Table No. 10: basic readings, what foods you can eat, diet menu for a week

When heart problems, doctors recommend a diet number 10. This diet promotes blood circulation, and positively affects the condition of the kidneys, liver and stomach, normalizes metabolic processes and are also relevant during hypertension.

The essence of the diet №10

The main requirement diet number 10 is the reduction or waiver of the consumption of salt and reduction of volume of fluids (1.3 litres). Particularly this condition need to be observed during hypertension. Also diet implies a reduction in caloric intake due to fast fissile carbohydrates and fats.

Indications for diet number 10:

  • Cardio — disease in which the heart scarring, which violated its contractile function.
  • Heart disease — pathology of its structure and the structure, causing heart failure.
  • The lack of circulation of 1-2 degrees — a condition when the circulatory system cannot cope with the timely transportation of blood to all tissues and organs. Thus, they do not get in the required amount of nutrients and oxygen, causing being violated, performed by them functions.
  • High blood pressure or a tendency to hypertension.
  • Kidney disease (renal failure, stones).
  • Various cardiovascular disease.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract (heartburn, ulcer, gastritis).
  • The liver due to the accumulation in it of many fats and toxic substances.

Table No. 10. Features and description diet menus

Table 10 implies that in consumed food are alkaline compounds (reduce the acidity), lipotropic substances (prevent deposition of fat in the liver and are involved in their metabolic process), magnesium and potassium.

During culinary processing of products is necessary to give preference to roasting, steaming, boiling. Need to eliminate hard to digest foods for the stomach. The temperature of the food — room or moderately warm. Excluded are very cold or hot foods.

Table 10 assumes that the regularity of eating, the number of receptions shall be not less than 6-7 times per day. The last intake of food can not be done less than 2 hours before bedtime.

  • The daily amount of salt consumed is in the range of 4-6 grams.
  • The calorie content of food which is eaten per day is not more than 2400 kcal.

The structure of the daily diet on the chemical composition of this:

  • Fats — 60 gr. 25% of them are of plant origin.
  • Carbohydrates 350 gr.
  • Proteins — 80 g., 40% of them are of animal origin.

Permitted and prohibited products

To know what allows the table No. 10 and what must be abandoned, consider the following products:

  • Meat. You can consume lean veal, beef, rabbit, pork (without fat), chicken, Turkey. But from such as duck and goose must be abandoned. It is also prohibited to eat the insides of animals. To prepare the meat only after pre-cooking. This means that it is necessary to clean it from the fascia and tendons, as well as slightly boil in the water which is then poured out and at the same time and fat. Then the meat is done according to the recipe. It can be baked, throw in soup, meatballs, burgers, even a little sauté with a small amount of oil. It is forbidden to eat smoked meat, sausages (except doctoral and diet of sausage to eat but they are allowed in limited quantities), and canned meat.
  • Bakery products. It is necessary to give preference to yesterday’s, a little dry bread from wheat flour. Choose bread that is not within the salt. Of the treats you can indulge yourself in nesdobnoe sponge cake or biscuits. Puff pastry muffin to remove from the list of approved products because they are made of top grade flour, it is high in sugar, margarine or butter. Also need to give up pancakes and crepes as they are cooked by frying.
  • Fish. You can eat only low-fat: steamed, baked, boiled, fried after cooking (roasting in this case takes only a few minutes to create a crust). It is forbidden to eat smoked and salted fish, caviar, canned food and fatty varieties.
  • Eggs. Daily permitted not more than one egg, it can be prepared boiled, to make it a baked or steamed scrambled eggs. It is forbidden to eat fried eggs or hard-boiled.
  • During table No. 10 patients need to abandon radish, spinach, sorrel, onions, garlic. It is forbidden to eat sour or salty foods, pickles, vegetables. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account the people who suffer from hypertension.
  • Pastas and cereals. In the diet №10 open to all but need to prepare — to prepare casseroles of cereals, boiled in milk or water, without using large amounts of fat, sugar and salt.
  • Dairy products. Permitted all with a small percentage of fat with no added spice, sugar, salt. Thus, it is forbidden to use: — fat cottage cheese, salty cheese, sweet cheese, purchase cream, sour cream, yogurt (but in small quantities to add to dishes).
  • Vegetables. It is best to bake or cook, can be eaten raw. There are limitations in the use of green peas and cabbage.
  • Legumes under the full ban.
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Additional list of foods when you diet number 10

We will continue to review the list of products to know exactly what is table No. 10:

  • Fruit. You can eat soft varieties, they do not irritate the intestines and stomach. Avoid foods with rough fiber. You can eat dried fruits.
  • Mushrooms are banned.
  • Fats. When you diet number 10 they allowed in small quantities. The preference of the physicians are advised to give up butter or oil. Under this diet table fat, mutton and beef fats are banned.
  • Drinks. You need to give up coffee and cocoa. Black tea also do not need to get involved. While choosing green tea to get acquainted with the composition that it was not herbs that affect the cardiovascular system, herbs with laxatives and diuretic properties. As on the body when diet and so has a greater load due to the new diet. Alcoholic and sweet carbonated drinks are forbidden. What to drink when you diet number 10? Compotes, fresh juices, boiled water, milk (skimmed), jelly, favorably affects the body the decoction of rose hips.
  • Sweets. The diet allows consumption of in moderation, but certain products are prohibited from: muffins, cakes with custard cream or butter, chocolate. You can use marmalade, jam, honey, jelly, mousse, not chocolate candy.
  • Spices. Resolved: citric acid, Bay leaf, cinnamon, vanilla sugar. Forbidden to use pepper, horseradish or mustard. Moreover, it is necessary to remember the core and people who suffer from hypertension.
  • Sauces. You can use sour cream, dairy, tomato, vegetable gravy (120-140 gr. a day). Refills from from mushrooms, fish, meat should be abandoned. Prohibit store-bought mayonnaise.
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Approximate diet menu No. 10 for a week

Taking into account described above we can calculate a menu that allows the table No. 10. And you must eat Breakfast at 8-9 am, 11-12 a.m. — lunch in 14-15 hours-lunch, 16:00 — snack and 19-20 hours dinner. Not less than an hour before bed have a snack.


  • Breakfast — a drink made from chicory, steam omelet, oatmeal.
  • Lunch — mashed fruit.
  • Lunch — soup with pasta without meat, roast beef (170 gr.), compote of dried fruits, bread.
  • The second lunch — a banana.
  • Dinner — a decoction of rose hips, vegetable stew, fish cakes for a couple.
  • Second dinner — a Cup of yogurt.


  • Breakfast — a light tea, cheese casserole, rice porridge with chunks of broccoli and carrots.
  • Lunch — persimmon.
  • Lunch — soup with buckwheat, boiled breast of chicken, stewed fruit, bread.
  • Second lunch — three biscuits Maria, broth hips.
  • Dinner — stewed dried fruits, baked fish, mashed potatoes.
  • The second dinner — yogurt.


  • Breakfast — a drink made from chicory, soft boiled egg, pasta with vegetable sauce.
  • Second Breakfast — baked pears and apples.
  • Lunch — lean pork roll stuffed with vegetables, pearl barley soup, jelly, bread.
  • Second lunch — not a candy cane, and broth hips.
  • Dinner — steamed Turkey chop, steamed zucchini, light tea, a casserole of cheese with fruit pieces.
  • The second dinner — apricot, a few pieces of melon or other fruit.


  • Breakfast — fresh juice, fruit, baked rabbit, barley porridge with sauce made from vegetables.
  • Second Breakfast — berries, for example, mulberry.
  • Lunch — a little fried fish (previously boiled), beet soup, compote, bread.
  • Second lunch — jelly.
  • Supper — soft boiled egg, baked potato, light tea, boiled cauliflower.
  • Second dinner — a Cup of yogurt.
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  • Breakfast — a decoction of rose hips, baked omelet, semolina pudding with fruits.
  • Second Breakfast — a banana.
  • Lunch — jelly, roast beef, buckwheat soup.
  • The second lunch — a decoction of rose hips and a small piece of biscuit.
  • Dinner, light tea, pilaf, without meat, boiled beets.
  • The second dinner — low fat cottage cheese with dried fruit.


  • Breakfast — fresh juice, a piece of boiled chicken breast, oatmeal.
  • Second Breakfast — a light tea, bread with jam.
  • Lunch — soup with millet, steam fish cutlets, compote, stewed vegetables.
  • The second lunch — a fruit that allows diet.
  • Supper — soft boiled egg, barley porridge, salad of seaweed.
  • Second dinner — a small serving of rice milk porridge.


  • Breakfast — a drink made from chicory, a piece of doctoral sausage, pasta with tomato sauce.
  • Lunch — mashed fruit.
  • Lunch — jelly with app cookies, rice soup, boiled fish.
  • The second lunch — a decoction of rose hips.
  • Dinner — salad, omelette, light tea, pumpkin porridge.
  • The second dinner — yogurt.

As you can see, you can have a tasty and varied to eat, observing all the rules of the diet №10. At the same time to normalize the work of all internal organs, especially the liver, heart, stomach and kidneys. Besides diet normalizes metabolism and blood pressure in hypertension, because fat people can lose weight and lean — to gain weight.