Than close carbohydrate window after exercise: weight loss through proper nutrition

The human body has such a characteristic as that of proteins and carbohydrates are able to consume during training and after. This feature is a huge advantage for those who dream about losing weight and just a bit to pump up the muscles.

Frequently used carbohydrate window after a workout for weight loss. At the same time to close them properly you need to achieve noticeable results.

What is meant by a carbohydrate blocker?

Carbohydrate Windows, called time intervals after workouts and other physical activities lasting about half an hour. In this period, the body acquires the ability to use carbohydrates with maximum efficiency. According to research, the period of assimilation of carbohydrates during the window is accelerated in 2-3 times.

If you want to achieve notable success in weight loss, you should know that the carbohydrates that are eaten in the period of the carbohydrate window, not stored as fat. And all the carbs go to replenishing the body’s energy, which was spent in training.

Carbohydrate window works as follows:

  • the body uses the fuel for all other activities, and as fuel it uses the glycogen located in the liver cells and muscles;
  • about 40 minutes after the start of the exercise the carbohydrate reserves are reduced;
  • the body breaks down its protein reserves in the muscles by cortisol and adrenaline and turns them into amino acids.

If you do not close the window, the carbohydrate and not to eat the product with carbohydrate, the insulin begins to act the opposite of adrenaline and cortisol. Thus, insulin regulates the level of sugar in the blood, and the remainder is processed into the form of glycogen. By insulin the body is able to cope with the stresses that occur during training and after it.

Therefore, in order to prevent stress and to lose acquired muscle mass, you will need carbohydrates. When entering the body they help to produce insulin and help to improve metabolism. Also they are able to recover spent glycogen stores.

Than close carbohydrate window after a workout?

After finishing your exercises to lose weight need to be sure to close carbohydrate window. Nutritionists advise to practice this power scheme:

  • to lose weight and acquire good shape after finishing your exercises, be sure to eat fresh fruit. It can be oranges, peaches, apples, grapes, bananas and others;
  • after exercise or physical activity is recommended to eat vegetables with high content of carbohydrates – peas, tomatoes, potatoes, boiled corn, and others;
  • if you dream not only about losing weight, but also muscle mass, drink special drinks based on a fast carbohydrates (glucose, lactose and fructose).
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Rules of nutrition before and after workouts

Weight loss to certain indicators is impossible without a proper power supply:

  • it is strictly forbidden to start training on an empty stomach or after 8 hours without food;
  • in the morning to start the metabolism in order to quickly get rid of fat, drink a glass of water or make a light snack;
  • directly pre-workout (20 minutes prior) it is recommended to eat yoghurt and fresh fruit;
  • after a workout for weight loss, you need 1-2 hours should only drink allowed to eat one toast;
  • a few hours later eat a full given protein.

After a workout you need to eat carbohydrate foods such as:

  • vegetables;
  • buckwheat;
  • brown rice;
  • pasta;
  • cereals;
  • bread based on wheat flour.

Also permitted protein products:

  • chicken;
  • Turkey;
  • egg white;
  • fish.

Strictly forbidden drinks with high caffeine content and fatty foods.

Protein-carbohydrate window

Sometimes the Windows are protein and carbohydrate. This is not only for weight loss but for muscle mass, which is especially important for men.

A large amount of protein will allow you to get enough of, and a small amount of carbohydrates will include such mechanisms as:

  • insulin;
  • countering the cortisol and adrenaline.

When consuming carbohydrate-protein products you can achieve a beautiful figure and reduce weight.

How many carbs to close carbohydrate window?

Remember that even during the carbohydrate window need to comply with the measure, since the excess products can be recycled into energy, and be deposited as fat. It is not useful under any circumstances.

The ideal mode for training includes 4 to 6 meals during the day, while food should be divided into an equal number of receptions. Not after a workout, overeat and then eat nothing. Better for weight loss just a little undernourished.

At observance of proper diet can a long time to hold any weight and avoid his jumps.

If we talk about the amount of carbohydrates that you need to close carbohydrate window, then the optimal quantity after exercise is 50 g. When the calculation of the quantity in the individual case, it is necessary to consider the load of the athlete and loss during classes. Often, for athletes who are building muscle mass, the rate of carbohydrates is 150-200 g.

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If the person is not engaged in bodybuilding and trains regularly, he has during the carbohydrate window to obtain about 100 g of carbohydrates. Alternatively, guests can decide on their quantity, but their overabundance can lead to elevated insulin, and excess insulin can negatively affect the absorption of glycogen in liver cells.

Eat nutritious carbohydrates and during the day, with proper attention for your diet you can save up to 50 percent more glycogen.

Recipes for carbohydrate-protein diet

Protein and carbohydrate nutrition is very important immediately after exercise. Timely delivery of food together with carbohydrate window contribute to the restoration of muscle tissue: food is digested more active and burns fat. Below we offer a few recipes under the carbohydrate window.

Drink vitamin

To cook a nutritious cocktail for consumption after your workouts, you will need the following ingredients:

  • purified water – one liter;
  • the juice of half a lemon;
  • 2 tablespoons cane sugar or natural honey;
  • 2 tablespoons of syrup hips;
  • 5 powdered tablets of ascorbic acid.

Significances cocktail there are several. The most popular option is to mix all the ingredients in a bowl and consume them in the form of protein immediately after training. After the drink can be consumed additionally banana or a green Apple.

Cocktail carbohydrate-protein

To prepare this drink you need to mix in a blender and stirred until a homogeneous mass the following components:

  • 1 banana;
  • 3 tablespoons of oatmeal;
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon;
  • berries;
  • 350 ml of one percent milk;
  • 200 g low-fat cottage cheese;
  • 2 tablespoons of condensed milk;
  • 3 egg whites (raw or boiled).

The differences of the protein from the carbohydrate window

In addition to the carbohydrate window or a protein and carbohydrate with a small amount of protein is also a protein (or protein anabolic) window. It, as the carbohydrate window post-workout needs to close.

Many often wonder what the window is more important than protein or carbohydrate, however, nutritionists say that for health and weight loss are both important gap. It should be noted that if a person has a carbohydrate deficit along with the loss of energy, proteins cannot be assimilated is normal, and will only restore the energy of the person.

Window protein helps to build muscle and get rid of excess body fat, and carbohydrate window helps to boost your energy which is spent on the digestion of protein protein when you close the window.

If you do not close the window, what will happen?

A lot of people wondered whether it is possible to achieve remarkable results in losing weight and building muscle, if you do not close carbohydrate window.

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Some people think that if they lost weight immediately after a workout, because not eat, this is a significant success in terms of weight loss. Although in fact this weight loss is just water that goes along with then when people fill their need for liquid, the weight will come back.

As for water, here all not so simply. Glycogen is produced and retains it in the cells of the body, it is very good, so that the body is saved from dehydration.

Often, athletes start to notice that their weight is greatly increased, but this does not mean building muscle. The fact that glycogen is able to retain water in the muscles, and their weights, the weight is increasing. This is a response to increased muscle load, while muscle mass increases with the accumulation of water in the muscles.

Accordingly, the carbohydrate window close is necessary if the athlete wants to lose weight or to build muscle mass, and this is done through diet.