Tea «Flying swallow» losing weight people, reviews of doctors-dieticians

Currently, the problem of excess weight is very important. In some cases this is due to the health complications that result from extra pounds. A completely different situation when a person is not satisfied with the aesthetics of their own appearance.

The demand for miracle weight loss products gives rise to the shaft of the offers from manufacturers, famous brands, and also very questionable, nowhere unregistered. They offer their goods in a variety of forms of execution. Want pills, please. Love herbal tea? Can lose weight this pleasant way.

Product, working at weight loss, so much that consumers may get confused. But it is better not to hurry losing weight uncontrollably, and to think about how to achieve the desired effect, when you fly like a swallow. You will need to try to minimize the possible unpleasant consequences of weight loss.

Slimming tea «Flying swallow»

Each losing weight it is important to know how many pounds per week can be reset based on the individual characteristics of the organism, as well as weight loss can affect health?

These questions satisfactory answers can only be obtained from specialists. Experienced dieticians will tell you how to choose the right tactic to lose weight. It usually involves a set of measures that help to reduce weight.

It should be noted that today the majority of dieters, trying to find reviews of people who have personal experience in a particular method of weight loss.

Composition and useful properties of tea «Flying swallow»

The slimming teas have long been popular and their assortment is updated constantly. A well-known tool called «Swallow — tea for weight loss» reviews, which you can find on the Internet, has gained popularity due to its natural composition and to an ancient legend about the marvelous grace girls, comparable to a light flight of a swallow.

On the packaging you will not find assurances that tea swallow will help everyone to get rid of 15 kg of excess weight within a month. Drink «Flying swallow», which contains only herbs, fruits and natural supplements, the manufacturer positions as a means of cleansing the intestines.

In addition to a thorough cleansing of the body from decay products, tea «Flying swallow» helps to reduce the appetite and thus helps to lose weight. It is also important that the tea has a quality certificate, registered in the territory of the Russian Federation. This is confirmed by the reference to the product packaging.

The composition of tea «Flying swallow»:

  1. Cowberry (leaves) — 20%. Has a diuretic effect. Cowberry leaves used in the recipes of traditional medicine to cleanse the kidneys of stones.
  2. Cassia seeds — 15%. Their action is aimed at blunting appetite, improved digestion and intestinal motility.
  3. Fiber fruits loofahs — 20%. Have diuretic and laxative effect, improves blood circulation.
  4. Rind, immature tangerine — 5%. Improves liver, kidney, and gall bladder.
  5. The tea leaf is 25%.
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Teas are known under the brand name «Flying swallow» may have different names and different composition. For example, as useful additions to the main structure is used:

  • coconut;
  • licorice;
  • root orange.

The manufacturer guarantees the lack of tea for weight loss swallow chemical impurities and harmful substances as well as focuses attention of consumers that one course lasting 25 days, you can lose weight 6 — 8 kg.

The effect of weight loss based on cleansing the body, is created due to diuretic and laxative properties of tea. It must be considered that the process of getting rid of the extra pounds was complicated by discomfort.

Method of use and contraindications

Tea «Flying swallow» is a dietary Supplement that is recommended to be taken to control body weight. In addition, the laxative effect of tea helps to cope with constipation.

One need to brew in the Cup portion tea «Flying swallow». To improve the taste of the drink adding lemon, sugar or honey. One Cup of tea a day is a dose of the drug. This should be done after dinner. The course weight loss lasts 25 days.

Regimen tea for weight loss:

  • 10 days — a daily intake of 1 Cup of tea;
  • to make a 5 days break;
  • repeat means «Flying swallow» — 10 days.

Those who are overweight, can hold 3 of the course. As a result, over the year people can lose weight by 20-30 kg. the Use of tea «Flying swallow» because of its laxative effect it is better to combine with a vacation and quietly go about losing weight in the comfort of your own home.

Reaction to «Flying swallow» may be different. We are talking about the possible manifestations of Allergy to individual components of tea.

Contraindications to the use of tools weight loss are:

  • pregnancy and lactation in women;
  • acute bowel disease;
  • individual intolerance to the components of tea.

Caution: In case of losing weight symptoms of the illness receiving «Flying swallow» you need to stop and consult a doctor.

Reviews on slimming tea «Flying swallow»

To achieve the desired correction of weight one desires to lose weight is not enough. But if the decision is made, you should not choose ways to get rid of those extra pounds can lead to impairment of body functions.

Even if the weight loss product indicated that the drug can make people of all ages, including children, the correct solution would be to consult a dietician.

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Reviews of doctors of tea «Flying swallow»

Reviews about this means of losing weight on the Internet a lot. Tea acquire, both women and men, and their opinions often differ dramatically.

Some enthusiastically recognized about the miraculous deliverance from 4 to 8 kg in a month. Sharply negative reviews written by people who have suffered, in varying degrees, from severe laxative effect of the tea.

Nutritionists recommend those who wish to lose weight this way to think will the benefit of the body receiving «Flying swallows».

Important: you Must strictly adhere to the dosage of the drug and to take into account contraindications to its use.

Some patients, I would recommend herbal tea «Flying swallow», as the first step to cleanse the bowel. That is, the drug is a start of the diet, which I picked individually for each. And while there is a body cleansing, the patient is better to go in for cereals, and two or three days to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Flour products, junk food excluded from a diet in order not to cause severe spasms. Also, my patients know not to drink tea swallow when fasting and after a scant meal.

Note that the process of losing weight for the body is stress. Therefore it is impossible to say in advance what will be the result. But I know you need to lose weight, understanding what is required at each stage.

Olga Y. Drozdov, doctor-nutritionist.

If you ask the question to an experienced physician-dietician: «is it Possible effective weight loss with herbal tea»? He replied that to achieve results will need to change lifestyle and weight loss should be gradual.

In the diet preferred vegetables, fruits and herbs. Of candy, cakes, chips, will have to forget. An hour before the meal to drink a glass of water. Well-being from this approach will only improve, and the folds of fat in problem areas will begin to disappear.

The complex of measures for the correction of the weight classes definitely charging. You need to understand that weight loss is the improvement of the body. And lose weight, without bothering about the strengthening of muscles by exercise, therefore, is not to achieve an aesthetic effect.

Magic of losing weight with the help of «Flying swallows» is not going to happen, if you only use it. It confirms not only my experience, but also colleagues, doctors, nutritionists.

Alina I. Strizhak, dietitian.

Reviews on slimming tea «Flying swallow»

Beautiful figure is not only visual appeal, but also a guarantee of good health. Overweight, on the contrary, the evidence of health problems.

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The person who wants to lose weight, you need to pay attention to the choice of optimal method of correction of weight. Therefore, do not limit yourself to review best friend on the means of weight loss, and to examine different opinions. What will be more, the better.

Slimming tea «Flying swallow» was acquired to help to lose weight. I have already accumulated personal experience in this matter, which I am happy to share. My method is comprehensive:

  • sports;
  • a diet consistent with the doctor;
  • tea for weight loss — strictly according to instructions.

In the end the result for the month — minus 7 kg, it turns out the week — a little more than minus 1.5 kg.

Contraindications to the composition of tea I have, but long to apply this product, I think, is not necessary. Propyl course, feel the ease of flight of a swallow and enough.

Price of product is 165 p.

Svetlana Krasin, 34 years old, Ufa

Acquired the means to become slimmer, but my body took it in the «hostile». Memory ran strong pain in my stomach. One Cup of tea fell on three days of life. Swallow yourself and not feel it. Except when I had to use the toilet to go. More to lose weight with it will not. No way.

Vladimir, 29 years old, Kaliningrad, Russia.


Weight loss need to understand how a process consisting of several stages. Reasonably do those who approve the course weight correction with an experienced nutritionist. And teas, including the «Flying swallow», is only an additional means by which the weight loss happens faster.