The benefit of the exercise vacuum belly: contraindications, reviews and results

To have a beautiful body is a dream of many. Especially people like the belly is decorated with «cubes» that get not so difficult, it is enough to choose any of the known exercises for the press. But work on the formation of «cubes» is very hard, since the abdominal muscles develop unevenly.

Most noteworthy are the transverse muscles, since they are least developed. Although they play an important role, as they support your internal organs in their natural position.

Effective way for the development of this press are special exercises known as «vacuum». It is often included in the main set of exercises for belly, because it helps not only to get a slim waist, but also to get rid of fat deposits.

The first who began to apply this exercise, borrowed it from yoga, and subsequently it passed into bodybuilding, where it was shown by athletes at demonstrations. Over time, even the doctors are convinced of the effectiveness of this exercise and began recommending it to their patients. However, at some point, it lost interest, but not so long ago, it again began to actively use to get a beautiful flat stomach.

The essence of the exercises vacuum

To actually implement it is quite simple. All you need to do is to involve the stomach and to fix the stomach in this position for 10-15 seconds. But this exercise will be effective only if you follow the breath. Bodyflex is based on the application of the same principle.

This exercise is recommended for people who have a bulging rounded belly. This is a clear sign of under-developed abdominal muscles inside. So they need to pay special attention.

However, the benefits of exercise are not limited to:

  • normalization of the internal organs;
  • strengthening the abdominal muscles;
  • reduced pain in the back;
  • the strengthening of a muscular corset;
  • improving the quality of sleep and overall health.

Keep in mind that you have to do this exercise to see the first changes. It should be done regularly for a long time, controlling the correctness of its implementation. Usually after a month you notice how different your figure.

The most effective is exercise vacuum, if it is performed in the morning before Breakfast. However, it will bring even more benefits if you do it twice a day – morning and evening.

If several weeks have passed, and you are unable to achieve the desired result, it is not a cause for termination of employment. It is necessary to continue to carry this technique to maintain the achieved result. When it is a habit of yours, you will be able to easily do the exercise in any situation – at the bus stop, in the car and at home while cooking dinner.


Not all people will benefit from exercise vacuum. Should be discontinued people with kidney disease, the cardiovascular system, pregnant women, women during the onset of the critical days.

The absence of a specific chronic disease in the above list should not be taken as permission to exercise. To avoid negative consequences, it is recommended that you discuss this with your doctor.

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Pregnant women can start the exercise only after birth. The frequency of these exercises does not affect the amount of milk. But young moms need to be careful about your health, so in order not to harm yourself before the first class meeting should consult a doctor.


To engage in the exercise of the retraction of the abdomen for weight loss you can in different positions:

  • lying;
  • on his knees;
  • standing;
  • sitting.

The main goal is to work with the transverse abdominal muscles that need to be made isometrically to decline.

With proper exercise typically the muscles start to burn after a workout. But the effect would be if you carry out exercise at least 5 times a week.

To your efforts were not in vain, first you should know exactly how it should be implemented. For this it is necessary to use only the abdominal muscles. You should feel how they begin to change during training.

The first thing you need to learn how to properly breathe. This technique includes several stages:

  1. It begins with a long exhalation in the lungs available of air. He should only go out through the mouth. Lips should be in a relaxed state. Try to exhale was as long as possible, so in the end you had a strong desire to get another breath of air. If you do everything right, you should feel that the press is tense. You have to imagine how twisted the stomach from the inside.
  2. The next step is to breath, which is to be performed through the nose. Inhale to the maximum desire to get a new batch of air. It was during this stage you need to suck in her stomach and hold your breath for 10-15 seconds. Then engage the abdominal muscles, trying to draw it deeper. At this time, attention is paid to the lower part of the press. She must always be in tension and to shrink inside.
  3. The final step is to exhale that runs through an open mouth. You should have the feeling that the air comes out of the throat. Try to give the air a boost during the release, he uttered the sound «X-ha!» resembling a squeak. At this time, the press should still be in a state of stress. Best of all, if you even more pull to it as if stuck to the back.

Four effective exercises

Once again, what to perform this exercise in different positions. For beginners the most appropriate option is when the exercise is performed near a wall or lying down. In this case, you will feel stronger your muscles and you will have the opportunity to influence them. Understanding how to work with muscle, then you can do this exercise at other more complex positions.

Vacuum lying

This exercise the retraction of the abdomen is accessible to any beginner. You need to be on the Mat, which should be laid on a straight and level surface. Adopting a supine position, bend your knees, feet should stay on the floor. Arms placed along the trunk or put them on the belly. Then you need to remove from the lungs all the air that should come out through the mouth. Then you can start to strain a press.

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At this time you need to mentally see how the stomach is drawn to spine. Not all beginners can perform the exercise for 20-30 seconds. So the first time permitted to decrease the duration to 10-15 sec. It must be performed in 5 sets.

However, keep in mind that at the first sign of lack of air you need to immediately get another batch of air. Also need to do and when you hold the press: don’t stick to anyone’s recommendations, guided only by their own experiences.

Vacuum standing

You need to take the width of shoulders, hands arrange along a trunk. Of light you need to remove all the air that should come out through the mouth. Next you need to inhale air through the nose. From this point you can involve the stomach. Fix the stomach in this position for 20-30 seconds. While exhaling, try to portray the sound of the «X-ha!» Next, you need again to hold my stomach in for no longer than 5-10 seconds. Then you can relax. The biggest effect exercise brings, if it is performed in 5 times. In this position it is allowed to put his hands up. This will help to involve and upper abdominal muscles.

Vacuum knees

To do this you need to kneel down and hands placed on them. Then take the sitting position, the pelvis needs to be removed from the heels 20 cm ensure that the spine was straight, and the body was slightly pushed forward. Exhale the air slowly through your mouth. Breathe in his nose, and then immediately possible to involve the stomach. This provision is necessary to fix in 20-30 seconds. During the air outlet of the body needs to make a sound, «H-ha!» after that it is necessary to pull the stomach. In this position you have to fix it press for 5-10 seconds. Breathe in through your mouth, then you can relax. This exercise performs 5 sets. The same technique is used in this exercise on all fours.

Vacuum sitting

When you get a minimal experience in performing the exercises, you can use this option.

First need to adopt the sitting position, ensure the back remains straight. Do not use additional supports. Hands must be placed on the knees, the chin should be slightly lowered. Start to exhale the air through your mouth. Next breathe in through his nose, at the same time start to pull the stomach in itself. Lock this position for 10-20-30 seconds depending on your training. While exhaling try to produce a sound, «H-ha!». Then you need an even stronger stomach.

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The exercise continues for another 5-10 seconds, then relax. Be enough 5 approaches. If desired, you can increase the load and efficiency exercises — do not use the chair and replace it with the fitball.

Exercise vacuum belly: reviews and results

Of all the options of exercise for weight loss I chose the vacuum on the floor. The result did not disappoint me: pretty soon I began to notice how the belly fat starts to decrease. However, the effect is only if you will regularly do.


This exercise is one of the best that I have ever done. The work involved in addition to the muscles and internal organs. His first began practicing yoga many centuries ago. Even in the Arsenal of the iron Arnie has that exercise. So it makes sense to wonder whether it is time for you to begin to deal with it.


The exercise «vacuum» I learned from my mom. The first thing I wanted to get more information about it, so I read a lot of articles, watched videos, and began to prepare the breath. I found it very difficult to simultaneously perform the inhale and exhale with the retraction. But, having little experience, I still managed to succeed.

Over time, I noticed that the stomach was more toned. It is very good, considering that I only do one a month. The secret is to need to comply fully with all recommendations. Failure to comply with the breathing technique or if not in full force to suck in the gut, the results will not get. It is difficult to say if this is the cause, but pretty soon I noticed that my headaches disappeared.



Many fans of a healthy lifestyle are often included in your set of exercises and special. One of them is the vacuum exercise, which is popular among those who dream of a flat stomach. Usually it doesn’t disappoint, but still need to consider that in addition to the use of vacuum can cause harm. So before you start to perform it for weight loss, you need to discuss this with your doctor because exercise the «vacuum» has its contraindications.

Vacuum exercise for a flat stomach