Tea and tinctures from the root of ginseng: healing properties of plants, the benefits and harms to health

This plant, like ginseng is familiar to many, it is famous for its unique properties. It has long been used in folk medicine and recognized by official medicine. On the basis of plants are not the only drugs.

With him also produce various cosmetic products. What’s is the healing power of ginseng and if it can harm your health, if you take a tincture from it?

Properties of the plant

Ginseng is a perennial plant of the family Araliaceae. Reaches a height of 50 cm ginseng Root system poorly branched, has a yellow color. He has a straight single stems with long leaves.

The flowers are small and nondescript in appearance with a white Corolla. Ripe fruit (drupe) juicy red inside have 1-3 seeds. Ginseng blooms in mid-summer and in early autumn you can gather bright fruit.

Multiplies the root of life only by seed, and this process is very slow. After 1.5– 2 years is the germination of seeds. Among plants ginseng long-lived, some varieties grow more than 150 years. In the wild it grows in Primorye, Khabarovsk, China, Manchuria, Korea.

It grows most often in forests, where cedars grow in mixed forests, likes loose and rich fertilized soil and moderately humid. This is a basic condition for active growth of ginseng. Due to the fact that he does not like direct sunlight, it can be found only in covered with trees and forest areas.

The healing properties of the plant people knew long ago. They used it in folk medicine. About the plant legends and claimed that its root is not only able to heal, to give strength, energy, and to work miracles to put on his feet even hopeless patients.

The chemical composition of ginseng is very diverse in its root is:

  • Proteins.
  • Carbohydrates.
  • Fats.

It also contains other substances beneficial to health:

  1. Resin.
  2. Alkaloids.
  3. Vitamin b and C.
  4. Sulfur and phosphorous.
  5. Tannins.
  6. Micro-and macronutrients.

Healing properties

So far, all the properties of ginseng are not fully understood by scientists, so its high biological activity can benefit and harm if used incorrectly. Mostly peptides and polysaccharides contained in the plant.

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The unique properties lend glycosides, the main active substance. It is contained in the leaves, roots, stems, and stalks of ginseng.

The first to use ginseng for medicinal purposes by the peoples of China and Korea thousands of years ago. He attributed miraculous properties, it cost a lot of money. The high price is justified because the root of life had on the body a tonic and a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The plant is capable of:

  • to improve efficiency;
  • the bile output;
  • to improve the gas exchange in the lungs;
  • to normalize blood pressure;
  • to improve the function of the endocrine system;
  • to normalize the level of blood sugar.

Ginseng is successfully used in the treatment of hypotension, depression, mental and physical strain. It acts soothing for stress and nervousness.

Ginseng and the reproductive system

Since it was believed that ginseng stimulates libido. Official medicine proved that the root of the plant improves sexual function. The substances contained in the root, contribute to the expansion of blood vessels and thus improve blood circulation in the male genitals.

The plant helps to improve reproductive function and significantly improve the health of the male organs. Has long been proven that medicines based on ginseng improve potency, without harming men’s health, if the right to use the product.

Almost all drugs that increase the potency, are composed of ginseng. We must always remember that any effective medicine can benefit and harm when applied incorrectly.

This applies mainly to overdose, so before use tools. should be familiar with basic terms of:

  • it can take up to 16 years;
  • in infectious etiology ginseng contraindicated;
  • it is forbidden to take medicines based on ginseng hypertension 3 degrees.

It should be taken very carefully in conjunction with other medications. Ginseng can cause a negative reaction when administered together with other drugs. Preferably before taking ginseng to consult a specialist and then start the treatment or prevention.

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The benefits and harms ginseng tincture

Despite the fact that the plant is preparing many different medicines, most effectively on the human organism tincture of its root. Most of its properties it showed the problem with male potency.

Also popular and teas with ginseng. What is a tincture of ginseng what are the pros and cons? Remedy is alcohol-based, that’s why became the subject of discussion. In its composition it can be made in three variants.

  1. One of the most common recipes: the root of youth is filled with 4 liters diluted to 40% alcohol. If there is no alcohol, fit and vodka. The roots are filled, after which the container must be put in a cool place for 12 hours. Tincture is recommended to drink 3 times a day for 50 grams.
  2. For the second recipe you will need 20 g of crushed roots and 200 grams of alcohol with a concentration of 70%. Fluid infused at least 1 week and used 20 drops half an hour before meals 2-3 times a day.
  3. There is a recipe that is prepared without the use of alcohol. You must have 300 grams ginseng roots and half a tablespoon of natural honey. Everything is mixed and consumed three times a day half an hour before a meal 1 teaspoon. The full course of treatment lasts 1.5–2 months, then take this infusion should be discontinued.

In folk medicine this plant for thousands of years, used for infusions, powders, decoctions, teas, ointments. If make tinctures alcohol-based, the product can be harmful if improperly used.

Alcohol can affect blood vessels and organs, so an alcohol tincture, you need to drink with caution and doctor’s prescription.

After taking the tincture may increase the pressure be nausea and vomiting. After such symptoms should immediately stop taking funds. The minimum dose is usually beneficial, but an overdose only harm.

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Ginseng tea

Unlike infusions of tea from plant to store for a long time can not, he consumed the same day. The unique properties of the plant are beneficial to the body. It is recommended to drink anyone who cares about their health.

Especially useful to drink ginseng tea to people living in the area with a poor environment, undergoing chemotherapy. There are two popular prescription ginseng tea.

  • 2 liters of water.
  • Red ginseng — 40 gr.
  • Dates — 30 grams.
  • Sugar — 200 gr.
  • Ginger — 2 oz.

The tea prepared is very simple: the ginseng root is finely cut, so the plant was able to give all their useful properties. The crushed root is required within two hours to boil in water. After that add the dates and tea brewed half an hour.

Then coresets finely the ginger for half an hour, brewed. Immediately after that, the tea is ready to drink. It is best to drink tea hot to get more effective result.