Technique for weight loss Bodyflex exercise morning 15-minute complex, pros and cons, contraindications

Today it is difficult to find a girl who would have been happy with her figure. And to achieve the ideal, they look for various ways that will help them to lose weight. Many fans today have found a method of weight loss Bodyflex. It is based on a complex of special physical exercises combined with the technique of diaphragmatic breathing.

What is Bodyflex

As mentioned above, this special set of exercises and postures that must be performed in compliance with special diaphragmatic breathing to increase oxygen intake into the body. Method of weight loss is very simple, it is sufficient to give only 15 minutes a day.

To do the exercises at home. The desired effect is ensured by the special properties of oxygen: at the time when the concentration becomes high enough, triggers the active burning fat and at the same time, the normalization of blood flow and metabolism.

This will happen with proper exercise, and observance of the principles of breath in areas that are subjected to the load, and will burn fat. Everyone who regularly engaged in running or on the bike, he knows what he’s doing it on purpose.

These exercises are necessary to achieve sustainable aerobic effect, when the body is constantly burning fat. With exercise for weight loss Bodyflex can significantly accelerate this process — enough to do a day not more than 15 minutes to achieve similar results.

Very soon, you will be presented with a choice: spend two hours on a normal aerobics or one hour for Jogging or be given 15 minutes to complete lessons Bodyflex. Whichever option you choose, the effect will be the same, and as a result you will be able to burn 600 kcal.

But unlike the physical stress that occurs while running and while working on the bike, you will not have feeling of fatigue or exhaustion. Regularly doing exercises, the body Flex, you will be able to achieve the following results:

  • get rid of fatigue and a depressed state;
  • improve mood and vitality;
  • to normalize the blood circulation;
  • to raise a tone and strengthen muscles;
  • to achieve the massage effect that will help to improve the condition of the internal organs;
  • to get rid of facial swelling and normalize the skin;
  • to remove shortness of breath;
  • to increase endurance, improve health, to gain courage.

Those who like to work out in the gym or Jogging in the morning is unlikely to agree to such alternative. But not always we have free time for going to the gym or a full workout. In such cases, you should think about how to do the exercises complex Bodyflex, because after 15 minutes of training you will get the same effect.

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Bodyflex slimming for beginners

Did you happen to meet the same height of two people that looked different? One of them is the owner of a toned body and flat stomach, and the other with hanging sides and flabby buttocks.

Such a discrepancy is not explained by the difference in weight and overall muscle tone and skin condition. Bodyflex helps so effectively to fight with body fat is due to the tightening of the body and reduce its volume. So forget about weighing before exercise you need to perform the measurements.

After measuring the waist, upper and lower abdomen, and thighs and most lush part of the legs, write down all the results in Notepad. To obtain more accurate data, ask someone from home to help you dimension.

To know in the future how much you will change, is very necessary once a week, measurements of their volumes. You can offer another method that will help you to know how well you are performing complex.

For this try on pants that have become close to you. After one week, try to try them again, and then maybe you will have a strong desire to try harder to do the exercises Bodyflex.

Don’t forget that the important is not only the correct exercises, but also breath — it must be aerobic. Therefore, you should review breathing technique for complex Bodyflex. The very description of the breathing technique is quite extensive, despite the fact that the implementation of inhalation and exhalation you will not take more than 15 seconds.

Breathing technique Bodyflex

Working position when performing exercises Bodyflex resembles the pose of a volleyball player ready to receive the ball: the feet should be placed shoulder width apart, knees should be bent and the body is positioned with a slight tilt forward, the buttocks should be back, put your hands on your knees.

  1. Draw lips on the tube and begin to slowly exhale the air to your lungs has been completely free.
  2. Next, compressed lips and the noise sharply inhaling air through the nose to all the free space of the lungs filled with oxygen. The correct breath is very important, it needs to remain an aggressive retraction of the air, it will help to accelerate the aerobic process. And it is necessary to perform in the manner described above is powerful and noisy.
  3. When your lungs are filled with air, slightly lift the head, hold the lips, and then try to release the deepest parts of the body from the air. This should be so: mouth wide open, then begin to exhale the air from the diaphragm. To understand that you were able to master this difficult exhalation, you will be able by its characteristic sound, reminiscent of the «groin!» or rather, «nah!».
  4. Next, you need to hold your breath — this is done in the usual way with your mouth shut. Then tilt the head forward, try as much as possible to involve the stomach and lift it up to bring it as high as possible to the edges. So, you will be able to create inside a vacuum. Stay in this position for 10 seconds. At the moment this pause and it is necessary to perform the exercises.
  5. You can then relax the abdominal muscles and fill your lungs with air. If you did everything right, during the air flow you hear a sound like a whimper.
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Don’t expect the first attempt will end well. But do not worry. Very few people succeed the first time to master the technique of aerobic respiration. So don’t give up and try again.

Don’t worry about light dizziness and cough after school, these symptoms occur with the habit and this is a common reaction of body due to increase the amount of oxygen and started cleaning the respiratory tract. Gradually you’ll get used to it and it becomes easier to perform the exercises.

Disadvantages of the technique Bodyflex and contraindications

  • This technique is like a drug: once you try, you should regularly continue to do the exercises, otherwise the results each time will get worse and eventually you will return to the previous weight.
  • Slow metabolism or taking medications that slow the metabolism, will not allow to feel the maximum benefit from lessons Bodyflex.
  • Breath for beginners can be a real challenge, so some may stress.
  • Experienced athletes will find it difficult to achieve a significant effect with the help of technology Bodyflex. It can be useful only for a small correction, because the main task of the complex — fat burning.
  • During lessons it is necessary to maintain the same level of intensity.
  • Due to contraindications, not all will be able to do Flex, so first you need to consult with a specialist.

Contraindications for practicing exercises Bodyflex:

  • pregnancy;
  • chronic disease;
  • injuries and recent surgery.

The benefits of technology Bodyflex

  • The greatest effect of the exercise will feel young mothers after recent childbirth and women suffering from low blood pressure.
  • Classes need to devote just 20 minutes a day.
  • A great solution for people ready to drop Smoking, because this technique cleans the lungs.
  • To perform complex Bodyflex is possible without switching to a special diet, but this does not mean that no limitations to use harmful food.
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The uniqueness of breathing exercises Bodyflex lies in its high efficiency and simplicity. Enough for her to pay no more than 15 minutes a day, so to do it may even a very busy person.

Breathing exercises Bodyflex very versatile — it can be carried out by any person regardless of age and physique, as well as people with certain physical limitations.

The only drawback of this type of exercise can be called noisy breathing, but it will not be a big problem. You can retire in a separate room or go in the bathroom to the music. Thus, you won’t cause any trouble.

Today there are many different ways that can help to get rid of extra pounds. In recent years, have become very popular breathing exercises Bodyflex. The main reason for this success is that by spending just 15 minutes a day for exercise, you can achieve the same results as when you run or work on the bike.

However, this technique is devoid of the disadvantages which result from physical exertion — weak and emaciated condition. Especially appreciate people who, because of physical limitations cannot exercise.

But still it is worth remembering that the negative effect of lessons the body Flex can occur. If you don’t want to harm your health, we encourage you to consult with your doctor about the appropriateness of this type of exercise.