain is enriched with oxygen.

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To get more benefit and faster to come to the desired weight, do better in a well-ventilated area or outdoors. Do not forget about the workout, not to get injured!

Unfortunately, many beginners refuse the training even before getting a visible result, because you are too tired, to put it bluntly — uphevals, and then write negative reviews that exercise did not help them and only wore. To avoid this, it is possible to do two days in a row, and the third to devote to recreation.

Please note that the TABATA Protocol have contraindications. This cardiovascular disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis. Unfortunately, those who suffer from these diseases and still have a chance to start training to note the deterioration of health.

But this does not mean that they can forget about interval training, on the contrary, they help to strengthen the cardiovascular system and reduce blood pressure. They developed the so-called protocols Gibaly (10 work intervals lasting 60 seconds, separated by rest periods in the same length of 60 seconds, the exercises are performed with intensity, in which the pulse does not exceed 80-90 percent of maximum heart rate) and little’s (60 seconds of exercise and 75 seconds of rest). These protocols are recommended for those who have significantly exceeded the body weight, who suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or suffered a stroke.

How to count time for interval training

The TABATA Protocol there is another difficulty – to consider time intervals and do not stray. Come to the aid of the simplest program, for example, an online TABATA timer. Click «start» and then the program itself will notify you about the beginning and end of the interval.

You can download audio clips, and built on the same principle. The period of exercise they are usually accompanied by a number of music with intense rhythm, invigorating music additionally helps to tune in the desired fashion and to withstand high-speed pace of the exercise. There are programs for your phone: you can download them free of charge or for a nominal sum. By the way, they can be configured for other protocols.

Feedback about the TABATA Protocol

It just seems that the four minute workout — is negligible. But 20 seconds even a person who is in good physical condition, realizes that he’s already exhausted, but there are still a few intervals with a short break between them!

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The majority of those who decided to workout according to the method of TABATA and it was laid on them in full force, noted that these 4-16 minutes 5 times a week can work wonders! And it is important that the muscles are not pumped, and strengthen and acquire a beautiful form.

Those who do fitness for a long time, drew attention to the fact that this Protocol is excellent to use a variety of exercises – squats, running, pedaling on a stationary bike… the Main thing – the pace and intensity at the limit of possibility.

Dealing with Protocol TABATA willing to share the results, because lose weight fast fat change muscle, feel better.

I recommend the TABATA system. Does not require a lot of space and time. Can be enjoyed absolutely free. Exhausting and exhausting specifically. I am engaged not so long ago, but already after the first workout, I realized that the result will be! And the result was visible after a few sessions! The body has been tightened, and cellulite gradually disappears. But only 4 minutes! Additional plus: if you can’t set yourself up for a daily one-hour workout, TABATA is for you!

Valery K.

Just do not forget about contraindications: do not harm the health in pursuit of a beautiful figure.